Is Ewen Chia A Scam Artist? – A Little Bit!

After reviewing Ewen Chia's "$5000 from Scratch" and "Autopilot Profits", I feel the need to write an overall article about the untrustworthy nature of Ewen Chia and warm people about his low quality products.

I would like to point out to you, at this point, that I am not accusing Ewen of being a fully blown scam artist but he does have some answering to do and this following blog post is my opinion only.

A lot of people do feel that he IS a scam artist because the countless products which he has created, and is still selling, are causing people to lose a lot of money.

I am writing this review about Ewen Chia to try and clarify a few things.

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UPDATED - February 2018.
Ewen Chia has responded to some of the criticism he has received. Click here to skip to update.

Ewen Chia's Claim To Fame Is True - I Think...?

One of Ewen's big selling points is his history as a successful affiliate marketer. Based on the information I have seen online about his conventions, the people he meets and the pictures I have seen of him, I can only assume that he has had quite a bit of success online as an affiliate marketer.

This success came in the infancy of the Internet back in the early 00's when Google was easy to manipulate and making money online was a relatively simple process - most people were not aware of it because back then it was a much more technical process with HTML coding and it was a relatively "geeky" process.

I do believe his success was real and that the profit screenshots are, most likely, real but they are completely outdated.

ewen chia review

His Products Are Now Outdated

Google's algorithms have changed and changed for the better. Pre-Panda and Penguin updates it was incredibly easy to manipulate the SERPS and to rank higher in the search engines. This is why Ewen's products are no longer of any use because they are completely outdated.

I have personally reviewed two of his products and I have read reviews from trusted sources such as One More Cup Of Coffee & Stopping Scams and we all agree on the same thing - his products are SO outdated they are no longer valid.

All of his products promote the use of SEO methods which died a quick death over 6 years ago. Such as;

  • Article spinning.
  • Building thousands of backlinks.
  • Article directory submission.
  • Social media spamming.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Traffic exchanges.
  • and so on...

About 10% of the advice he gives within his training guides and how-to's is sound advice which still stand true today but the other 90% simply does not work anymore.

Instead of reinventing his products, like most affiliate marketers did after the algorithm changes, he just repackages the same old methods and resells them.

Is He A Scam Artist?

I do not think he is an outright scam artist but he must stop selling these outdated products - or update them to make them relevant. His ethics are in question and I do wonder how a man who found so much success can have the conscience to keep selling products which he KNOWS do not hold any value anymore.

Why does he not update them to bring them up to speed? 

Is Ewen Chia A Scam Artist

He is very similar to George Brown - the author of the Google Sniper products. He genuinely did have fantastic ways of making money online but when the Google algorithm changed, Ewen was like a fish out of water. He no longer makes money with his methods and now can only make money by re-branding them and selling them to unsuspecting people who do not know any better.

Should You Buy Ewen's Products?


I highly recommend you do not buy any of Ewen Chia's products until he redeems himself in one way or another. Either he updates all his products and makes a firm statement to say he has done so - or he deletes all his old products and starts fresh.

Below I will include the products for which he is known. Do not buy any of these ClickBank products, should you come across them;

  • Autopilot Profits
  • Fast Track Cash!
  • Autopilot Profits System
  • $5,000 From Scratch
  • - The Name Says It All!
  • Copy Paste Income!
  • Cash Siphon System
  • Autopilot Profits - Your Online Atm Machine!
  • Money On Demand
  • Turnkey Internet Profits
  • Profit 365
  • Cash Biz
  • Shortcut to $10k
  • Commission Money Machine
  • Succeed With IM

All the products above are either created by Ewen or closely associated with him. Do not buy these.

Avoid ewen chias products

At The End Of The Day

If you try and Google "Ewen Chia" you will find his blog and it looks like he has not really had any press since 2012/13 - which is funny because that was shortly after Google changed it's algorithm to stop low quality websites from spamming the top pages of Google.

He no longer has any products that work in the modern SEO world so I would highly recommend you do not buy any of his products. If he resurfaces and redeems himself then I will be happy to review his new products and change this review, but until then.....

Ewen Chia Addresses His Critics - February 2018

It came to my attention that Ewen Chia has responded to some of the critical comments he has received online in recent times. Negative reviews, including this one, have sprung up from Ian Pribyl of and Roderick “Nathaniell” of One More Cup Of Coffee.

Read Ewen's statement here

Let me first say that I admire him for coming out and addressing this issue in such a straightforward manner, without any obvious anger or bitterness directed towards his critics. Let's face it, most people would not have come forward with such resilience and confidence. It must be incredibly hard on someone to receive negative reviews like this, at the end of the day we are all human.

I would like to reach out to Ewen, at this point, and ask him to understand that our reviews are not fake, they are real. I personally test the products I review and my findings are not meant to be a personal attack as much as a factual account of the product you sell. At the end of the day, you (Ewen) have to stand by your own products and if they are not up to standard, then stop selling them. This is our point.

I cannot speak on behalf of Nathaniell or Ian but I have tested enough of your products myself, before I wrote my reviews, and you are teaching people incredibly poor habits. The methods you teach are outdated and will harm people's websites and rankings.

  • Article spinning.
  • Building thousands of backlinks.
  • Article directory submission.
  • Social media spamming.
  • Traffic Exchanges.

These are not valid SEO strategies and beneficial ranking/monetization factors. This is not based on my opinion, nor that of Nathaniell or Ian, it is based on Google Algorithms, SEO Experts and Google Guidelines. It is fact. All we are doing is putting this fact on paper and comparing it to your products.

When you continue to sell your products, which promote "easy money", you are taking money from hard working people who are utterly destroyed, heartbroken and humiliated after they realise they have been sold a worthless training product.

I implore you, please stop producing these products. If not, then update them and promote them honestly, without the hype and misleading expectations.

On A Personal Note

I fully understand that writing a negative review about your product, then promoting Wealthy Affiliate, comes across as a deceptive strategy. However, all we are doing is offering an alternative to your training which works. An alternative which can give real value and longevity to a person's dream of making money online.

If you do not believe me then ask:

Rand Fishkin - Whiteboard Friday

Jay Neill - Live Training Coach At Wealthy Affiliate

...and many more who will show you, with live facts, that the methods you teach simply do not work.

These reviews are not meant as any form of personal attack. We are simply safeguarding innocent people who are naive enough to believe your claims of "easy money" and "autopilot profits". 

  • March 8, 2017

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