Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Membership Available (join for free here) – $47 per month – or $359 per year!
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

A Basic Overview Of What Wealthy Affiliate Is All About

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community for people who want to create a website which makes money. Simple as that. However, it differs from anything you will have ever seen in a LOT of different ways.

    1. Turn your hobbies, passion or interest into a money making website!
    2. A step by step training program about how to build a website which makes money.
    3. You are guided from the very first page of your website to your first sale as an affiliate.
    4. You are taught how to write articles in a professional way. No experience needed!
    5. 100% Spam Free!!
    6. The most active and helpful community on the web.
    7. You get instant answers to any question in the chat room and with training database.
    8. ANY problem you have with your blog, layout, coding, plug-in’s, writers block,  SEO, or any problem you can think of there is instant access to training modules
    9. All the web hosting and technical support is integrated within the community for your ease and comfort. Everything is one click away.
    10. Hundreds of video training, webinars  and fully interactive classrooms
    11. You have direct access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and over 700,000 members – some of whom are multi-millionaires.
    12. Totally FREE to get started with no catches!

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is wealthy affiliate any good

Who would benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

So, let’s take a deeper look and see who would benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate;

Beginners – have you just thought of making a website and have no idea where to start?

Experienced – got some experience but still not making money? You know a little HTML coding and have a basic grasp of web design but need some help?

Hot Stuff! – you can make websites and know the SEO basics and then some! But you want to make MORE money?

Expert – you already have a thriving online business, and you do not need help? With Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to make even more with the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Regardless of your age, gender, location or expertise you CAN and WILL benefit greatly from joining our community. The community is immense, and the variety of training modules, activities and the social interaction within is fantastic.

One of the greatest things which all levels of experience will get is one central database of knowledge. Knowledge which is untainted by spam, advertising and outside influences.

What Training Is Available?

The training within Wealthy Affiliate is very extensive. Even the most experienced marketer will find useful information here, with thousands of training modules and videos.

There are multiple layers to the training facilities. Let’s take a look;

Certification Course – 5 Levels – 10 Lessons In Each = 50 Lessons

This is a very in-depth course which takes you from your very first web page, and very first click. This course takes even the experienced user from creating the very first words of content to you very first sale.

You will learn all there is to know about SEO, keyword research, using images, writing content, getting your website ranked in Google and much more…

Below you can take a sneak peak at what you will learn within the five levels fo Wealthy Affiliate basic training.

Click Images To Enlarge!

wealthy affliate level 1
Level 1 – Click To Enlarge


wealthy affiliate level 2
Level 2 – Click To Enlarge


wealthy affiliate level 3
Level 3 – Click To Enlarge


wealthy affiliate level 4
Level 4 – Click To Enlarge

wealthy affiliate level 5
Level 5 – Click To Enlarge

Weekly Webinars

Every single week there is intensive webinar training which you can watch live or replay at your convenience. These webinars delve even deeper into all topics of the online training within Wealthy Affiliate, and you get a chance to do live Q&A and get the answers that you want. Click the image below to enlarge and take a closer look!

Wealthy Affiliate training

Why do these webinars give so much value?

  • You can ask the questions you want and get direct answers, with a demonstration.
  • They are relevant to everything you need to know and you get a super detailed analysis of the topic at hand.
  • You can replay any webinar going back to anyone that you missed or only need to watch again.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Too Good To Be True?

Well, yes! It is too good to be true, but it certainly is true, real and 100% LEGIT! That is why it is so fantastic.

The mark of a truly excellent service is when you can try it for free, which you can at WA, because they know that their service is so great. So great in fact, you will end up joining as a premium member very quickly. Why? Because after you see how accurate, organised, interactive the whole community and training is, you won’t turn back.

Are There Any Complaints or Bad Points About Wealthy Affiliate

There is one negative aspect of WA – there is too much to learn. But, let me explain…

When you first join WA, there is unmistakably a sense of “information overload”. This stems from persons wanting to do everything at once and not being patient enough, and so they try and read and learn too quickly which leads to confusion and being overwhelmed.

How to avoid this? Well, just start with the initial training and work through the modules. Step by step you will be lead and shown with videos exactly what to do.

It is essential to complete the training, even if you think you know what you are doing because then you have a clean slate when you finish and you will not get bogged down with information overload.

This will free you to explore the extra modules and training videos there are on offer – of which there are hundreds, if not thousands.

What Is The Support Like?

Here is a screenshot I took – at random – while I was writing this article. You can see clearly the activity going on in the chat on the right-hand side.

People were asking questions and getting instant help from members online at the time. There is also the message board where members can blog and ask questions for a more thorough response.

Click image to enlarge!

Wealthy Affiliate support
Usernames and pictures have been covered to protect privacy.

However, if you have a more technical issue then you can contact the support team themselves – which I did – and below you can see that they answered almost immediately.

Usually, there is a standard “we will get back to you within 48 hours” kind of service. Not at Wealthy Affiliate. They know your time is precious, and so they respond within no time!

In this example, they responded with a solution to my problem within one hour!

wealthy affiliate technical support
Click image to enlarge


Support From Other Members?

In this example, I will show you the power of the community training modules. Which, of course, are spam free!

Let us say for example I need help with how to write something. In the search bar, within the homepage, you can search through the library of training modules left by the members. Start typing and it will start appearing in terms of relevance to your question…

In this example, I wrote the following –  “How to write…” You can see there how much content came up in search box with helpful articles related to writing.

Wealthy Affiliate member support
Click To Enlarge


You can type in anything you want or need help with. There are literally thousands of blog posts, tutorials and training videos which cover every single problem you will encounter online when trying to create your first money making website.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid (1)


My Final Opinion About Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to turn your hobby or passion into a glorious online business which makes money, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you! 100%!

I started with Wealthy Affiliate, and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without it, and even now I still use it, and I always will.


Are You Ready To Start? It’s Free!

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I would love to hear YOUR personal experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. Please do leave a comment with any questions or feedback!


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