I recently came across a website which promises riches beyond your wildest dreams and it is called Lotto Magic – found at www.lottomagiconline.com. I can see right from the outset that this is a dangerous website and it should be avoided at all costs. These were my findings and the following is my opinion only. I buy the product and check it out before I write my reivew.

[one_half_first]Product Name – Lotto Magic
Price – $25 – $250
My RatingPossible PYRAMID SCHEME – Potential SCAM!
Website – www.lottomagiconline.com/[/one_half_first][one_half_last]is lotto magic a scam[/one_half_last]

What Is Lotto Magic

Lotto Magic claims to have been in business since 1996 and it is a benefits club or I guess you would call them a Lotto Syndicate. The idea being that you get a group of people who buy a substantial amount of lottery tickets together to increase the chance of winning. A good idea in theory and when done correctly but Lotto Magic is not one of these benefit clubs.

Warning Signs On The Website

First warning sign is the old and outdated website which seems to have no recent information on it and the CopyRight has not been updated since 2013.

The second warning sign are some of the snippets of information about the club; stating that they keep the lottery tickets in a safe?! This safe must be pretty big to hold thousands of tickets.

Thirdly, they state that your payout will always be 10% of the winning proceeds, regardless of how many people enter the club. This makes no sense, and it is not really explained further, so I decide to read a little more.

lotto magic is a scam pyramic scheme

As you can see in the picture above, Lotto Magic is no more than a pyramid scheme. Your earnings come from referral commissions on the other people you get to join the club. This is a classic scam system.

The lottery tickets are simply a way of hiding the true nature of the scheme which is to get others to become members – the lotto results are irrelevant.

They rely on people to bring their friends and family in on this scheme. The more members join, the more commissions are earned and so it rolls on.

Fake Testimonials

Testimonials Lotto Magic fake images

On the testimonial page, I did a quick Google search of the images of the people who are said to use this service. Surprisingly enough they are fakes. By right clicking and clicking on “Search Google For Images” I can see quickly that they are also used on other websites – promoting different products which are not affiliated or related to Lotto Magic.

I covered other URL’s to protect their privacy.


There is nothing real about any of these testimonials. Think about this for a second. If Lotto Magic really worked and it was paying out thousands of dollars – don’t you think they would have a more up to date website, filled with wonderful reviews and glorious testimonials?

Life Is Not That Easy

Websites like these target people who are desperate for money. The unemployed, old and naive. The people out there who are the most vulnerable to this kind of pyramid schemes. If life really was as easy as they claim then no one would have to work, ever!

This simply is not the case. If something seems to good to be true then it definitely is! Especially, when it comes to websites like Lotto Magic.

Is Lotto Magic A Scam?

Lotto Magic has all the hallmarks of a scam from start to finish. There is no value in anything they promise, promote or claim. Avoid this at all costs and if you have been conned by this particular website then just brush it off and move on. Try and learn from your mistake, at least this is my opinion about this product.

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