After reviewing Ewen Chia's "$5000 from Scratch" and "Autopilot Profits", I feel the need to write an overall article about the untrustworthy nature of Ewen Chia and warm people about his low quality products.

I would like to point out to you, at this point, that I am not accusing Ewen of being a fully blown scam artist but he does have some answering to do and this following blog post is my opinion only.

A lot of people do feel that he IS a scam artist because the countless products which he has created, and is still selling, are causing people to lose a lot of money.

I am writing this review about Ewen Chia to try and clarify a few things.

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UPDATED - February 2018.
Ewen Chia has responded to some of the criticism he has received. Click here to skip to update.

Ewen Chia's Claim To Fame Is True - I Think...?

One of Ewen's big selling points is his history as a successful affiliate marketer. Based on the information I have seen online about his conventions, the people he meets and the pictures I have seen of him, I can only assume that he has had quite a bit of success online as an affiliate marketer.

This success came in the infancy of the Internet back in the early 00's when Google was easy to manipulate and making money online was a relatively simple process - most people were not aware of it because back then it was a much more technical process with HTML coding and it was a relatively "geeky" process.

I do believe his success was real and that the profit screenshots are, most likely, real but they are completely outdated.

ewen chia review

His Products Are Now Outdated

Google's algorithms have changed and changed for the better. Pre-Panda and Penguin updates it was incredibly easy to manipulate the SERPS and to rank higher in the search engines. This is why Ewen's products are no longer of any use because they are completely outdated.

I have personally reviewed two of his products and I have read reviews from trusted sources such as One More Cup Of Coffee & Stopping Scams and we all agree on the same thing - his products are SO outdated they are no longer valid.

All of his products promote the use of SEO methods which died a quick death over 6 years ago. Such as;

  • Article spinning.
  • Building thousands of backlinks.
  • Article directory submission.
  • Social media spamming.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Traffic exchanges.
  • and so on...

About 10% of the advice he gives within his training guides and how-to's is sound advice which still stand true today but the other 90% simply does not work anymore.

Instead of reinventing his products, like most affiliate marketers did after the algorithm changes, he just repackages the same old methods and resells them.

Is He A Scam Artist?

I do not think he is an outright scam artist but he must stop selling these outdated products - or update them to make them relevant. His ethics are in question and I do wonder how a man who found so much success can have the conscience to keep selling products which he KNOWS do not hold any value anymore.

Why does he not update them to bring them up to speed? 

Is Ewen Chia A Scam Artist

He is very similar to George Brown - the author of the Google Sniper products. He genuinely did have fantastic ways of making money online but when the Google algorithm changed, Ewen was like a fish out of water. He no longer makes money with his methods and now can only make money by re-branding them and selling them to unsuspecting people who do not know any better.

Should You Buy Ewen's Products?


I highly recommend you do not buy any of Ewen Chia's products until he redeems himself in one way or another. Either he updates all his products and makes a firm statement to say he has done so - or he deletes all his old products and starts fresh.

Below I will include the products for which he is known. Do not buy any of these ClickBank products, should you come across them;

  • Autopilot Profits
  • Fast Track Cash!
  • Autopilot Profits System
  • $5,000 From Scratch
  • - The Name Says It All!
  • Copy Paste Income!
  • Cash Siphon System
  • Autopilot Profits - Your Online Atm Machine!
  • Money On Demand
  • Turnkey Internet Profits
  • Profit 365
  • Cash Biz
  • Shortcut to $10k
  • Commission Money Machine
  • Succeed With IM

All the products above are either created by Ewen or closely associated with him. Do not buy these.

Avoid ewen chias products

At The End Of The Day

If you try and Google "Ewen Chia" you will find his blog and it looks like he has not really had any press since 2012/13 - which is funny because that was shortly after Google changed it's algorithm to stop low quality websites from spamming the top pages of Google.

He no longer has any products that work in the modern SEO world so I would highly recommend you do not buy any of his products. If he resurfaces and redeems himself then I will be happy to review his new products and change this review, but until then.....

Ewen Chia Addresses His Critics - February 2018

It came to my attention that Ewen Chia has responded to some of the critical comments he has received online in recent times. Negative reviews, including this one, have sprung up from Ian Pribyl of and Roderick “Nathaniell” of One More Cup Of Coffee.

Read Ewen's statement here

Let me first say that I admire him for coming out and addressing this issue in such a straightforward manner, without any obvious anger or bitterness directed towards his critics. Let's face it, most people would not have come forward with such resilience and confidence. It must be incredibly hard on someone to receive negative reviews like this, at the end of the day we are all human.

I would like to reach out to Ewen, at this point, and ask him to understand that our reviews are not fake, they are real. I personally test the products I review and my findings are not meant to be a personal attack as much as a factual account of the product you sell. At the end of the day, you (Ewen) have to stand by your own products and if they are not up to standard, then stop selling them. This is our point.

I cannot speak on behalf of Nathaniell or Ian but I have tested enough of your products myself, before I wrote my reviews, and you are teaching people incredibly poor habits. The methods you teach are outdated and will harm people's websites and rankings.

  • Article spinning.
  • Building thousands of backlinks.
  • Article directory submission.
  • Social media spamming.
  • Traffic Exchanges.

These are not valid SEO strategies and beneficial ranking/monetization factors. This is not based on my opinion, nor that of Nathaniell or Ian, it is based on Google Algorithms, SEO Experts and Google Guidelines. It is fact. All we are doing is putting this fact on paper and comparing it to your products.

When you continue to sell your products, which promote "easy money", you are taking money from hard working people who are utterly destroyed, heartbroken and humiliated after they realise they have been sold a worthless training product.

I implore you, please stop producing these products. If not, then update them and promote them honestly, without the hype and misleading expectations.

On A Personal Note

I fully understand that writing a negative review about your product, then promoting Wealthy Affiliate, comes across as a deceptive strategy. However, all we are doing is offering an alternative to your training which works. An alternative which can give real value and longevity to a person's dream of making money online.

If you do not believe me then ask:

Rand Fishkin - Whiteboard Friday

Jay Neill - Live Training Coach At Wealthy Affiliate

...and many more who will show you, with live facts, that the methods you teach simply do not work.

These reviews are not meant as any form of personal attack. We are simply safeguarding innocent people who are naive enough to believe your claims of "easy money" and "autopilot profits". 

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  1. hi. You mention out of date information, it sounded to me that it was the advertising that was out of date.
    Is this correct or is there morout of date information.Thank You.

    1. What information is out of date? Let me know and I will check this and update if need be. Essentially, Ewen Chia sells worthless “make money online” systems. They are all fine in principle, but are flawed and will never actually work. They only serve to make him small but easy commissions and affiliate commissions from the links on his own sales pages.

      Please do get back to me if you need anymore clarifications. There are links in this article to other sources which have given equally bad reviews about his products.

  2. I’ve been reading some reviews about this guy and now that I read your review it all makes sence. Your right it is all outdated, Google should see this and stop ranking his products and services but o well it is what it is. Thank you for pointing this out! People need to be aware of this. It was so easy to make money online back then. I wish I knew then what I know know I could have done the same 🙁
    But I wouldn’t be selling outdated stuff I would have kept up with the market. I guess he sees that it is still working so he just leaves it on the on position :/

    1. Most people want to hear the overstated and hyped up promises, when I recommend something, because they need that to buy into something. I never lie and as a result it is harder to make commissions. I can easily see why someone would promote low quality Internet Marketing goods because it is easier, however unethical…

      Why Ewen continues to sell them i do not know, other than the financial reward, because he cannot be respected or be proud of himself. Quite sad really but that is the way it is. Who knows, perhaps one day he will redeem himself byu releasing a new digital product that will genuinely help people make money online.

  3. Hi Philip,
    Thanks for your review of Even Chia’s products.
    I am allergic to the word autopilot system because I have had a bad experience with an autopilot product.You have brought to light a scam artist for sure. No more people should be fooled by such scammers. All, the Even Chia’s SEO methods you have mentioned in your article clearly
    prove that he is outdated and definitely the users of his products will be penalized by Google.

    1. You are correct. Using the search engine optimisation methods, that are suggested in Ewen’s products, will eventually harm your website’s health. This is why you should always use organic and safe search engine optimisation strategies. Personally, I use 100% organic content creation and keyword research. This is because I want the reassurance that my traffic will continue for years to come. People who use any manipulation, or cheap methods, will eventually pay the price when Google changes its algorithms.

      Unfortunately, beginner affiliates accept these so-called gurus and their methods because they know no difference.

  4. You are completely right and I am glad to come across someone who shared the same opinion.

    An absolutely very outdated method as things is changing rapidly on the internet.

    Some of the product you listed, I never knew he is associated with them. Am sure I may or may not have bought one or two before but indeed it wouldn’t matter now thanks to your post.

    Very informative and thanks once more for sharing this.

  5. After reading this post and after viewing the Ewen Chia website, I have to say that it sounds like Ewen Chia is one of those people who believe they are sincerely helping other people but who are merely a modern version of “mining the miners”, that is, making money off of people who are trying to make money. If he had internet marketing success in 1997 and in the early 2000s, (he won an award for affiliate marketing in 2006), then his heyday is long past. It is 2018, and technology today advances at the speed of light. I think Ewen Chia needs to point out RECENT successes (if he has any) in order to maintain his credibility in the late 20-teens.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! The success he had was from a different era. It was from pre Panda and Hummingbird and the methods they use back then was slightly more unethical and basic. In today’s world of high-quality content, these antiquated techniques no longer apply.

      Natural SEO is the order of the day and the old underhanded, manner manipular and black hat SEO techniques are no longer valid.

  6. Well you may not call Ewen Chia an outright scam artist, however I have no hesitancy and “telling it like it is”. I would not give that individual one penny for the “system” that he is now promoting designed for a sucker. . I mean person to make money online in a business.

    The fact that this guy continues to use techniques from the year 2002 and insist that they still will work would be akin to stating that a professional elite tennis player such as Roger Federer would win this year’s Wimbledon men’s singles title coming up in July with a wooden racket from the year 1976.

    Article spinning, building thousands of backlinks, using traffic exchanges all in the attempt to get more organic visitors to a website would be seriously frowned on by big brothers Google, Yahoo and Bing – in fact causing the owner of that site to be severely punished.

    No, if Mr. Chia is attempting to promote the fact that his techniques are to be followed, (by a naive individual) as if it were sour 5 month old milk and that a person would achieve high financial success in a business then to be honest he is nothing but a crook. Especially if he wants $$$ from people to buy into his fraud training.


  7. Ewen Chia will hate you for this! (*kidding*)

    Good job warning people not to easily put in money to any of Ewen’s programs. There are better places out there to learn online money making, like Wealthy Affiliate.

    I used to be a fan of Ewen, back in 2007. I stalked him online, to learn of his techniques. That was before I learn about Wealthy Affiliate. Today, I’d just laugh at those experiences.

    1. The methods that he uses were great and effective 10 years ago, which is why he was so successful.  However, after Humminbird, Penguin and Panda, his teachings are no longer effective.

      As with any business you need to adapt and change with the times but, unfortunately, he has chosen to re-sell his old products over and over again.

      I agree with you, places like Wealthy Affiliate do offer an up-to-date and current training module to learn how to rank in Google and make money with a website.

  8. Thanks for your review. I hope as many people that would fall victim to Ewen Chia’s heartless approach to sucking from the innocent their hard earn cash during twenty eighteen will find your review and take precautionary measures to secure their little much.

    People need to be aware of services which can damage your SEO rankings.

    1. Using the methods that Ewen teaches, such as: article spinning, directory submission and backlink building, will have a negative impact on your SEO efforts.  So, if you were somebody with an existing website and you bought one of his products to try and boost your traffic, you would inevitably damage you are statistics on Google would penalised your website.

  9. Wow,
    What an interesting read. As a former follower of Ewen Chia I couldn’t help to read this article. Your description of his products are dead on. I was a customer in the late 90’s all the way to 2005 ish. The scary part of it all is I own half the programs you listed. Your article needs to be read by all online entrepreneurs or those who wish to become online marketers.

    Your honest approach is truly a breath of fresh air. I don’t feel bad now that I couldn’t turn a profit with his programs. I agree no one should buy these products until he updates the information or creates a relevant product for todays online marketers.

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this article.

    A new Fan

    Dale Brunet

    1. Many people will follow the advice given by “gurus”. The main problem is that there is no bar of standards so a beginner has no previous products to compare them to. This means  inexperienced and beginner affiliate marketers fall victim to these types of products all the time.  Not because they are too stupid,  but because they simply lack the experience to see the dangers associated with these types of low quality affiliate products.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, it is very much appreciated.


  10. Hi Philip, What a super interesting article again. I love you went easy on him but at the same time, I think he is an absolute scam artist. I mean when I would write a review on my blog about a super expensive camera that actually is totally useless and tell everyone how awesome it is I would consider myself a scam artist. He absolutely knows how affiliate marketing works and also that he sells totally useless stuff. Sorry for my outrage but I always get super upset when people scam other people. 🙂 Still, thank you for this super cool review and keep it up. 🙂 I really enjoy your site.

    1. It is unfortunate that affiliate marketers, such as Ewen, insist on mass producing these types of products. I do not agree with it and I do wish he would stop but I know he will never see it this way.

      There are very few, if any, turnkey and “automatic” money making systems. They simply do not exist, at least not to the average Joe who want to make money online.

      Nevertheless, when a clever marketer, such as Ewen, flashes false hope and hyped up sales figures then I can completely see why someone would be fooled by it. I was too. I have bought products similar to “$5,000 From Scratch”, for example, and I felt so foolish afterwards.

      However, it is the best way to learn sometimes.

  11. Hey Philip,

    I almost fall into Ewen’s trap while searching some marketing product on ClickBank. I can’t convince myself into buying his latest product “Fast Track Cash” – The Fastest Way to generate real cash on autopilot. I really doubt about all this autopilot machine.

    The biggest discrepancy I found on his sale pitch page, it was dated on “28 Feb 2018” that when my suspicious comes in.

    Thank you for your great review enlighten us on those outdated products.

    1. Most sales pages has an automatic time and location plug in which sets the time to whatever date it is when you visit the page. It is a sneaky sales tactic to make the product seem more up to date than it is.

      Most low quality Internet Marketing products use this strategy. 

  12. Hello! I totally agree with your article about E Chia’s products – actually bought some of his products – it is shame that I didn’t see this article prior to purchase… He is lying in his sales letters about his product, besides that his Money Back guarantee is a scam… As soon as I looked at his so called products and realised that they are a real garbage – I notified Chia’s customer service that I would like a full refund… Anyway, long story – short of it Chia didn’t refund my 200$ due to Loophole in PayPals policy which apparently doesn’t cover online informational products and software… And Chia overlooked his own salesletter promises and warranty… Besides Chia’s customer service people were thretening me with the law suite against me for declamation of character, because I wasn’t happy with their product and called it a garbage… However once I told them that they have no case against me as it is not actionable, but threatening actually is. Chia’s customer service never said anything else about going to court, therefor be aware they are cunning… If you are thinking of buying anything form him better don’t unless you feel like wasting $$$$££££

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