Taking surveys in return for money is an age old tradition. We have all heard or seen adverts for these types of services.

Granted they are real, but in general, the reward for taking the surveys are small and the process for working through them is tedious and frustrating.

I have been asked to review a product called Click4Surveys.com, and in this review I will walk you through the members are and explain why you probably should not waste your time with a service like this.

Personally, I feel there are better and more profitable ways to spend your time online. This blog post is my opinion about this product.

The biggest issue I have with misleading services like this is not the rewards, or the surveys themselves because they are genuine, it is the way the product is sold to you and the promises made.

If you want to see what really frustrates me then keep reading as I dig deep into Click4Surveys. Is it a scam? You will find out soon enough!

Click4Surveys Get Paid Cash To Take Surveys

My Rating​:

Avoid if possible. Click4Surveys is not a scam but....

You are basically being charged a premium for info you can find online for free. 

Misleading earning potential and overpriced. 

Misleading Sales Pages

The sales pages are always misleading with these survey websites, such as these. The sales page claims that you can make as much as $3,500 per month, this simply is not true.

Anyone who watches this promotional page thinks they are getting access to a database of surveys which are high quality and pay very well. The truth is you are paying good money for a list of websites which do surveys, that's all. More on that in a minute.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials, giving rave reviews, are all fake and paid for. I recognise some of these faces from Fiverr.com where all low quality products get their testimonials from. 

This is not uncommon and is a genuine and easy way to get video presentations done and the value for money is great. The guys over at Fiverr do a fantastic job. Click4Surveys do declare this at the bottom of their page, which is nice. Normally this is not the case.

BUT, there is always a BUT....

One thing that always strikes me is this:

If the owners at Click4Surveys really were making $2000+ per month from doing surveys and not to mention how many $10,000's from selling this product per month... why buy testimonials?

Surely they must have hundreds, or even thousands, of happy customers who would be throwing themselves at them to leave a genuine, heartfelt and satisfied testimonial to represent this product.

The reason they do not have real testimonials is because they do not have any happy customers. They do not have any happy customers because this product is a hyped up, misleading representation of a profitable existence.

Do they have customers who make money, of course they do, but not as much as is claimed. The average survey pays about $1,00 for about 40 minutes of survey-taking. Quick maths...

Can you make $1000 per month by earning $1.50 per hour?... NO!

Which brings me to my next point....

Exaggerated Sales Claims

The profit claims that are made are just ridiculous. You do not get paid $15.00 for taking a 5 minute survey, ok. 

The fact they use these tactics to draw people in is unfortunate and incredibly frustrating because it is a lie. But, because of the small print on the bottom of the page they can basically say anything they want and get away with it because legally, they are not lying..... Bull S..&%$!

Click4Surveys sales claims

Check Out The Small Print

This image shows you the small print at the bottom of this sales page. A boiler plate affiliate/earnings disclosure which basically says..

(I am paraphrasing here, this is not an actual quote. It is merely a layman's summary of what this small print says)

 - We can say anything we want, even if it comes across as misleading and dishonest. This statement dissolves us of any legal responsibility and we can make any unrealistic claims we want. If you choose to buy this service it is your own fault -

Click4Surveys be careful with the small print


I have an earnings/affiliates disclosure too (at the footer of every page), but I use it to cover myself legally. Not as a disguise so I can make any outrageous claims that I want in order to increase sales.

Inside The Members Area

I paid for my membership and entered the membership area to take a look. After a short introduction video I navigated around the pages and quickly saw what I have paid for here. 

There is a "bonus" tab which offers me a chance to make $200+ per day with YouTube reviews but I will pass on that for now and focus on the surveys.

Once I navigate to the "Paid Survey Database" page I see immediately what this product is. It is a database of websites, nothing more. No surveys. Just a list of websites.

You Have Only Paid For The Database - Not Surveys!

I realise I have simply paid for a database of survey websites. That is it! I could have Googled that and found that myself. 

I was under the impression from the website I was paying to get access to the surveys themselves, now I have to join more websites and complete more profiles.

Am I going to have to pay to join these other "survey" sites and then get pawned off on another service, just like I have here?

This is incredibly misleading. I am going to have another good look at the sales page and see if they mention anything about this. I am sure I was paying for a service which provided surveys, not just a list of websites.

And as always, they do mention the database in the sales video but in a subtle way which means you would not pay any attention to it. They also mention it only once in the sales copy, in the testimonial section on the right sidebar.

United Kingdom Paid Surveys Database

All The Links Are Affiliate Links

You will notice, if you however your mouse over the link of any of the survey websites listed in their database, they are all affiliate links. Not unexpected or dishonest but this is not what you thought you paid for, that is what is misleading about this.

So, not only have Click4Surveys lured you in with a misleading sales page but they also make a nice commission when you join any of these websites and start completing offers, surveys and cash back purchases.

My Personal Experience Taking Surveys

As you can see from my video review, taking surveys is incredibly tedious and takes forever! The reward is barely worth the time it takes to click, let alone try and make a full time living out of it.

The offers and rewards you get for doing the small tasks are also incredibly tedious and pointless. The only thing I would recommend is doing cashback offers because they can add up to quite a bit of money if you are a heavy consumer of large ticket items such as expensive electronics, furniture and holidays, etc.

The Reality Of Taking Surveys

The reality of taking surveys as a means to make money online is an uneventful one. You sit for hours and click through endless, tedious and very complicated questions in order to earn just a few dollar an hours, if you are lucky!

Sure, you can make a few bucks with it but you cannot make a full time living at it unless you are prepared to spend 15 hours per day, everyday, 7 days per week doing an extremely repetitive job.

Do the math here. Let's say you get $1.00 per survey as an average. In order for you to make $1,500 per month you need to take 1500 surveys...

If you spend 70 hours per week, that's 10 hours PER DAY, working at this, you would need to complete 5.5 surveys per hour.

5.5 surveys every single hour, on the hour and you have to do it 7 days per week.

Does this make it clearer??

Taking Surveys Has A Limited Lifespan

Another negative side of taking surveys is that the initial surveys may be highly paid, $3 - $5 each. However, once you have completed a few of these the advertiser creates a profile about you and what you like, what you do, what you buy, your personal habits and so on...

This means that your qualifying surveys in the future keep decreasing because you no longer fit the criteria for taking those surveys.

Is Click 4 Surveys A Scam?

No it is not a scam. They do provide a genuine service. However, it is hugely over priced and the sales page is completely misleading.

In my opinion it is very unethical to purposely produce a dishonest and unrealistic sales page for an overpriced product which is never going to live up the consumers expectations.

click4surveys review

Are There Any Alternatives?

Well, one alternative is to simply Google "take surveys for money", or something similar. I would say though that you need to lower you expectations because you will never make a lot of money taking surveys. The rewards are simply too small to make it a viable way to make money online.

I would recommend Swagbucks or SliceThePie. Both are fun and have a good reputation. You get rewarded for small tasks such as searching the web, completing offers, listening to music, etc. and the one which I do highly recommend, cash back.

I list various ways of making small money on this page.

You get around 2-5% cashback on purchases when you use their offers from reputable retailers. Which does not sound great but if you are buying a $2,000 computer or another high ticket item, it suddenly adds up to a lot of money.

I would like to state here that Click4Surveys also has Swagbucks on their database, but notice how I did not charge you $40+ for the privilege of that information. I give this information for free, with an affiliate link.

If you use my link I get a small reward, that simple. I did not need to make an elaborate and misleading sales page to get more money out of you, only to make you feel cheated and used.

Have you had any experience with Click4Surveys? Please do leave a comment below!

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