In this review, I am taking a look at Patric Chan's CB Passive Income 4.0 and I will show you, conclusively, why you should not buy this product.

I previously wrote a review about Patric Chan's 'Blogging Guru' and came to the same conclusion there.

I would like to say that these products are certainly NOT scams and the author, Patric Chan, is real and has a genuine authority in the affiliate marketing world - BUT - these particular products are not very good and you will lose money.

Patric Chan does have along history in the Internet Marketing world but, in the case of CB Passive Income and Blogging Guru, they are both below par and will not teach you the right way to make money online. 

My Rating: AVOID

Is CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 A Scam?

Not in so many words. The word 'scam' implies Patric rips you off and gives you nothing, he does give you something. The problem is, that something, is super poor quality and will never help you make money online. It is more likely to add to your frustration and resentment towards these, so called, self made millionaires!

The product he sells is an idea and a clever hook that catches your greed and naivety - I have fallen for this as well so don't feel bad about it. Products like CB Passive Income convinces you that it is a good idea to buy it, even though it will never work.

The principle behind the strategy of CB Passive Income is genius and it makes a lot of money, but only for the author, because people like us are buying into it!

Early Warning Signs

Once you have been ripped off a couple of times the early warning signs become quite clear with affiliate marketing products like these. There are quite a few signs with this particular product and they are right there on the sales pages in plain view. 

Let me show you what I mean.

cb passive income review is it a scam

Misleading Testimonials

All the testimonials are clearly bogus. I don't know who the people in them are but if you try and access their websites, which are listed as being profitable, they are either nonexistent or outdated and clearly abandoned.

Surely if you put your name down to be a glorious example of a profitable system you would not stop, right? Should they not have glowing websites with up to date content and an active author? Also, if Patric Chan had such success with this product, why does he not have more up to date testimonials. I would have thought he would have hundreds of glowing reports from happy customers?

Any successful business man knows that word of mouth and testimonials are golden, for traffic and conversions, so why does he not have up-to-date information on his sales page? 

This seems a bit suspect...

Misleading Sales Page

As with the vast majority of these types of products the profit claims are hugely exaggerated and the timelines are always hyped up.

The idea which is sold to you is that the process of making sales is easy, quick and anyone can do it! What utter nonsense!

Again, any affiliate marketeer who genuinely makes money online in an honest manner, will never make these claims. Look at my sales page, do you see any claims like that? Nope!

Making money online takes time and hard work and people like Patric who tell you otherwise is doing so for one reason - to make a sale! So yes, it is true, Patric makes a lot of money by churning out these low quality products.

Here are a few more products by Patric Chan;

Take a look at them and you will see the same things. Promising easy money all the way. I have not reviewed these products but you can have a look and make your own mind up. I have reviewed two of Patric products so far and they have both been the same. These ones, seem no different.

Misleading Pop Ups!

These sales pitches really get to me sometimes. When you try to exit the page you a stopped by pop up asking you to stay, in exchange for a large discount. You click 'close' and another pop up offers the whole course for FREE.

So, just for fun I put in my email address and waited for my 'free access' to the CB Income 4.0. I got the email and clicked on the link and imagine my surprise when it took me back to the same sales page as before, with no free access.

cb passive income 4.0

Is It Worth The Money?

No. Just a simple, no! This product is not worth $47 per month.

How Does CB Passive Income Actually Work?

The principle behind this product is simple. You are given some premade sales pages which you send traffic to in order to produce sales. 

So, you would take your unique affiliate link and share them on social platforms, forums and on YouTube in order to get clicks and then people will buy these products. 

I had a look at these sales pages and they are all Patric Chan's products.

In principle, a reasonable idea but there are some very serious flaws in this strategy. There is clearly only one purpose behind this product, to make money for the author and nobody else.

patric chans cb passive income 4.0

No Room For Growth

The first thing that leaps of the page at me is that you are immediately limited to only promoting all of Patric Chan's products, nothing else. So, this means that it is very limited to where and what you can build your business around.

Would you really want to promote a 'get rick quick' product, to your loyal following on your blog or social media, if you knew it was low quality and would destroy the trust and honesty you have spent years building? NO!

Worthless Training

There are a series of videos and some VERY short PDF's introducing you to the social media, guest blogging and forum posting. There is also a slightly more extensive training section on making and promoting YouTube videos.

The training on social media, forum posting and guest posting I would not classify as 'training' - more like a very light introduction to those topics and how you can use these platforms to promote your links.

There is ZERO information on how to actually use any of these methods. The videos mention all these methods of getting traffic but at no point are you told how to do it, unless of course you buy the next product! Which brings me to the next point.

You are being used

Once you have paid your way in to the members area of CB Passive Income you are immediately presented with two up-sells, promising to make your journey to fame and fortune even shorter and profitable. I thought the product I just paid for was going to do that?

Once you are in the members area you will realise very quickly that you have been sold a very expensive 'entry level' membership to a very thin product which is basically worthless.

  • If you want to learn how to blog - you need to buy the next product.
  • if you want to learn how to use social media to promote your links - there is no training available in members area other than a very thin introduction video.
  • if you want to learn how to use solo ads - there is no training at all on this traffic method.

Everything inside the members are has one purpose - to make you buy the next product.

Remember the sales page in the beginning? Remember what it said about easy money and anyone can do it and how you would get access to everything you needed? Not so much here, is there?

Shady/Spammy Marketing Methods

Due to the low quality nature of all the product related and used in CB Passive Income it makes it quite spam-like. The methods they tell you to use to promote your links are legitimate and are very powerful in real life but only if used in a genuine and honest way.

The problem I have with using these strategies to promote a product like this is that it is spam. You posting content, which is going to be thin, all over the Internet with one goal in mind, to leave your link behind. Not to educate or share valuable information but to leave your link.

I realize the videos in the training area do mention that the content you need to produce has to be good quality but how can it be when the product you are promoting is so mediocre?

First of all, almost no one will click on these link because most forums and blogs do not allow those kind of links and secondly, very few people are willing to buy these kind of products.

Couple this with the fact that all ClickBank products have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, it makes the final potential sales figures for this product EXTREMELY low.

My Overall Rating Of CB Passive Income

All in all I would highly recommend you avoid this product completely! The poor quality of the training material coupled with the thin idea behind the product you are selling means that CB Passive Income 4.0 is basically worthless.

I would like to conclude this review by asking people to come forward and leave a comment with their own thoughts on this product. Have you ever used it? What was your experience?

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