Here is a list I compiled of well-known low-quality Internet marketing or affiliate marketing products which you should avoid at all costs. These products and services have one or more of the following characteristics in common;

  • Miss-Selling an outdated and useless idea or practice.
  • Just outright illegal in every moral and lawful way.
  • Selling you a relatively “ok idea” but then, to use it fully, you have to pay extra once you are in the member area – even though the sales video made no mention of these “extra costs”. Once you pay the extra cost, you realise you have been sold a saturated and low-quality product.
  • Miss leading you with outrageous claims of large profits within days and weeks, using flashy sales videos and false promises.
  • Are just such low quality they literally serve no purpose to anyone who is trying to make money online.
  • Are borderline illegal and definitely immoral to use, due to shady and black hat techniques to attain e-mail, leads and conversions.

I continuously add more and more websites to this list, as and when I find them. I realise of course that this list not complete because there are SOOOO many scams out there. So, without any more delay, here it is;

Ongoing List Of Known Internet Marketing Services & Products To Avoid

last updated March 2017
# know of any scams that are not on the list?! Leave a comment below with details, and I will add it to the list! #
# also, please note that if you spot an item on this list which you believe is NOT a scam, please let me know and I will investigate. Websites get sold, products re-invent themselves, so it may be possible for one of these services to redeem themselves in the future. #

  1. Google Sniper 3.0 + any previous versions –
  2. George Brown’s Predator – same author as Google Sniper
  3. My Online Business Education (MOBE) –
  4. Banners Broker –
  5. Neucopia –
  6. Pure Leverage –
  7. GetMyAds –
  8. WebCopyCat –
  9. Easy1Up –
  10. Project Fast Income
  11. Five Figure Funnel –
  12. Overnight Commissions –
  13. eComily –
  14. Million Dollar Toolbox –
  15. Profit with Jack –
  16. Hyper FB Traffic –
  17. Quick Profit Solutions –
  18. PWM by Michael Beeson –
  19. Mastering Ads Profit System (Ryan Hauser) –
  20. Facebook Bonanza –
  21. Jordan Daniel’s Online Success Plan
  22. High Traffic Academy – Vick Strizheus –
  23. My Paying Ads –
  24. Millionaire BizPro –
  25. Countdown to Profits –
  26. Lead Lightning –
  27. EZ Money Team –
  28. Leaders League 360 –
  29. Simple Financial Success –
  30. Facebook News/ PiOP –
  31. Dollarnize –
  32. My Laptop Lifestyle –
  33. Super Affiliates – Ewen Chia –
  34. Money On Demand – Ewen Chia –
  35. Turnkey internet profits – Ewen Chia –
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