In this short blog post, I am going to talk about John Crestani's Webinar I watched last night, 29th November 2017, called "How To Start Your Own Marketing Business From Scratch".

John is a self made millionaire who has been featured in Forbes, Fox News, CBS and many other authority business websites about his fantastic rise from poverty, to selling for millions of dollars per year.

This webinar in question is filmed from John's hotel room in Las Vegas.

It was about an hour and a half long and it shows John talk about his backstory and he took us through the outline of what training you will get inside his latest product, Internet Jetset.

I will give you my opinion on some of the things he talked about and why you should probably let the hype wash over you and take a step back and think hard before you part with your money.

john crestani review

Quick Review - I like John Crestani, he does seem pretty cool. He is an incredibly gifted salesman! He really does make money online with paid ads and other affiliate marketing techniques.

But YOU, as a consumer, have to remember that he also makes money by selling stuff to you!

The methods he teaches are legit but the results he claims you will get with them are HUGELY exaggerated. You will learn some basic things with this membership but don't think you are going to become rich.

The training is not in-depth enough and you will not get the tools you need to truly take your business to a full time income - unless you are willing to take some big steps on your own with your own initiative and without guidance from anyone or anything within the Jetset member area. However, I am sure John will be happy to sell you some more products which will "help" you take this step.

I am conducting a full review of Internet Jetset in the coming days and I will let you know the results.

The Webinar Itself

The webinar is beautifully filmed, and John is a very entertaining presenter. I understand that this is purely a promotional webinar to get people to buy his Internet Jetset membership so the fact that the content is very broad and thin is understandable.

However, the thing that frustrates me is that he spends 25 minutes talking about himself. How poor he was and how much money he makes, and so on. Why not spend that time actually talking about how/what and when you make money?

There is very little detail about anything really. He talks about niches, what you get inside his members training area and a very misleading 6 step sales technique to make sales with YouTube videos, which I will talk about in a little bit, but there is no teaching here.

john crestani webinar review

John Crestani From His Hotel Room, Las Vegas.

The webinar itself is purely for promotional purposes. Do not expect to actually learn anything from this. It is basically 90 minutes of John saying, "Buy my product, you can make money and become free from your crap life!" (I am paraphrasing here, of course!)

John does say that this is not a get rich quick scheme but he quickly follow this by saying how much money he, and his students make, and so on...

Hyped Up Sales Pitch

Let's start with the sales video to the webinar itself. Fancy cars, expensive hotel suites and luxurious holiday locations. This is hyped up like crazy, ok! Quite common for low quality Internet Marketing products.

This is not normal life for 97% of ALL people who genuinely earn money online. The ones who do make a lot of money online do not flaunt their success like this to gain more sales.

You are drawn in by, "do you want this lifestyle too?", and the whole message behind it is just misleading and wrong.

People should not be allowed to use these kind of tactics to draw people in because this does not represent anything even vaguely close to the results you can expect.

Exaggerated Sales Claims

John spends some time talking you through one method he teaches, which is YouTube video reviews. The idea is you find a product, make a short review of it and then have a link in your video description to the product, from which you earn a commission.

Once again, this is thin, misleading and hold no real relation to any truths.

John goes on to talk about how much money you can make with this method and he tells you to not spend more than 60 minutes making one video and to just use your mobile phone.

jon crestani webinar reviews

I can feel all YouTubers cringle at this advice because the videos you would produce with this method would be cheap, low quality, biased and completely worthless and you would not make any sales!

John makes no mention of;

  • how to rank a YouTube video?
  • how to get hold of a product to review?
  • how long does it take to make money online?
  • how to edit videos?
  • how long does it take to edit videos?
  • copyright issues with brand names, images. etc?
  • how to comply with YouTube regulations?
  • which affiliate networks to use?
  • how to present yourself and the product?
  • and so on.....

Once again, I know this is a promotional video but in my opinion this kind of thing is so misleading because he is telling you a method which in theory is true but, in reality, won't work that well! These are the steps you should take to make a sale with a YouTube video but the numbers are skewed and the method is tilted to suit this presentation.

Let me me give you a comparison:

I can tell you right now...

"Buy some stocks & shares at a low price and sell it at a higher price, you will become rich! Just like me! Buy my product and you will become rich too! It is easy, and free yourself from your miserable 9 to 5 existence..." 

But what I won't tell you...

- without disclosing any information about how the stock moves, why, market fluctuations, resistance points, investment needed, cash flow requirements... etc.etc.etc...

This is because if I told you how time consuming and complicated it all is, even though it can be lucrative, most people would not buy my product!

Do you understand what I mean?

John Is A Master Salesman

Throughout the entire webinar, John kept hammering home this same message, over and over and over and over again!

"I am rich! I come, and go, as I please. My life I great because I made it happen and you can too. I am rich and life is good. Buy my product and you can become financially independant." - (again, I am paraphrasing)

John is an incredibly gifted salesman. The way he talks, the words he chooses to use and the structure of his presentation is steeped in psychological sales techniques. 

He manages to sell so many memberships without revealing much at all. He just lets the audience's imagination take hold and the sales are made. Genius!

Who Is Internet Jetset For?

Internet Jetset is perfect for a newbie. Someone who just needs an introduction to affiliate marketing on a ground floor level.

The $47 for this training is worth it. However, you have to forget this hyped up sales promotion you have seen and just focus on what is real.

The reality is;

  • long hours in front of your computer,
  • split testing ads,
  • writing articles,
  • making mistakes,
  • ranking in Google,
  • answering emails and communicating with customers and other affiliates,
  • designing landing pages and maintaining your website,
  • researching products and keywords,
  • watching hundreds of hours of webinars, tutorials and learning to use software,
  • and so on... and so on...

Here are some aspects which John does NOT mention in his sales video, which kind of illustrates my point that this product is no more than an introduction. 

john crestani review comparison

image source - - John Crestani Review


Overall, I have a great deal of respect for someone like John Crestani. This article is not meant to be taken negatively or in anyway as badmouthing John. I simply want to give an honest opinion about what to expect.

I can hold great respect for someone, without necessarily agreeing with their sales tactics. He gets results, at the end of the day. He makes a ton of money by selling himself, his brand and his training + from his own PPC campaigns.

Should you buy Internet Jetset? Is it worth the money? Is it a scam?

If you are a complete newbie, then yes, give it a try. Just don't expect too much!

Buy it and learn from it but don't buy any upsells and waste too much money. Use it as a stepping stone and move forward. If you dig past the positive reviews in the Google search, you will find others who share my opinion.

Honest opinions which say - "Meh, this product is ok, but you get what you pay for. You will probably not make money with these techniques".

Have you used this training? Want to let others know how you got on? Please comment below!

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