In this little post, I am asking Wealthy Affiliate members – old & new – to chime in with their own experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. I am keen to get a good source of honest advice rolling through this blog post to build a collection of honest, real and to the point testimonials from Wealthy Affiliates.

So, without further time wasting, let’s hand it over to YOU and let the discussions begin!

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Please comment below with your own personal experiences with WA. Some key points to consider;

  • Do you get value for money?
  • Is the training good?
  • Any negative aspects?
  • Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Have you made money as a result of the training at WA?
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  1. hi Skandy, am just two months old in wealthy affiliate. i can tell you for a fact that i have not regretted been a premium member.

    I got to know wealthy affiliate 2015 and i became full member 2017, so you see i research more about it before i came in.

    am really in love with the community, unless you did not ask question, answer will follow soon. it has been a wonderful platform for my online business.

    The certification course will walk you through all the process and by the time you realize you have been already indexed. Thanks for kyle and co.

  2. I have started with Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago and am still very excited about the Internet Marketing Business.

    It took me a while to see results cashing in, so the one big advice I would share is: Don’t give up!

    I just started a new BootCamp website in Portuguese, which is my biggest challenge now. Cheers!

  3. You have an interesting post going on there, so i’m very glad to answer your questions as a member of wealthy affiliate.

    Do you get value for money?

    Well, I think yes. wealthy affiliate worths the money for the tools and the community that offers.

    Is the training good?

    The training is very good and helpful, even for someone who doesn’t have a clue in the field.

    Any negative aspects?

    Not at all so far

    Would you recommend it to a friend?

    Definitely, but i would suggest patience and dedication

    Have you made money as a result of the training at WA?

    Well, a very few so far, but that is because i have a very busy schedule and i don’t dedicate as much time as i should in order to have a decent income.

    I hope my advice helps!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post and asking for testimonials.I think in affiliate marketing classes or any place you learn affiliate marketing, success mean different things to different people.
    Example, I made my first $10 within a week of joining Wealthy Affiliate and publishing my first post.Soon after I made some impressive sales and registered my $200 income very fast.After that, crickets.
    Now over time my posts are better and everything looks better, my income has dwindled to zero but I still consider my time at Wealthy Affiliate to be a rea success, I had never made a cent online before I joined WA, I had never built a website, I knew nothing about backlinks or hosting so to me, thanks to WA im successful.Not money wise but the experience gained is mine to keep.

  5. I’m still very new to Wealthy Affiliate, but I’m LOVING it! The training is wonderful…step-by-step and easy to follow. I’m already seeing ways to improve my websites that I created before through the process I am learning at WA. I was excited to read your other replies to this and I hope to update mine with more concrete numbers and information in the very near future.

  6. I really enjoyed WA because of the community and how everyone wants to help each other to grow and man they are so helpful!

    Another thing to note about WA is that it is important not to give up. Because in the beginning, there aren’t any traffic because it is a new website and new websites with no authority ain’t going to be recognised by google and other search engines. Hence, for those of you who wants to start up a new website, do not be discouraged on the low traffic because I myself have started with that.

    Also, I would definitely recommend this to a friend because of the infinite opportunity you can get with this!

    That’s the main things I have learnt from WA.

    Kai Ferng

  7. Hello

    Wealthy Affiliate is becoming very well known online today, I see their banners on many websites i visit every day.

    How long have you been a member of this program, what makes this program any different than the others similar to theirs? Why should I join Wealthy Affiliate, what can they do for me the others programs can not?

    1. I have been a member since 2014 and I have never looked back. I went premium within a few days of joining once I saw how amazing the community is and how through the training was.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you a sound grounding on how to create a niche website that will make you money in the long term. The training covers everything you need to know and there is continuous updated training available as Google algorithms change.

      The community is amazing and you will never be alone on your journey. The blogging world is a lonely one when you do not make money.

      The thing that WA gives you is consistant training and a wonderful sense of “I am going on the right path” – most other programs want your money first, then they give you fluff to keep you interesting for a short time. Not Wealthy Affiliate. Its all about quality!

  8. I really enjoyed reading the testimonials here.

    Regarding Wealthy Affiliate I just started my new website in scuba diving which is my new passion. I work hard on my online business … always learning and writing as many posts as I possibly can. Writing has never been my strong skills but it’s getting much better thanks to everyone in the community! Support and training is the best ever!

    Thanks to the owners Kyle and Carson and of course Jay with all his dedication on Friday’s Webinars…

    I have made any income yet but my site is very new. Encouraging to read people’s successes and I know I will be there too. I learn something new everyday and it’s exciting to watch my site progress and look professional!

    1. That is truly wonderful to hear. You can quite easily make money from your passion, as you say. if you keep working at it then the results will come.

      You have to do your keyword research, write the articles in an in depth and natural way – the traffic will follow and so will the income.

      I have written a lot of articles about Wealthy Affiliate and I firmly believe that anyone who join will make a success of blogging about their hobbies and passion – IF they commit and stick at it.

      The ones who fail are the ones who give up to early and simply blame everyone else for their failure.

      I am so glad that your testimonial is a positive one and I wish you all the best in the future with Wealthy Affiliate.

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