Here is my promised review of K Money Mastery. I will determine whether or not this service is a scam, a low-quality service or if it is the REAL deal! So, let’s get started.

I have signed up for the 7 day trial period to check the membership area out and to see if I can publish my first Ebook.

Name – K Money Mastery (Kindle Money Mastery 2.0)
Owner – Stefan Pylarinos
Price – $60 + UPSELLS!

What Is K Money Mastery 2.0 About

My Rating 

Has Potential But Low Quality. 
Use With Care & Avoid ALL upsells!

Quick Recap Of What K Money Mastery 2.0 Is About

This service will teach you how to create, publish and distribute an Ebook on Amazon. The sales pages promised result is endless profits and a ton of sales, emerging from their training modules.

However, I am assuming if you are here reading this then you kinda already know this – you just want to see what’s inside and whether or not this program will make you money!?

First Impression – Upsells!

After I had paid my membership fee and before I got started, I got hit with a series of upsells. This is standard with ClickBank products – but they are still very annoying.

The first upsell is a chance to join the Full Disclosure Membership which has, even more, videos and better training than the service we already paid for. This is never a nice sign when the creator of a product says ” Thanks for buying, but this one is actually even better!”

The fee to join this monthly membership is $47 per month – which I will pass on at the moment; I am here to review the K Money Mastery.

upsell number 1 with k money mastery scam review

The second upsell is another service by Stefan which is for a Virtual Assistant Training Program. This service is aimed to show you how to outsource your workload with cheap labour from other countries.

Which would be great if I had 20 Ebooks to manage but I have not even created one yet! So, I don’t think I need help right now.

upsell number 2 - k money mastery scam

Also, with a price tag of $197 – I am gonna pass!

The third upsell! At this point, I am getting irritated. Three upsells before you even get to try the product you purchased in the first place.

This one seems to be for “How to write a book in 24 hours” – at $17 – once again I will pass for now thank you, Stefan.

What Is Inside The Membership Area

Once you finally make it inside the membership area, you are greeted with a nice introduction video from Stefan. I can tell that this guy is genuine – I have watched a LOT of sales videos – so I do know what I am talking about here.

Once I entered the training area, it is clear there is quite a lot fo content here. There are a lot of resources and links to various helpful tools and documents to help you succeed. I can only assume that Stefan either owns or is an affiliate of these products. There are a lot of them, a LOT!

I clicked on one link for AK Elite (keyword research tool) and I could see there was an affiliate link in URL before being met with a message saying this service is no longer available.

This is not a good sign when you see outdated links within a membership area like this. Does he not update his website?

The only page on the membership are which seems to be free from affiliate links is the “Lessons” page. So I took a dive in and started my training to become a successful Ebook salesman on Amazon.

The Training

The training seems to be extensive, and the videos I watched were thorough and well done.

Lesson 1 – Finding A Profitable Niche

In this training module, you are taken through the process of how to use Amazon categories to find which niches are best sellers, to help you brainstorm some ideas. You are shown how to find potential ideas and keyword to make a note of, which you can develop in the next lesson when you start the keyword research.

Lesson 2 – Keyword Research

A series of three videos which takes you through how to find a profitable keyword with a high search volume. The warning sign here is that the Keyword Research tool which he tells you to use is no longer in operation – as I pointed out in the previous paragraph. This is NOT a good sign if a training module is recommending a product which is no longer online.

The videos focus on how to identify the competition of other eBooks within certain niches and how to identify a potential niche to target. They also cover what criteria you must cover to determine which keywords and niches are worth competing with.

Lesson 3 – Creating A Title

Here, there are two more videos on how to create a top selling title and where to place the keywords. The videos also cover how to avoid trademark infringements and how to find US trademarks.

Lesson 4 – Designing The Front Cover

In this section, they simply tell you to go to Fiverr to get a front cover produced. This is fair enough really – it is cheap and for a simple front cover this is fine.

Lesson 5 – Ebook Content Creation

In this lesson, you are shown how to create content, and there is a short discussion about the quality of content and the length requirements. The second video focuses on where to outsource your writing, so you do not need to write the content yourself – which is great. However, Stefan recommends recruiting writers from very cheap services.

When it comes to content writing, you get what you pay for. You can not get a 5000 word Ebook written for $100 which is of high quality. Yes, it may be original, but the content will be poorly written and probably spun from other articles and blog posts.

There is a total of 21 lessons to cover within the membership area but after lesson 5 I decide to STOP wasting my time. I will tell you why I chose not to continue using this service.

why is stopped the review of k money mastery

Why I Stopped This Trial

“if you send too many tweets in a short amount of time, then Twitter might suspend your account. So, I would recommend sending a few tweets, maby 5 or 10. Wait a few minutes and then tweet a little bit more. Wait another 5 minutes, then tweet some more”

My Final Review and Thoughts

I believe that K Money Mastery is a genuine service and the people who created it have put some thought and love into their training modules. However, this service is VERY low quality. Stefan has taken a good idea and covered it with a mask of “potential profit” to make people buy additional services which he profits from.

All the links within the membership area are affiliate links which Stefan benefits from financially. These other services they offer are not required to create an Ebook, but they pray on your ego and lazy nature – which we all have – in order to squeeze more money out of you.

I would avoid this service ; however, you are free to try it if you want. Approach with caution and avoid all upsells additional services they offer within the membership area. Please do let me know if you manage to generate an income from the resulting Ebook!

avoid k mastery

Is K Money Mastery A Scam?

No, it is not a scam, BUT it is very low quality.

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  1. I appreciate a cross-sell every once in a while if it is something that will complement a product. What I cannot stand is those who employ the tactic of saying things like “If you do not go to the next level, it will take you longer to earn money.” I don’t know why but it seems so unethical to me.

    Levels of membership is fine but not after someone selling you on a product that is supposed to make you money. The next thing you hear is “Oh wait, this doesn’t really work but this other thing does “.

    1. Hi Jerry!

      Absolutely, the salesmanship behind these schemes are very aggressive and miss-leading. It is a shame they can not put that much effort into making the product they promote better, then they would not need to sell so hard!

      I never quite understand why a platform like ClickBank allow these types of services to be promoted when 90% of people must not have a good user experience OR see any kind of return on their investment.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply!

  2. This is one of those products that try to look legitimate, but at the back, they’ll sneak in details on how to manipulate the web for traffic and ask you money to acquire that technique. Sneaky eh?

    I’ve actually seen that type of statement about getting Twitter traffic on some regular blogs before. I think many people are being misinformed or misunderstood the basic foundation of online traffic.

    Do you have any course recommendation for people to learn about building good quality traffic?

    1. Hi Cathy!

      These kind of sneaky and misleading tactics are very easy to spot to be honest. However, if you are brand new to Internet marketing then I can see why you would be fooled.

      The sales videos etc are very convincing!

      With regards to your question I would say the best way to build quality traffic is by simply creating engaging content on your blog or website. Content which people WANT to read, not because they are lured in with promises of easy money.

      The only place to learn how to build a long term and stable income to your blog is with Wealthy Affiliate. I gave an inside look not long ago – you can read more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

  3. Hey Philip,

    Great review and it seems to me like there is to many hiccups in this program. I don’t mind the upsells that come with a program if it’s based on membership levels. But here it seems to even get a fraction of what it is offered for the initial price you have to go ahead and buy all the up sales. From what you have stated this may not be the best option to go about marketing even if it’s starting from kindle books.

    1. Hi Vinnie

      The amount of up sells and affiliate links within the program are overwhelming. Every link to every service and tool, are affiliate links. From the very first lesson they seem to focus solely on “lazy” and “cheap” tactics – never actually on the quality of the ebooks. Such a shame.

  4. Very in-depth review. Thanks for the heads up on this product. There is nothing more annoying to me than an endless maze of upsells after you purchase a product. Especially when the product claims to include “everything you need” to get started right away. In my opinion, when you purchase something you expect to be able to access that product without having to decline further sales pitches first.
    I don’t mind relevant upsells, but at least let me access the material before you try to sell me something different.

  5. Sigh, I’ve always wanted to find a website that teaches me how to get an ebook done properly. I don’t really like outsourcing, because I feel that outsourcing (especially the content) is cheating readers on my part. It’s okay if cover has to be outsourced, after all not every single writer is a good artist too. But the content? No way. That’s cheating

    This site, if it is really as you say, is of very poor quality. I’m thankful that I’ve come across your review before signing up for the trial. Looks like I have to go seeking for another website. Do you have any to recommend?

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Thanks for the comment! I have yet to find an ebook publishing training program which works.

      The only platform so far which I wholeheartedly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend taking a look if you want to create an online income stream with a blog or website.

      Who knows, perhaps someone should use the Wealthy Affiliate boot camp training to create an Ebook training program just like K Money Mastery! Just not a scammy one! 🙂

  6. I admire how you are willing to throw yourself out there about not-so-credible services like this. I wish there were more sites like this that were willing to test out products that require payment and publish the results. This would make the internet a safer and more trustworthy place. Also, I love the website name. Highly original and laughable.

  7. I have never heard of K-Money before, but I’m not really that interested in knowing more. What they offer seems like something anyone could do themselves without spending a shedload each month.
    I want to write and create books, but I will definitely look at other courses online.
    A lot of these classes just look lazy.

  8. Hi there! I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thank you for letting everyone know the truth about K Money Mastery. I have seen this system advertised so many times and I did wonder if it was any good.

    I have been thinking about writing an Ebook for some time now and the thing that bothers me the most is promoting it. So this system looked ideal to me. However after reading your review I think I’ll give it a miss.

    Talk about keeping it simple, the creators of K Money Mastery are having a laugh at the people that pay money to buy this rubbish. And as for the up-sells, they really annoy me too!

  9. As someone who independently published 7 e-books on Kindle, I have continuously considered joining this program.

    You’ve no idea how much I appreciate this thorough and honest review. I have participated in numerous online marketing programs and have been let down by all but a handful.

    Thank you for saving me the time, money and energy I may have spent on this program. I am sure that there is still some value for newcomers who haven’t the slightest clue where to begin but it would definitely been a waste of my time.

    Thanks again,


  10. Hi. You’re saying it’s not a scam although it’s loaded with upsells. I’m looking for tutorials to create e-books that I can sell online. I’m not sure if you would recommend this program to me? Maybe I’ll just get the free 7 days trial and gobble up the information and hope to launch the next bestseller? Just kidding but I’ll look into this.

    1. I would not recommend K Money Mastery. You are more than welcome to try it but the methods they promote are cheap, low quality and only designed to get more money out of you.

      Feel free to try it out but tread carefully! 🙂

      Good luck, let me know how you get on if you do try it!


  11. It seems as if they use a bait and switch tactic. They sell you on an affordable way to create an ebook and the idea of making a profit and then pitch the upsells with the
    threat of not making money soon enough.
    You are right, the fact that they steer you to other businesses shows that they don’t offer a complete program. I would be interested in writing an ebook. Can you tell me of a good way to do this?

    1. Hi Marty,

      I would suggest you have a look at this post on WikiHow – they have some good pointers – especially about the hidden costs involved of publishing an eBook.

      That should get your started. In terms of what, where, how and when – I guess it totally depends on what topic or genre you are writing about.

  12. A very impressive website.
    Clean, clear images and easy to folllow menus.
    I thought the review of “K Money Mastery” was clear and precise with a verdict that was just about correct. I say that because, as I went through the review, my impression was that it was indeed a scam!

    Looking good.
    I wish you every success.

  13. Hi there Philip,

    Firstly, Kudos for making me chuckle on the name of your site! (loved it!).

    This review caught my attention as I am very interested in Self-publishing on amazon and think I can churn out two books per quarter (60,000 word book). In few shorts years of hard work and effort I’d have my own back log of books.

    Now, as a marketer and blogger, I recognise a few solid techniques mentioned in the training, such as keyword research, keywords mentioned in title and use of research tools.

    Is there any training on how to get the best out of Amazon in terms of self-publishing and getting your ebook noticed (i.e ranked well in amazon?)

    The creation, the writing of the book(s) are not a problem for me but the know-how and using of amazons system and promotion .. yes I need help with that, what training do you recommend?

    1. I have yet to find any eBook/Amazon distribution service which is not a money waster. However there is some useful information here at Amazon

      I hope this helps and thank you for your comment!

  14. Hi there, I have just read through your review of K Money Mastery (Kindle Money Mastery 2.0) by Stefan Pylarinos and now with your information about how he manages his website or not as the case may be says so much to me that it is just another scam that is more trouble than it is worth.
    He does sound like he cannot really be bothered but if he still gets money from it who cares.
    Maybe he just sourced all of his content for his website from cheap labour? Who knows.
    A new person looking for an opportunity wouldn’t know that which I suppose is why his system works – but just for him, maybe not the unsuspecting people signing up.
    Thank you for your in-depth review, it is an eye opener.
    I know that I would not even try to sign up to his training as I am positive it would be more trouble than it is worth.

  15. Hey Philip,
    K Money sounds really fishy from the title already, I can only imagine what things they really teach you there. I’m glad you took the time to make this review.

    The upsells are a big turn off and to know the their big secret of the program is to market your Fiverr efforts? We can get that info from a blogpost which is very and much more informative.

    Well done on the review, Definitely staying away from this.

  16. Hello Skandy85

    Just wow, me and you really have to connect I am so interested in this K money of yours, I like the quality of your content, Your communication through your website is impressive, taught me a few things, I need to improve my communication through my website.
    Keep up the good work, Your site is very helpful.

  17. Wow. I had know idea that this program had so many up sells. I really hate that. You buy a product to use the product you bought to its fullest potential. Not to be met by more ads.I also cant belive that you clicked a link and the system was not even in place any more. Talk about low quality. I pay for something everything better work.

    Your review was amazing. I will not be wasting my money on this.

  18. Hi Philip, you really work hard in evaluating products so people would be empowered. Great job, buddy.

    What puzzles me is this:

    As I read your review, I learned that these people train newbies how to create ebooks so they can sell them to Facebook and other social media.

    People gullible enough to believe what they say working, are in for the killing. Because, unless the author is really popular and his thoughts are irresistible, newly created ebooks will just remained unnoticed. So, where’s success in there?

    I’ve been online for quite some time now, and the only ebooks that I bought, are those I really need, and only from popular authors.

    And with your review of that K Money Mastery? I would think twice before investing in that product.

  19. Hey Philip,

    Your site is very legible and pretty clean too.. i think the best thing i like about your page is the pissed off pig up top.. i hope to make alot of money they way it sounds like you have in your niche.. keep up the good work..

  20. I really like the name of your site. I also like that you posted a very honest and forthcoming review of a system that seems to advocate things that are just not in the best interest of creating a longer term income.

    Thank you for this review. I think its things such as this that make go down rabbit holes that they shouldn’t and takes the away from things they should actually be working on.

  21. Well it’s a shame that Stefan Pylarinos has opted to go down the route of bombarding people with upsells – I saw a few good reviews for this system but they were obviously from affiliates!
    That’s the problem these days – finding reviews as legit as yours to weed out the poor options.
    Do you feel there are too many affilaite based reviews about out there?

    1. That is the case with almost all services. A lot of people write reviews without even trying the product they are promoting! They just rewrite someone else’s review and post it as their own.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! 🙂

  22. Excellent leg work. I appreciate a point of view from someone who has taken the time to get into the trenches. I’m like you, curious. I dive in just to see what’s there, and as you say, avoid the myriad of upsells along the way.

    It didn’t take long for me to smell the cheese along with you. As you say, this is not necessarily a scam, but it’s certainly not designed as something to necessarily help people.

    I often believe that you can smell something of low value when you begin seeing multiple upsells. A few are great, but when it’s all full of them…well.

    If a system relies on spamming then it’s probably not of great value.


    1. Selling eBooks can definitely be a sustainable income but you do need to be willing to do some hard work – like all other aspects of the Internet marketing world. Just a shame that programs like K Money see the need to exploit people like this. I am glad you found some use in this review.

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