Are you trying to find a way to make money online by writing articles and blog posts? If so then Constant Content could be the way to go.

In this review, I will cover what Constant Content is all about, and I will show you if it is worth your time but most important; Will you make money by selling your content?

Super Quick Summary of Constant Content is a website which offers articles to bloggers and webmasters at a fixed fee or on a bespoke level. You can choose from thousands of prewritten articles or get one written to your exact specifications.

The vetting process to become an author is very strict, and each individual article is proofread by editors who will not accept articles which are not grammatically perfect. This means the customers (bloggers and webmaster) get the highest content possible, and the writer can charge a premium. Everyone wins!


The Application Process

Before you can become a writer you need to go through a screening process. This process is relatively simple, but it will definitely weed out the undesirables and the time wasters.

First, you have to go through a short but grueling grammar test. Then, you have to write a short (250-word) sample on whichever title they give you, and you have to follow the instructions they provide.

At first glance, this may not seem too difficult but when you know that every single comma and every grammatical rule is being examined – suddenly the pressure is on!

Did you manage to pass the screening process?

When You Write For Clients At Constant Content

Once you have passed the screening, you can start writing for clients and earning money.

You can write about anything you want which is great. This also allows you to broaden your net a little bit as you learn and it gives you scope for the future as your own personal abilities and hobbies increase too.

Once you have your profile ready, you start to write. You write about anything and everything that you think may be suitable for blog posts and give it a snazzy and catchy title. Your work is then submitted to the editor for review.

Once your article is given the thumbs up, it is listed up under your chosen categories, and you wait for someone to buy it. When someone buys your work, a 35% commission goes to Constant Content.


Don’t Forget!

The editors who edit and proofread your articles before being accepted are very strict about grammar and spelling. After all, they want only the best content so make double sure your proofread your content again and again.

I know there is the odd spelling mistake within my content, but I am a normal guy with normal mistakes. One or two here and there are perfectly acceptable as long as you get your point across – however, I think this is not the case with Constant Content, so be careful.

I have read that only a few rejected articles can be enough to have your account suspended due to poor performance. Seriously!

The Price You Charge

You are in control over your own fees. If you want to charge $100 for a 500-word article, you can. Nevertheless, it is not wise to outprice yourself. I would recommend starting off around the $30/40 mark for your first few articles just to get your feet wet.

As you learn how quickly your articles sell and you familiarize yourself with the whole system, then put your prices up.

I believe that Constant Content will take 35% of whatever your fee is. Keep this in mind when pricing your content.

How Do You Know What To Write About?

Inside the member area there is a forum and also there is a search feature which gives you the hot topics of the moment.

  • recent and popular searches
  • recently purchased articles
  • requested content

The requested content area is where clients will post what articles they are looking for, and you can apply to write for them. Which is basically the opposite of writing an article randomly and hoping someone finds it and buys it.

I would say that a mix of both writing articles to be posted on Constant Content and using the requested content would give you a wider net to capture more clients.

I highly recommend following the trend and varying what you write about. There is no need to write about Valentine Gift Ideas in May because that article is unlikely to sell for quite some time!

Does that make sense?

Can Clients Contact Me Directly?


Yes, clients can contact you directly and ask for articles to be written. If a client likes your work, then you can build a relationship, and he can ask for content directly from you.

This is great for long term income because as your reputation grows, you can build up quite a large client list and have a steady stream of income coming in. Also, if your writing is good, then your customers will not mind paying more for your services.

Why I  Would Not Recommend Constant Content

There are always issues with services like this.

  • You can’t contact your clients privately. If you find a repeat client, then you will always have to pay the 35% commission to Constant Content.
  • You are reliant on Constant Content to provide visitors to your articles. If for whatever reason, the visitor numbers drop then your articles will not sell.
  • All your articles will not sell, and they will be sitting there, idle and become obsolete.
  • Your account can be suspended for small grammatical errors. Imagine if you have a steady income, a large client list, and everything is going great but then for some reason you submit a few articles with some mistakes in them; your account gets suspended. Then what?

Ultimately you can never truly rely on a website like this because you have no control over your own content and your customers. You may submit an article which is great but because you missed one or two commas, you are rejected and you have to make alterations.

Would you be happy to write dozens of articles for one single client who keeps coming back to you because they love your work, and every single time have to pay a 35% commission?

That would start to grind me down after a while I think. I would much better like to have direct contact with my clients and earn more from a variety of different angles.

What Do I Recommend?

If you are serious about writing and you are willing to write for places like Constant Content then why not simply create your own website and write for yourself?

Then you are beholden to no one, and you control what your write. Not only that but you also earn a lot more money because you can monetize your website any way you like.

Nah! I Want To Write For Article Databases!

If you really want to write for places like Constant Content, then I suggest you try somewhere a bit more “cheap and cheerful” like or

Why these?

As a writer, these are quicker, easier and just simpler. You can write for the love of writing and earn a little side income. They are both, definitely on the “cheap” end of the content creation world but there are no hefty commissions, and you can pick and choose jobs within minutes. You write an article, then get paid. Simple.

With a place like Constant Content you can have an article sitting for two or three months – perhaps even longer – before someone buys it.

i-recommend constant content

My Overall Thoughts

I think you should give Constant Content a try if you want to make some money. If you get past the screening process and you start making money, then that is fantastic.

The advantage here is that it is simple, safe and straightforward. You can focus on the writing, and this will keep you happy, at least for a while.

However, once you get fed up writing for no real purpose, and you get tired of paying high commissions, then I would suggest making your own website and going it alone.

There is far more money to be made with your own website, selling your services and brand name – something to be proud of and something special for the future.

Constant Content may be great to start with because you can just focus on the writing and that’s it! But don’t you want more than that? Don’t you want to create your own client list and have a real business which is yours and yours alone?

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