Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, most of us cannot stand the work we do. And if you do like the work you do then chances are, you can’t stand who you do that work for. How often do you think to yourself, “why do I come to this place every day and make all this money for a company that does whatever is in their power to pay me as little as possible”?

Well, there is a remedy to your problem…. Are you ready for it?

Work for yourself. Work from home. It is an awesome way to make a living, and it is one that is entirely attainable too. All it takes is some basic equipment, most of which you probably already have, dedication and the discipline it takes to get yourself up every morning and do your job without someone breathing down your neck hassling you about taking care of your responsibilities.

What you need to start working from home

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Dedication
  • Discipline

That’s it, that is all you need to get started. Now, down the line, you will most certainly need more. But for now, these four things will do. Let’s talk about some ways you can make money from the comfort of your own home.

Reselling on third party dealer sites

One good way to begin making income is to sell new or used items from third party markets like “eBay.” All you need to do for this is take photos of what you want to sell, give the description of the item, and list it. After that, just sit back and wait for someone to buy it.

When starting out on these sites it can be a bit confusing, and a tad scary before you learn the ropes. That is why when you first start out you should start small, sell some things you have laying around the house that you don’t use anymore. Don’t worry if you don’t think it will sell, it doesn’t cost anything to list an item, and you will quickly find that there is a market for everything.

After you have some success selling your used products around the house, you can graduate to purchasing merchandise and reselling it for profit. This will be a little bit more involved because you will have to find out what products sell for how much money. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will see that there is an absolute liberty in being able to make an income this way.

Tip: When first starting out, you will make some bad purchases and lose money because of them. Do not let this discourage you; everybody goes through it, instead, take these lessons and get better at understanding what makes profits and what doesn’t.


There has been a seismic shift in the way people take in their entertainment. Media outlets that used to be reserved only for people in Hollywood, on television or radio broadcasters are now open to anyone with a smartphone in their pockets and a connection to the internet.

For example, did you know that you can make money by playing video games? That’s right; there are grown men and women right now, as we speak, playing video games and getting paid to do so. In fact, many of them made enough money doing this that they were able to expand into other areas of business. Parents, please think about this next time you want to tell your kids there is no future in playing video games.

So how does this work? What you do is simple, you upload a video to YouTube, it can be anything you want it to be, for this case we will choose political news. So, you upload a video of you covering a story, and then you give your opinion on that story. That’s it! It is literally as simple as that.

But how does that get you money? Well, YouTube has advertisers, and those advertisers pay them to put their ads onto your channel. When somebody watches your video, they will see that ad and intern YouTube will give you a cut of the advertising dollars. Of course, the more people that watch your channel, the more advertising dollars you will get.


This is similar to the YouTube example but on more platforms. Again, this is something that literally anybody can do as long as they have a phone and internet connection.

Podcasting is essentially a talk radio show, where one or two people (I can be as many as you like) get together and talk about anything that is on their minds. The beautiful thing about this is; it is just a group of friends having a conversation and recording it. Nothing is happening that wouldn’t already be happening if it weren’t being recorded. And the funny thing is, people actually listen to it.

Podcasting can be a fun and relaxing way to get your ideas out to a large group of people. Once you’re listening base becomes large enough, that is when the advertisers begin to come in and offer money in exchange for you promoting their product.

Wrap – Up

Right now, we are living in an extraordinary time. The technology that we have today allows for anybody to go into business for themselves.

And gets better still, 15 years ago when you started a business, it could only reach as many people that were in your area but not anymore.

With the advent of the internet, the moment you start an online business, you are an international business. Giving you access to an entire world of people out there who want the product that you are selling. People who want to listen to what you have to say, heck, there’s an entire world of people who want to watch you play the newest Call of Duty game that is out. And you get paid for this. All you need to do is show up and turn on the cameras.

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