Today, I joined Paid Social Media Jobs to review the service.

I will go through the membership area and any training they provide and determine whether this is indeed a quality service worth paying for.

Will I make a fortune posting on Facebook and Twitter? Or will I simply be another member of a dull and mediocre ClickBank product? Let’s find out!

My Rating – If you are a complete beginner, this is not bad!

Product Name – Paid Social Media Jobs
Owner – Annie Jones
Price – $17
Website –

is a scam
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First Impressions

The sales page itself is VERY simple and elegant – which I love – and straight to the point. There is no sales video of some guy in a million dollar flat, talking about how much money he earns from working one hour per day, etc! This is a good sign.

Also, there was only one upsell! Which is another relief, usually you are hit with three of four ludicrous upsells for services and products you do not want or need. So far so good right??

The Membership Area

The membership is, again, very simple but easy to navigate – it is not riddled with affiliate links. There are various options for training modules and job postings.

There are also some eBooks you can download and a help desk. I decide to take a look at the training to determine if it is worth paying for.

Paid Social Media Jobs homepage

The Introduction Training

There are three modules within the training – introduction training – which consists of three videos which talk you through what exactly the social media is, and what the job entails to be a social media manager.

paid social media jobs training

I must admit at this point that this was quite thorough, and if you are a complete newbie then you will learn some useful information here about what the job entails such as;

  • the importance of engaging your followers
  • how to attract followers
  • how to engage with potential clients
  • what is expected from YOU as a social media manager.

The videos are basic regarding what you learn but as a form of laying the ground for you. I found it kind of interesting when I put myself in the shoes of a complete beginner.

The Advanced Training Modules

As you can see in the image to the right, the topics incorporated in the advanced training are broad and well covered.

I have read through them and to be honest – they are not bad. I usually approach ClickBank products with a certain amount of skepticism because most of them are appalling but so far, paid social media jobs is doing ok.

The advanced training does explain – albeit at a basic level – how to approach every situation from increasing your profit to writing a good application letter to potential clients.

I especially like the way they show you how to write job pitches and how to structure your resume and application. They were quite helpful.

There is a refreshing air of honesty about the training. At no point is there pushy sales tactics to use lazy and sloppy services or trying to push you to subscribe to some meaningless service. They just state the information at hand, and that is it. Refreshing!

The Job Database

The job database itself is a list of available jobs with a link to the website used to apply for them such as Upwork and Freelancer. You click on the link and you can read the description of the job in question.

This is probably where you will hit your first negative aspect of this service. The competitive nature of social media jobs. I clicked through about ten of these job postings, and the average amount of applicants were probably around 50 or so!

job database with social media jobs

That being said, I can imagine it would be tough to get your first job if you have a ZERO rating with no previous experience to reference or to showcase. So, how would you get your first job as a social media manager? Perhaps another article in my blog will cover this one day.

One good point is the fact you do not need to go and look for the jobs. They are posted right here. This makes life a lot simpler.

What I Liked

  • Little/NO spam or affiliate links! Lovely!
  • The training material was well written and videos were simple and informative.
  • Job listings are posted right here so you do not need to go and find them yourself!
  • The price is very reasonable for what you get. If you are a complete beginner – $17 for all this information is not terrible.

What I Didn’t Like

  • This job market is VERY competitive so I do see it unlikely you will get a job quickly.
  • The training, although ok for a beginner, offers no real value in terms of giving you an advantage over the competition.

Overall Review Of Paid Social Media Jobs

So, is it a scam? Absolutely not! This service seems genuine, straightforward and easy to use.

However, due to the limited nature of the service, I would ONLY recommend this product to a complete novice who wants to get an introduction into what the job of a social media manager entails and how to structure everything within that area. Considering the price tag, I would say it is good value for the information you will learn as there is a lot of content.

Did you find this article helpful? Please leave a comment below if you want to contribute to my opinion on this subject.

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