Over the years there are a lot of people who have ventured into business online, and quite successfully. Do not be fooled, there are also those who have failed miserably. The beauty of the internet is that there are always opportunities.

So many opportunities, you just need to know how and when to tap into them. Like any other business, you need to have your research done properly.

Without this, you will fail. You also need to be good at carving out your own niche and addressing their needs.

Online business ideas for beginners

There are millions, if not billions of people out there who can do business with you online, but you certainly will not manage to interact with all of them. Besides, there are always chances that someone is already doing the same thing you are doing, or someone will start doing what you are doing, and even become better at it than you are.

This is why you need to research well and know what you are dealing with. That being said, the main driving factor for a lot of people when looking to make the most use of the internet is to make some money on the side or work from home.

Many are those who have quit their 9 – 5 jobs in favor of working online, and some have built dynasties. You can do the same too.

Why go online?

This is a question that most people do not address, and hence they fail. The potential for doing business online is one of those things that no company or business can ever claim to have fully tapped into.

There is always more that can be done. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can research a bit and realize all that you can exploit from this venture.

For any business, you need to have an objective. You can then figure out how to meet these objectives and then work on a plan to make your business a success. Assuming you are running a retail business, you will need to look at something like delivery for clients, even those who are overseas.

Once you can address the nitty gritty of online business, you can go ahead and run your business, looking forward to nothing but greatness.

Low start-up capital businesses

For most beginners, your biggest worry is how to start a business that is not cash-intensive. You will probably be running it in your spare time as you get to learn more about it, and your clients or the target market.

The following are some ideas of businesses that you can start with a very low capital or nothing at all, other than your internet bandwidth:

  • Social media consulting
  • Lead generation
  • Writing articles
  • Building websites
  • Building web apps
  • Tutoring
  • Blogging
  • Transcription
  • Online boutique
  • Virtual assistant
  • Forex trading
  • Translation

Essentially, you can see that most of these are businesses that only require your expertise and a good internet connection. The list of things that you can do online to earn money is endless, and new ideas keep coming up every other day. You will have to devote a lot of your time to this.

Even if you are doing it as a side-hustle, you should treat it as your main hustle. Give this the attention it deserves, because unlike your workplace, your online job is something you are building from scratch, more like a child you are raising from birth.

Those who succeed at this are the ones who have ended up creating hugely successful business ventures online.

Mistakes beginners make

It is irresponsible to talk about online business and the success thereof, without addressing some of the common mistakes that beginners make while at it.

In the normal business world, at least 1 in 5 small businesses fail before they reach maturity. In some areas, the statistics are even worse.

Premature Failure

With online businesses, most people give up when they face their first hurdle. No one prepares you for some of these challenges.

If you have a website, it has to be updated, it has to be secure, you need to have the domain renewed. Without these, you will struggle.

Many are times when you go to a website and find it has not been updated for months. That turns away clients so fast.

In a world where information is power, bad news tends to travel faster than good news, because there is always someone ready to capitalize on your mistakes and make a killing.

Learn from your mistakes

If this is going to be a long-term gig, you must be ready and willing not just to learn from your mistakes, but to actually learn. Learning means listen and accept constructive criticism.

It also means you need to have a mentor, or just find someone you can ask for guidance.

You will be amazed at how much you can achieve online when you do this. Having someone to guide you usually helps when you are going through the rough patches – which every business goes through.

Exchange ideas

You are not the source of all information, however much you believe you know all there is to your business. You need to network with other people out there, whether online or locally.

This will increase your knowledge pool and you will even learn how to avert a crisis.

Most of those who work alone and do not share information or want to learn from others usually realize so soon that it is not as rosy a bed as they would have imagined earlier on.


One thing that you have to understand about the internet and internet businesses is that things change so fast. You have to stay on top of things and anticipate change.

A new version of your business comes up all over the internet every other day. Some people even clone your idea and due to the obscurity of the internet, make a killing with it, and you will never get a penny in royalties from them.

You must be smart, very smart about your business. You must be willing to learn – that is the key lesson in online businesses, accept new knowledge and be receptive to change, and you will surely build an empire.

While at it, make use of social media – Never forget this.

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