The Banger Method is a product created by Brendan Mace, Mark Hess and Michael Thomas and It is a training module which shows you how to increase conversions on your landing page.

The method is a clever trick to optimise your existing traffic and increase sales. You use bonuses and a simple landing page twist in order to achieve this goal.

I base my review on my personal experience when I used this product and the following review is my opinion only.

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What Is The Training Like?

The training consists of 11 videos, which are:

  • Filtering Your Traffic
  • 3X Conversion Rates
  • Structuring Bonus Pages
  • Creating Custom Bonuses
  • Delivering Your Bonuses
  • Tricks and Tools
  • 5 x Case Study Videos

The training videos are between 3 and 10 minutes long and they give you an accurate tutorial on how to modify your existing landing pages in order to capitalise on this clever method.

The training itself is not revolutionary or brand new and I think it's unlikely that the vast majority of affiliate marketers are not using this method already. However, if you are a relative beginner, then this method will prove useful in the future.

I would like to state, at this point, that the training itself holds very little resemblance to what was promised on the sales page. The material provided assumes that you already have a traffic source so if you are a beginner affiliate with no websites, no traffic and no experience then this method will not help you - even though it will be a useful tip to learn for any future projects.

This is the reason why I have rated this training module so low because I find it incredibly frustrating when a product vendor promises so much and delivers so little.

The majority of experienced affiliate marketers will not benefit from this module either, and the complete beginners will also feel disappointed because they will not have the experience needed to put this method to use.

The Banger Method authors

The creators of The Banger Method

Will You Make More Money?

If you have existing traffic, then yes, I think his method will increase your click through rate which in turn will increase your sales.

However, having said that, if you are a complete novice and you have no source of traffic, I do not think this will help you. The training does not mention any traffic sources or how to achieve a high volume of visitors. This means that if you buy this product and you have no existing traffic source you will not make money by using the Banger Method.

Once again, based on the sales page claims, this is very misleading and will only serve to disappoint beginner affiliate marketers.

The Banger Method misleading

Misleading information and hype

Is The Banger Method A Scam?

The Banger method is not a scam. However it is incredibly misleading and I do feel quite cheated by the sales page. Don't get me wrong, I'm very used to overhyped sales pages because I encounter them all the time when I write reviews for my blog. Nevertheless, in this case, it is particularly hyped and is incredibly misleading in terms of what to expect when you buy this product.

All affiliate marketing products will have an exaggerated sales page but in the case of the Banger Method the sales page holds almost no relation to what to get when you buy the product.

My Personal Experience

When I first entered the members area, of the Banger Method, I am greeted by a video by Mark Hess. In this short video Mark shows sales figures from previous campaigns in order to establish the credibility of the authors. I am very familiar with the vendors and I do believe these figures to be true, in this particular case there is no reason for them to lie about thir results.

There are six core training modules, along with 5 case study examples and a few bonuses to accompany this training.

Personally, I feel the training itself is reasonable albeit it's a bit simplistic. I do feel that any affiliate marketer with even moderate experience will already be aware of this strategy, and will perhaps already be implementing it beforehand.

You're giving some tips about which landing page platforms to use along with where to get the material you need to maximise the effect of this method. You are also shown some live examples of landing pages used by Mark Hess to illustrate the effectiveness of this product.

Overall I feel this product almost has no purpose because the training is very brief and is not very beginner friendly and also I do not think this will be very useful for an experienced affiliate marketer, so my question is this: who is this product for?

Any experienced affiliate marketer would immediately think, “ Why have I bought this, I already know this stuff”. Whereas a beginner would think, “ What the heck!? I do not know how to use any of these strategies they show me because I have no traffic and I have never built a landing page before.”

To me it seems as if the authors are trying to sell a product just to sell a product, without really thinking it through. The Banger Method is very neatly wrapped and looks beautiful but serve no real purpose for anybody with experience. You can see by Brendan Mace's product list that he does tend to produce "get rich quick" themed services.

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