In this review, I am covering Sam Finlay’s Video Ad Mastery. I have previous product from the Ignite Academy before and they are always good.

Having previously used Penny Clicks Academy and the Social Target Pro I know that the products these guys create are always great value and serves a true purpose in the social media advertising world.

My expectations were not wrong with this product either. The training is fantastic, short and direct to the point.

There is no padding of fluff to pad drag things out for no good reason.

I will show you in detail what you can expect from this piece of training and for whom it is most suitable.

Regardless if you are newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer you should read on. There may be one or two surprises. 


Another great piece of training. Great content. However, the price is steep if you include the additional products used in training.

If you do not use the suggested products then half the training becomes less valuable for a newbie because they won't be able to do what is required.

If you are experienced, no problem. If you are a newbie, you are going to struggle, unless you pay more.

Quick Overview Of The Course

This video course shows you how to create video ads on Facebook to create clicks, shares likes and sales to your landing pages. This strategy can be applied to any product or any niche, as long as you know you target audience.

If you do not have a large following or know too much about your target audience then you can use something like Penny Clicks Academy to add thousands of real and engaging followers for a relatively little investment.

So, the purpose of this course is to show you how to create a target audience by initially engaging people with a simple but entertaining video ad. You then take this audience, whose interactions are recorded, and retarget them with a several more ads to convert them into sales.

You integrate pixels on your website and your ads to pinpoint who is the most engaging and suitable audience in order to continuously retarget them until they make a sale.

This method is incredibly simple, yet effective and Sam does a wonderful job of laying everything down in an easy to follow manner.

video ad mastery reviews

My Personal Experience

When I first enter the members area I are presented with the course I purchased. The lauout is simple and easy to navigate. There are no pushy upsells inside the members area and I start the course.

The modules are laid out in a logical and simple fashion. I work my way through each video and Sam does a wonderful job of describing what he is doing and why. There is no padded content just to give the impression of more value. 

The content is quick, simple and too the point which I love. I work my way through the tutorials with ease and finish the course knowing a lot more about Facebook video ads and audience targeting.


Video Ad Setup

The first training module shows you how to set up your first video ad. Sam talks you through every single step it takes to create a video ad which will capture people's attention so you can separate your audience into a targeted audience.

You are clearly told to be organised within your Facebook dashboard, so when you create multiple ad group, it means you won't be confused about which ad is which.

You are shown which objective to target, and a detailed account of the ad targeting. This is the process of choosing which demographics and interest you are targeting with you ads. This is obviously unique for whichever product you are selling.

The particular product Sam is using in his example is a drop shipping offer. He goes on to discuss the cost of sale and the costs involved for you, regarding cost of shipping and to make sure you have considered which countries you are shipping to, this helps with the targeting. There is no point in targeting people in a country you are not shipping too!

He goes onwards the video ad section and talks you through how to upload a video and how to get permission from video owners, so you can use their videos on your ad. You are given a detailed walkthrough about thumbnails, the ideal length of the video and;

  • ad placements.
  • sidebar ads.
  • 20% text field limitation.
  • how to avoid extra charges.
  • how to attribute any video owners.
  • creating an engaging and purposeful ad copy.

The purpose of this training module is to get ad views, not clicks, so that you can build an audience pixel so you can purposely target a certain niche audience of the ad views. Basically getting a super targeted audience which were particularly interested in your video.

Video Engagement Audience

The second module teaches you how to set up a custom audience within you Facebook ads console. This allows you to capture your audience for retargetting.

This module is detailed and you are guided through every single step. This segregates your audience into a section of people who engaged with your ads. The people who only glanced at your ad will be ignored. 

This is an incredibly powerful method to retarget a relevant audience.

video ads mastery review

Facebook Pixel Setup

In the third module you are shown how to add pixels/event code to your website so you can track what your visitors do when they arrive on your landing page. You are given a very detailed walkthrough on how to install the pixel on you ClickFunnels landing page.

You are also shown how to check if the pixel is firing/working ok.

Evergreen Audience

In this video, you are shown how to retarget your audience you built in the previous tutorial.

The audience that has been separated into a engaging and dedicated segment, meaning you only target the most meaningful and relevant audience. You have to target certain pages/product on your landing page so you can see which people engage with you landing page.

This will allow you to retarget people who are close to buying something but need to be exposed to your ads a few more times. By adding an expiring offer you add a sense of urgency which will be show multiple times to your retargeted audience. Anyone who does not buy will be retargeted.

This is incredibly powerful and is shown in the next video.

Evergreen Expiring Timers

This video shows you how to add expiring timers to encourage sales. It locks in a timer for each individual visitor which is unique to every IP address, which means the timer stays true even when someone comes back a day later. 

This uses the Deadline Funnel software ($37 p/month). This an optional extra because, depending on your website builder, most of them will already have countdown timers available to use.

The idea with the countdown timers is to increase sales. Also, it allows you to retarget to great effect because when the person comes back to the page, which they should recognise, the time is still counting down and they will remember that this offer ends soon.

You are shown in detail how to add the codes to the sales pages, checkout pages and product pages. You can also use email campaign, which integrate with the countdown timers.

Product Vid Retargeting Ad

In this module you are show how to set up another retargeting ad using the data from the second module "Video Engagement Audience". You use the slidehsow tool within the ads manage on Facebook.

You are shown in detail how to connect with your audience and;

  • Choosing the right objectives.
  • Choosing right images and why you choose them.
  • How to arrange your slideshow.
  • Which audience and pixel to use.
  • Which slideshow duration time, and how to create a story behind you ad.
  • Adding overlay text and colour to images.
  • Adding music and ad copy example.

Multi Level Remarketing

This module shows you how to add another layer of retargeting. Remember that the average buying consumer need about 7 exposures to a product before they buy it which means the retargeting is vital for conversions.

This is an image ad that is shown to people who have clicked through to the product page but they did not by anything. This information was gathered in the pixels you installed in a previous module.

I won't go into the exact details of the retargeting because you have to pay to see this information but it is very accurate and will yield sales.

You are talked through exactly which placements to use and the demographic/audience to target and how to pinpoint your audience.

Bonus: Automated Rules

The first of the three bonuses coer 'pixel chokes and hacks' which consists of three tips on how to expand your audience even further and automate your workflow.

This tutorial cover how to create automation rules to automatically stop certain ad campaign if it is not yielding the results you are looking for. You can also set it up to adjust the bid price or just to receive a notification.

Sam talks you through exactly what you need to do and how to cover you profit margin when running ads on Facebook without hurting your results by changing your cost per purchase setting.

Bonus: Reaction Audiences

This is a brand new feature which allows you to take any person who has reacted to your page, post or content and target them specifically.

This is incredibly powerful because you can specifically target someone who has shown an interest in your content! You are taken step by step on how to find the custom audience which targets these people who have interacted with your page and posts.

Sam shows you which option to choose and why. 

Bonus: Lookalike Audiences

The last module shows you how to take the audience segment you have made throughout this ad campaign and create a lookalike audience. This will increase you reach even further by reaching out to people who have similar characteristics as your current list.

What i Did Not Like

The only thing I do not like about this product is the additional costs of other pieces of software that is required, unless you know what you are doing. This makes it quite unfriendly to beginners.

Once you pay the $49.95 for the Ad Mastery course you will then need to pay an additional $97 per month for the Click Funnels and another $37 per month for the Deadline Funnel software. You do not need to use these, but, they are used in the training.

This means that if you are a complete beginner, you won't know how to implement these instructions, other than the way Sam shows you in the training videos.

Sam shows you how to add codes, URL tracking, countdown timers and a few other things (which are all vital to the sales page) but he uses Click Funnel. Without it, the training doesn't mean much.

The same applied to the checkout cart. Sam says he uses Thrive Cart which costs $600 for a lifetime membership, or about $97 per month.

If you have experience using other page builders and you are competent enough add your own coding etc to your existing landing pages then this is not a problem, but for a newbie, this is going to be hard.

I just want to say for the record that all these products are awesome, they are beautiful and work like a dream. But, they are expensive.

Will You Make Money With This Training?

In my opinion, this depends on your skill level. It does take a few weeks for Facebook ads to mature and to fine tune the audience. If you are paying for;

  • Ad Mastery - $49.95
  • Thrive Cart - $97p/month.
  • Click Funnels - $97p/month.
  • Deadline Funnel - $37p/month.
  • Facebook ads - $300/500 p/month

Suddenly you have spent almost $800 in just a few weeks. If you are selling a product which bring in $10 profit per sale, you need to make 80 sales just to cover your running costs and this does not include your own time and effort.

This is assuming you know what you are doing and don't make any mistakes.

However, if you do know what you are doing then this will be very profitable because you wouldn't necessarily need the extra monthly costs of the Deadline Funnel and Clickbank. 

Nevertheless, how much money you make is completely down to your chosen niche, product and how you execute it. 

honest video ads mastery review

My Overall Opinion

Overall, I really like all the products I have tried so far from James Sides & Sam Finlay. They are valuable and contain fantastic tips on how to make money online using social media and paid ads.

There are always some downsides but as long as you know about them before you buy then you can easily use this information to get the best out of these products.

Have you ever used any of the products form the Ignite Academy? Please do leave a comment below!

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