In this short review, I will show you why using a method taught by is incredibly dangerous and could land you in hot water legally. This article is based on my personal opinion and experience in the Affiliate Marketing world.

Social Jacker is a product created by Ankur Shukla ( ( and was released on the 24th January 2018. This product teaches methods of using Facebook optin methods to capture email addresses and personal information, such as age and gender, in order to retarget them with email follow up campaigns.

You achieve this by leveraging other high authority websites and using simple one click opt in forms which automatically takes personal information from Facebook.

This is a very effective and simple method but this particular one has to be avoided for legal reasons and ethical reasons.

Here is why I have come to this opinion.

Social Jacker review


99% of the time I will ALWAYS buy the product I am reviewing and use it BEFORE I write a review in order to keep things 100% real and so I can keep my integrity and give a trustworthy opinion. But, in this case, I have not done this because the sales page has a demo video on it which showcases the capabilities of this lead generation method.

By watching this I can see straight away what this method is about and so I do not need to buy this product to write this review. So, this review is based on the demo video created by the authors themselves and used in their sales campaign and my focus is only on the features within this video.

In this review, I criticize the ethics behind the method and NOT the products effectiveness.

What Does Social Jacker Do?

Social Jacker is a piece of software which gives you the ability to "cloak" or "jack" another person's website in order to use their content on social media. You find an article you like and you cloak it to a similar sounding domain name and post it on social media within your niche. You would obviously pick a blog post which you think may go viral and have a high sharing appeal.

This gives the illusion that they are going to an authority website when in fact it is just a similar sounding one.

So, for example, you could take and copy an article from there and share on Facebook and the link which is shared shows the official domain name of Microsoft. However, in reality, this link would send people to your website which could be

Once a user clicks on the link there is a Facebook chat/lead generation box which appears in the bottom corner of the screen and you can use various features to entice people to "proceed with Facebook log in". 

So a person thinks they are on when in fact they are actually on - which is just a clone. When someone give their personal information over they are being deceived.

This is a very effective method because it dispenses with the traditional email optin form, which is losing its effectiveness, but this particular method is ethically dubious because the content and brand name is NOT yours to use in this manner.

I will explain my opinion now...

Why I Do Not Recommend This Product

The method they show you is ethically unsound. You are cloaking/cloning another page/post in order to use someone else's content to make money. Sharing content on Facebook is fine but it is another matter when you purposely try to deceive users in order to capture their email address and in the process use a similar sounding domain name to achieve this.

This is why I would not recommend this product.

using facebook to capture leads with social jacker

The Product Itself Will Work, But At What Cost?

My issue here is not with Social Jacker in itself. This APP will work and using Facebook opt in forms such as these are very effective and it is a fantastic way to capture leads on autopilot. 

If you choose to use this then you will face the very real possibility of legal action from the websites you choose to 'jack'.

How would you feel if you discovered someone was cloaking your hard work and making money from it under the pretence that they were your brand name?​​​​​​​​​​​

I would, personally, immediately report them to the DMCA and Google and do everything I could to take them down because they are using my content to make money, without my permission.

Products like this are not uncommon, using unethical methods to monetize your website is widespread.

Remember, when you are cloaking someone else's post, the content is not yours, neither are the images or the branded logos.

This method of lead generation will work without a shadow of a doubt, but at what cost?

What If You Used It In An Ethical Manner?

You could argue that you do not need to use the 'jacking' method and only use the Facebook opt in chat box on your existing website, which is a fair point. I am sure there is a feature for this and thus eliminating the ethical issue.

I agree, you could do this but then you have the problem of all your email addresses being stored on the cloud and servers. You can of course export them but if this service was to be taken down, you would lose your list and any email you have not backed up.

Also, if this service is promoting such an unethical method, how do you know they won't steal your list which is stored on their servers? They are comfortable stealing other people's content, why not your list as well?

In the affiliate marketing world your integrity is closely knit with which services you use and who you associate with. Would you be happy using a service and being associated with a product such a Social Jacker knowing how they operate?

An Alternative Method?

There are tons of methods to chat with your audience and capture their email addresses. These all have different features and ways of capturing email leads.  I would recommend using them to provide quality information, answering queries and being genuine.

Help first, sell later. Using opt in forms in the shape of Facebook opt ins are a great way to connect with your audience and it is still a fairly new method and it really does work.

Here is a list of various chat plugins you can use to achieve this.

You can use these to interact with your visitors and capture their email address in the process. You can set up automatic responses and use it to immediately send them to relevant resources on your website and satisfying their user intent and experiences.

Please do leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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