In this review, I am going to show you why Real Money Streams is not worth buying. The training is inadequate, the sales video is overstated and the actual product you buy is no where near as good as the sales video implies when you watch it.

The sales video says that you can earn $500 per week by completing simple tasks, temp jobs, that are required by big companies all around the Internet.

The idea is that you complete small tasks which a large company cannot afford to pay someone a full time wage for but they need to get the job done, such as categorizing stock items,

or it could be as simple as simply Googling something to sample SERP results for a company. You can also do small tasks like data entry or even labelling photos, or perhaps proofreading.

Let me show you in more detail why this product is not worth your time.

My Personal Experience

As soon as I enter the members' area I can see that this program is very low quality. Once I wade through all the 'bonuses' and extra material they give you I find the actual product I paid for down the bottom of the page. 

There are two sections: The Online Tasks, and the Offline Tasks.

The online part, which if you remember from the sales video has countless jobs and highly paid jobs, is nothing more than one service. This service is the Amazon Mechanical Turk. 

Real Money Streams jobs available

This is a real, honest and legitimate way to make money online but the payouts are obviously minute, in comparison to what the sales page promised. You are paid to perform small tasks, such as categorising products and checking images, that kind of thing. The problem here is that the pay is literally a couple of cents per job. Not dollars, cents.

Check out this article about Turk and how much you can make.

The other section, the Offline Tasks is more or less the same. You are given a couple of names of websites which allow you to download an app so you can perform small tasks on a local basis.

This could be to pick up a coffee for someone, be a mystery shopper or it could be something like going to a restaurant and checking their menus are displayed according to the company policy.

But here again, there is a problem. Unless you live in a huge city this is of no use because there will not be enough jobs available and at an average pay fo around $6 per job, you would have to complete an awful lot of small tasks to earn a days wage.

The examples shown are located in Los Angeles and you have to travel more than 16 miles to complete the small job, like picking up a coffee, so how long would it take to drive 16 mile through rush hour Los Angeles traffic?  

The Training - There Is Nothing Here!

There is nothing inside the members' area which will make you money. There are a handfull of eBooks that you can browse through:

  • The complete "Paid To Surf The Net"
  • The "Beginner's Guide To Working Online"
  • "Quit Your Job And Work Online"
  • The "Secret, High Paying, Online Jobs"

These are generic PLR eBooks which are very outdated and list a bunch of websites you can use to find freelance works with, PTC websites and some other services. A lot of these links are now dead/broken because the company no longer exists or they are known low quality websites which you should NOT use.

Real Money Streams training available

There are also a series of references and training videos on:

  • Blogging Professional
  • Domain Cash Generator
  • Google Adwords &
    Adsense Made Simple
  • Amazon's Affiliate Program
  • Twitter Profits Unleashed
  • Selling on eBay

These training modules made me chuckle, they are so outdated that the author is actually talking about Windows XP and Vista! These are from 2009! The date inside the video tutorials confirm this. I mean, seriously! Come on!

There is ZERO value in any of these training modules because they have no relevance in today's world of SEO and social media. These training eBooks actually pre-date the Humminbird, Penguin and Panda Google updates.

If you were to apply these methods then you would not rank well, your social media accounts would be flagged for spamming and you would certainly not make money. 


VIP Mogul Membership

The upsell is to join the VIP Mogul Group which promises you a whopping $1,000 per day/week. That is quite a claim if you are working on the same lines as the initial purchase.

And, for only $47, this golden and limited opportunity can be yours, somehow I doubt this is something you can go by. It is a normal, scarcity upsell, to try and squeeze more money out of you.

The downsell is the same product but with a $30 discount. No thank you!

Real Money Streams Special Access upsell 2

You are also offered a membership club which costs $17 per month where you get instant access to a whole database of online money making methods including blogging, social media strategies, Ebay and Amazon selling and much more. I also passed on this upsell.

Is this method legitimate?

There is nothing wrong with the methods they show you inside the members' area. Regardless of how outdated and worthless the training is, it is legitimate and there is nothing wrong with them.

However, the product you have bought is worthless and is borderline illegal, in my opinion, because they are selling you NOTHING. They have literally rebranded an outdated training module and sold it to you under completely false pretenses. 

It would be the equivalent of me buying a DVD from 2002 and putting it in a Blu-Ray cover, in 2017, and selling it to you as a Blu-Ray! It is ridiculous!

Will You Make Money?

No. No. No! You will not make any money here, other than the $0.20 when you spend an hour on Amazon Mechanical Turk, just for the fun of it! Just for the record, I have nothing against Amazon's Mechanical Turk!

This Real Money Streams is, in my opinion, incredibly low quality and I hope this review has shown that you should most definitely avoid this product. The training inside is inadequate and will not help anyone make money online by performing small tasks and remote jobs.

Have you tried this product? Please do leave a comment below and let us all know what you think!

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