This new software, PlayTraffic by Cyril Jeet, has just been released on the 26th January 2018. This is a new tool which allows you to rank and help monetize YouTube playlists using your own videos.

This method is completely legitimate and honest and for the first time in a while I can actually recommend a product. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that it is not often I find something worth putting my name to.

playtraffic review overview

You use this software to find popular keyword searches within a niche, edit and add videos to a playlist and then publish that playlist in your YouTube channel. This playlist will then rank and bring traffic to your videos, and ultimately make you money, depending on your monetization methods.

How Does PlayTraffic Work?

The basic principle is this. You find keyword targeted videos on YouTube which are popular within your niche and build a playlist by adding them together. You then add your own videos, which are also relevant and put them at the TOP of this playlist. When this ranks in Google/YouTube for your chosen keyword, people will see YOUR videos first and you will receive the majority of the traffic juice.

Once you load up the software you will see a simple and easy to follow dashboard. The tabs inside are:

  • FInd Keywords
  • Play Lists
  • Publish
  • Scheduled
  • Automation
  • Manager

Each of these sections are pretty self explanatory but I will walk you through them so you can understand what each features does and how it will help you rank on YouTube.

Find Keywords

This feature is where you will search for your keyword terms. You can search for something relevant for your niche and the search box will show you which videos are ranking for these keywords, along with analytical statistics. 

These are the videos you want to use in your playlists because they are popular and they have high authority. When you find popular videos you also get a good idea of what keywords to use in your playlist descriptions and titles in order to optimize your SEO within YouTube.

You then simply shortlist the videos you want so you can add them to your playlists later. This takes just a few seconds. Once you have found the keyword you want you click on "Create Playlist" and you will automatically have a playlist created, which is ready to have videos added to it.

You need to add a title, tags and a description which should be keyword rich and relevant to your niche and the videos you want to add to the playlist.

playtraffic review honest

Play Lists

Once you enter the playlist tab you can select the playlist you have created in the previous section. After they are selected you simply add the videos you shortlisted, based on your keyword search, and you also add your own videos which are within the same niche.

When you have added all the videos you want in the playlist you move on to the publish tab.

Make sure you add YOUR videos to the TOP of the list so they get the most exposure!


The publish tab is quite self explanatory. This is the feature which lets you publish the playlist to your channel. A couple of clicks and it is published.

Do not forget to add a good quality and lengthy description to your playlist to give more juice to your ranking.


This demo, by Cyril Jeet, is a nice walkthrough of the method you use with this software. Watch it to see it in action.

Is this method legitimate?

Yes, this method is legitimate. It is white hat and will not get you in trouble. All you are doing is adding popular and in demand videos to relevant and valuable playlists.

This process is something which would normally take a long time because to do this manually you would need to search through YouTube and it would be a tedious process as you try to digest the analytical data, filter the results and sort the URL's out.

playtraffic review

Will You Make Money?

This totally depends on the person using this method.

The key here is to keep the videos you choose to add to your collections relevant and valuable. You cannot add just any random popular videos. They need to be informative and relevant to your niche and to your own videos.

You also need to consider how you are going to monetize your YouTube videos:

Depending on your monetization strategy, which will have varius CTR and conversion rates, it really is impossible to estimate the monetary value of a service like PlayTraffic.

You will get traffic using this method and you will definitely benefit by absorbing some authority juice by being grouped together with other, more powerful and influential YouTube videos.

How Targeted Is The Traffic?

How much traffic will you get? This is impossible to tell. The search feature inside the dashboard does return high volume and popular videos but there is no way to telling where these views come from. They could come directly from subscribers, other social media platforms, etc. so the keywords themselves may not mean anything.

In other words: Just because a video has a lot of views does not mean they came from the YouTube Search Engine, they could have come from any number of sources which would not benefit you.

However, playlists are very popular and there is no doubt that this method will help you.

The targeted nature of the traffic completely depends on how targeted and relevant your choice of videos are. Make all the videos super targeted to a certain niche and the people watching will be super targeted.

To Sum Up!

I would recommend you give this product a shot. For the price you pay - $24 - it well worth a try. How successful you will be depends of you.

You will not make a million bucks with this but it will certainly help drive some traffic to your sales pages.

Have you had any luck with this software? Leave a comment below!

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