This is my honest review of Martin's Profit Solo Ads. I am going to take a look inside and evaluate if this product will help you in making sales online with a solo ad campaign.

This product just went live on the 9th of August 2016, and it caught my attention, and it may not be for the best reasons. 

So, with that in mind let us take a look at the promised features within this product.

My Rating:
Avoid this product. It is low quality and will not help you make money with your email campaigns.

martins profit solo ads my honest review

Product Name – Martins Profit Solo Ads
Owner – Guy called Martin Thomson?
Price – $25 – $99
Website – 
I am in no way affiliated with this product!

What Is A Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a one-off e-mail campaign where you send out ONE mass e-mail to thousands of people on a list. This list is provided by a merchant or vendor – you do not own or possess the e-mail addresses. In a nutshell; You send out a mass e-mail, advertising a service or product, to a tailor made e-mail list based on your chosen niche – hoping to get a few sales.

This is an incredible, and relatively cost effective way to promote IF you use a reputable vendor who provides relevant and current e-mail addresses. With the cheaper services, you are basically buying low-quality nonsense. Which brings us to Martins Solo Ads.

What Is Martin's Profit Solo Ads?

Martin is offering to be your vendor – in other words; he has the e-mail lists and you pay him to send out the promotion of your choosing. He sends an email to all his subscribers, and hopefully you get sales as a result.

The idea being that you have an awesome product or service you want to spread to the masses but wait, you have no e-mail list of potential customers. So, you call on the help of Martin and he sends out a highly targeted, and well thought out e-mail, to people who would be interested in your niche – resulting in sales.

What I Do Not Like

Here are a few things I noticed when I read his sales page. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • He does not say what niche his subscribers belong to. Who exactly is sending his e-mails too?
  • Anyone who has been involved in Internet marketing for more than one month knows never to trust anyone who uses the words “Guaranteed Profits.”
  • His refund policy makes no sense. He says he will refund only if the expected results are not met – meaning leads and sales. So, if you do not get any sales he gives you another solo ad for free, which also makes no sales. Then what? Does he give the 3rd solo ad for free as well? ClickBank has a 60 Money back Guarantee which I know for a fact all ClickBank Vendors have to honour. So why has he decided to have his own refund policy?
2016 martins profitable solo ads review

What I Did Like

Honestly, there is nothing I like about this service – it screams low-quality service to me.

Final Review

Overall I would approach this service with caution. I have NOT tried his service but based on my findings, which I have pointed out in this article, I do not see any reason why this service should be trusted at all.  There is no indication of what exactly you are getting in return for your money – other than a bunch of leads.

With an outdated and misleading sales page – despite being brand new – coupled with the fact he gives no indication of who he is marketing to or what kind of market his email list targets, I would not use his services personally.

If you do choose to give Martin's Solo Ads a try, then please let me know what your results were. I hope you found this review useful and please feel free to comment below if you have anything to contribute.

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