I recently tested the popular ClickBank product called Auto Affiliate Program by Steven Hall; this is my review.

I will share with you the features within this product and show you how you can make money by using this service. I am going to be as honest and thorough as I can in my recommendations.

My Rating: 
A useful product but it comes with a few warnings.

Product Name - Auto Affiliate Program
Owner - Steven Hall
Price - $47 p/month


UPDATED – May 2017

Steven Hall has updated a few things with Auto Affiliate. 

Auto Affiliate Program

Since I first wrote this review, on “2016/09/18″ Steven has added a new feature which makes this product a little bit more appealing. You are now able to collect the e-mail addresses you collect when using this service. This allows you to collect valuable e-mail addresses to re-target at a later date with e-mail marketing.

This new feature uses another service which is called AIOP (All In One Profits) which acts as an autoresponder. This autoresponder is, in fact, cheaper than most other of the most well-known mailing list programs from as little as $11.50 per month.

However, I have not used AIOP so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness or its features. Nevertheless, I cannot see why a well-known product like Auto Affiliate would suggest using this service unless it worked well.

Does This New Update Help?

Yes, but at a price. Auto Affiliate costs $47 per month! Which is incredibly steep for what it is, with an addition $11 + for this new auto responder. So, what does this mean for you, the person who tries to make money with this service?

Does This Update Change My Review?

No, this new feature is absolutely a step in the right direction but the price is still very expensive and you are still limited by the fact that you NEED to have a large target audience to make money with this service. Simply throwing these books to social media will not make you a consistent income.

In order to make money with Auto Affiliate, you do need to have an existing website or have experience with PPC advertising or perhaps an existing email list to target.

A New Squeeze/Sales Page

Another feature which has been added is the new sales/squeeze page where the ebook link sends you to a page where there is a 60-second countdown timer. The person new squeeze pagewho wants to download the eBook has to wait 60 seconds while being presented with a product advert, BEFORE they can download the eBook for free.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Time will tell but personally, I do not care for it too much because I don’t think people will wait that long.

The Ebooks Look Different (A LOT BETTER!)

With the new update, the eBooks have changed. The books are now for information only, with only 2/3 small text links to affiliate related products.

The eBooks themselves read very well and are of a minimalist design and you do NOT get any upsells within the book which is intrusive in any way. 

This is a big bonus in my mind. The eBooks have become much more valuable with this new redesign.

I Am Going To Try It Again!

I have signed up to Auto Affiliate program yet again, to try out this new layout and squeeze page.

I have a Facebook page with over 150K followers and I will spend the next 4 weeks sharing one/two eBook per day to see what the results are.

Stay tuned for my results. Fingers crossed I will get some sales!!

Update – 5th May 2017

After two days and two shared eBooks on my Facebook page with over 150.000 followers, these are the results.

auto affiliate trial

You can clearly see that the interaction is very low compared with my other posts and videos I share. This is to be expected. Nevertheless, the links are getting a few clicks which is ok I guess but this still means that making money with this system is not going to be easy.

From the 14 & 17 clicks I got on these shared eBook there were no click-throughs on the actual product page which was advertised inside the link. In other words, no sales!

What’s next?

Next, I am going to improve my sales pitch a little bit. Instead of simply writing “Here, have a FREE eBook!”, I am going to try and come up with something more interactive to increase the CTR. I will update this post again in a few days once I have shared some more of the eBooks on my Facebook page.

Update 9th May 2017

Another few books have been shared with similar poor results. As you can see from the image below.

auto affiliate pro results

At this point, I will stop sharing these book on my page. Normally my posts get thousands of likes and shares, plus comments.

These books however are quite weak because of the new method does feel like “clickbait”. You are enticed in with a free eBook, only to be stuck in a 60 second queue to download while being presented with a ClickBank product.

I preferred the old method where you simple downloaded the book without a prolonged wait.

Out of all the shares I only got one click on the products advertised before the eBook download. Not great!

What Does The Auto Affiliate Update Mean?

Personally, I feel that the eBooks are great if you download them, and give them away for FREE as a newsletter signup gift on your website/blog. If you download them and give them away then you avoid this very frustrating 60 second wait.

The books themselves are nice, clean, valuable – as a freebie – and serve a good purpose.

BUT, it is NOT worth the $47 per month, UNLESS you have a huge amount of traffic and are giving a way thousands of these eBooks.

If you have a website where you collect hundreds or thousands of leads/e-mail addresses per week, then this would definitely be worth a try because you could potentially earn very good money.

But if you do not have access to a lot of traffic then I would not recommend Auto Affiliate Program.

This is the end of my UPDATED REVIEW of May 2017… keep reading for my original review.

Auto Affiliate Program Overview (from original review – Original Post – 2016/09/18)

Here is an inside look of the what you get inside the Auto Affiliate Program. Steven Hall – the creator – gives you a tour and tells you all about what you can expect from the program. My review continues below this video.

As you can see in this video the features included in the member area goes as follows;

  1. You receive an extensive collection of eBooks on all kinds of subjects which you can give away for free to anyone and everyone. Inside these books are links to products and services related to the topic of said eBook.
  2. When people download them and read them, they are giving a value product for free – which is good. If they click on any of the links inside this eBook and buys the product – YOU get a commission. This includes monthly membership fees and one-off commissions. Just as you would get by promoting any ClickBank product.
  3. Every single link in every book will be branded with your affiliate link and even in a year down the line – if the products inside are discontinued, the links are automatically replaced with a related product. Again, this is branded with your affiliate link.
  4. You even get a free website which you can send people to if they want to check out all your eBooks. They can pick and choose which eBook they want to read and download.
  5. Once a person has downloaded a book Steven’s team will email these people FOR YOU with more related products in the coming weeks, enabling you to earn even more commissions.
  6. Inside these eBooks are links to also join the Auto Affiliate Program and of course you will receive a monthly commission if anyone chooses to join.
  7. Steven and his team add new eBooks weekly so you can always have fresh material to hand out to people.
  8. They show you how to automatically send the new releases to any social media accounts to help give you away as many books as possible.

auto affiliate program reviews

Are The eBooks Good Quality?

I have downloaded and read through a lot of the eBooks, and I must admit they are not bad. They are not going to win any prizes, but they are of reasonable quality. However, they do offer value, especially considering they are given away for free.

The books are of a reasonable length, at more than 40+ pages each. They contain a lot of information which is interesting to read.

The affiliate links inside the book are also quite subtle and well thought out. They are not in any way “spammy” and the focus is on giving value to the reader – which is refreshing I find.

Is Auto Affiliate Really Automatic?

Yes, Steven does go into great detail about how to set up an automation process where the eBooks are automatically sent to any chosen social platform to be distributed. You obviously need to do a little bit of maintenance and checking here and there but on the whole, it is all automatic.

I liked this part because they really do want people to enjoy these books and Steven emphasises greatly on not using these eBooks to spam anyone, at any time.

Who Is Auto Affiliate Program For?

This is where things start going a little bit cynical. This program is ONLY suitable for people who already have a lot of traffic coming to their websites/social platforms. Let me tell you why…

Someone who has a lot of traffic to their websites will be able to distribute these eBooks very quickly, to a lot of people and make a large sum of money with this system. This also applies to anyone who knows how to use PPC advertising and other means of promoting products to get these eBooks in front of a targeted audience.

However, a newbie, who has no experience and more importantly, has no traffic source of any kind will NOT make money with this system. This is simply down to the fact that as a newbie affiliate marketer you do not possess the skills to drive traffic to these eBooks or the free website Steven gives you.

There Is No Independence From Auto Affiliate Programauto affiliate program scam reviews

Once you start this program, there is no way of leaving because the only way to keep earning money is to stay a member. Which means if one day the Auto Affiliate Program was to stop trading or be closed down for any reason – your income would stop overnight!

This means you can never gain independence and in reality never truly rely on any income you may earn from this service. You can only use it as a side income and hope it stays live for as long as possible.

Steven Keeps All The E-Mail Addresses

This is my biggest gripe about Auto Affiliate. They keep all the email addresses. This is the real reason behind this product, and this is where Steven will be making a lot of money.

He says in the video that they send out an email to the people who download the ebooks on your behalf to promote more products with your affiliate links inside them – which is true, they do this. However, you can bet your last cent on the fact that they also send emails which will promote other services which only they profit from.

Email marketing is a MUST for all internet marketers, and I believe this is the primary drive behind this program for Steven and his team. They have created a genius way of making other people – YOU – collect thousands of email on their behalf.

Is Auto Affiliate Pro Worth It?

Honestly, I am torn on this one. I genuinely like this Steven Hall guy. He shows you inside the member’s area with a product which is genuinely awesome and a smart way to promote your products. He seems honest, and he hides nothing as such. Also, compared to most ClickBank products this is a quality product.

auto affiliate program worth the money

The service he provides is a good one, and you can make money with this – BUT – only if you have an existing customer/traffic source. If you are a newbie – avoid this service.

On the other hand, you do not get access to the email lists which you collect. Which is so frustrating because that is the bread and butter of a lot of Internet marketers. If it were not for this last point, I would use this service.

The Auto Affiliate Program by Steven Hall would be a fantastic service if the subscribers who promote the eBooks could keep the email lists they accumulated. Based on that, I will finish this review and say that this is a useful and intelligent product but it is heavily limited by this issue. You can give it a try for yourself if you like.

If you try it, please leave me a comment below and let us all know how you progressed!


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