Is A Scam? – A Scam Review!

In this review, I will be covering, and I will show you the features inside the member's area to determine if it is a scam or legit.

I will also tell you if I think it is worth the money for potential job seekers who are searching for freelancing work.

I will have to warn you in advance that this is a glowing review, and I am a little embarrassed, as I read through it before publishing.

I will return to my cynical and sarcastic self for the next review I am sure, but it was just a pleasure to find a genuinely honest and useful product for once to review. 

Product Name - Home Job Stop
Owner - Rita Woods
Price - $18 Special Promo (Normal - $59)
Website -


My Rating:
Worth a look! If you are looking for a new job then this could be for you!

At First Glance

At first glance, the homepage of Home Job seems almost outdated and low quality. Imagine my surprise to be proved completely wrong in this case. I am genuinely happy about this as most ClickBank products are a complete waste of time and money.

Once I had paid for my membership and logged in, I was greeted by an attractive looking members area with a whole host of job sectors to browse through;


There are twelve sections of different job types, and when I started to click on them, they were bursting with up to date jobs. Much more detailed than I had imagined.

When I first joined I believed HomeJobStop would be riddled with "cheap" and short term jobs but no, these jobs are real professional jobs with real wages. Take a look at some of these titles - these are just a FEW!

  • Web Developer
  • Translator
  • Platform Software Engineer
  • Digital Designer

  • Fullstack Web Developer
  • Underwriter
  • Business Development Rep
  • Educational Sales Consultant
  • FMTC Data Entry
  • Reporting Assistant
  • ​​​​Senior Project Manager
  • Illustrator

I clicked around all the categories, and I counted about 1,000 different jobs posted at the time of this review. All of which were published recently - a lot on this same day.

I must admit at this point that I am very impressed. I was not expecting such high quality job listings here.

Who Is Home Job Stop For

Home Job Stop is for professionals who are looking for work in the United States. As far as I can see this is limited to U.S only. There is a mixed bag of work from home jobs and on the site jobs.

This membership job board website is a fantastic place for an out of work professional to find a new job due to the volume of jobs in every sector - even more so in the computer based jobs.

Be ready to put together an extensive application, by the looks of the requirements for most of these jobs they really do want professionals, not like the mediocre job listings you see on Fiverr and iWriter.

HomeJobStop Database is not a scam

What I Liked

  • Sign up process is super easy, no need to fill out long forms or load up a CV.
  • All the information about the jobs are right there with the link to the employers website.
  • There are no hidden costs or a higher level membership area. What you see is what you get!
  • There are no adverts on the website.
  • The price is fantastic, at $18 this is a bargain!
homejobstop is not a scam

What I didn't Like

This is very rare for me to say but honestly, I can't find any faults with Home Job Stop. Seriously!

I am usually quite cynical when it comes to ClickBank products, as you can see from my other reviews. However, this one has got to be the most transparent, modest yet simple recruitment agent I have ever come across.

The only thing I do not like are all the bad reviews this service has got in Google. I did some research before I wrote this review and there are a lot of complaints about outdated job listings and the website being down for extended periods of time. I did not experience any of these issues during my research on this site.

Why Are There So Many Negative Reviews?

Personally, I think there are a lot of negative reviews about this service because people are expecting low qualification jobs - even though it says quite clearly on the homepage what types of jobs will be listed.

I feel that the majority of the bad reviews are from people who are expecting simple jobs like on or Social Media jobs where you do simple tasks for money.

I read quite a few of the negative comments about HomeJobStop, and my opinion is these people were expecting simple, work from home jobs, which anyone could do. When they were met with high qualification jobs, they got spooked and ran for the hills.

I must admit I was expecting much the same, and I was just as surprised when I saw the great depth and skill requirements for these job listings. Telecommuting Resource for Work at Home Jobs

Is Home Job Stop Worth the Money

Are you an unemployed professional looking for a job, then YES, I would say it would be worth your while to sign up. Considering the price of the membership is the cost of a few beers in a bar, you have no right to complain. They should charge more as far as I am concerned.

Is it A Scam?

I can say with a hand on my heart that is not a scam. I had seen, on other reviews, that some of the job listings were a bit old but when I joined there were far too many to choose from in all categories. They were all up to date and had current and relevant information within the listings.

I am still a little bit shocked because this is one of my very few positive reviews, ever! Apart from the only way I recommend making money online, I have not given a positive report about many services or products - especially from ClickBank.

I hope you found this blog post useful, and if you have any personal experiences with, then please do leave a comment below! I would love to hear from other people about this job board website.


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