In this review, I will be showing you Instant Product Engine 2.0 and the features it has.

This product has just been released in November 2017, by Naveed Peerzade & Eric Holmlund, and is turning out to be a top seller at the moment.

Is it all hype or does this piece of software really stand up to its reputation so far?

Well, let me talk you through its features and tell you why I have chosen to give it 2 out of 5 stars.

IPE V2.0 certainly has some wonderful benefits but I believe that unless you are an experienced marketeer, then this method of monetizing your services is going to be very limited.

However, I would like to say that I love the concept of this strategy and the authors have done a great job at producing something very clever here. It may be limited but it is a great step forward in automation and simplifying the PLR process for bloggers and affiliate marketeers.

See more at - - I am not an affiliate of this product, nor do I receive any commissions for writing this review.

My Rating: Useful for someone with
experience, pointless for a newbie.

This software has some pretty cool features. If you are a blog owner then you should read on...

Is Instant Product Engine A Scam?

Certainly not, this is a genuine product and for the price it is a bargain to be honest (but not the up-sells).

Will it make you rich? Probably not, but for the purpose it is most likely to be widely used for, it is wonderful.

Products like this are always going to be hyped up a fair bit, I always find, and the sales video will get carried away. Just like 'Hugo Boss' fragrances do not really make you irresistible to women, Instant Product Engine will not make you rich, but it is a useful service to have in your arsenal.

However, I would urge you to read on because there are a few things I need to warn you about.

How Does Instant Product Engine Work?

The Instant Product Engine is a platform from which you can brand and produce high quality PLR eBooks/PDFs to use as part of your Internet marketing campaigns to draw in leads and sales.

Each product has within it a well written PDF (which is the main product) but also sales pages, lead capture pages and a clever editor which allows you to easily edit the products header templates. 

The purpose of these products is to brand them with your name and website brand so it becomes tailored to your customers and then sell it on as part of your business. 

There are also worksheets, checklists and progress maps which your clients can use when they read the PDFs to help them make better use on the information inside.

You also have the option to integrate these products on a whole website to make the whole package as streamlined and high converting as possible. The idea being to take the hassle out of traditional PLR promotions which is tedious and requires a lot of technical knowledge.

What I Liked About Instant Product Engine

There were a few things I liked about this product. I will try my best to explain myself in this next section.

Very Easy To Edit

The front cover header is easily edited and you have complete freedom to change the wording, images, etc, to make it tailored to your needs. You can even download the source files and change them in any way you want, which is very good for someone who wants to tweak them even further.

Instant Product Engine PLR editing

Very easy to edit the heading when branding your products.

Conversion Ready & Beautiful

For each individual product you get a whole host of added features such as squeeze pages, confirmation success page and beautiful CTA design which really captures the customers attention.

All the templates for the related pages are stunning and I can see that all these templates would be incredibly valuable in the right hands. You could edit them to suit your needs and send them out to your subscribers and followers.

The Content Is Well Written & Informative

After reading through the content within the main PDF products I can see that they are informative and helpful. I wouldn't go as far as to say amazing but they certainly give reasonable value to the reader. I would, personally, never dream of charging anyone for one of these product as the sales video suggests but that's just my own preference.

What I Did Not Like About Instant Product Engine

Sales Hype & Misleading Info

All I would say is that, and such is the case will all 'sales pages', they do definitely make it seem a lot easier to profit from these types of products than it actually is. 

I realise it is part of the game and all sales pages are over the top but it is misleading nonetheless. For example;

When Eric Holmlund mentions in his video that the keyword phrase 'social media for videographers' is a great keyword to target because it has no competition, this gives people a false sense of hype and potential profit.

He goes on to say that this would be a 'great way to break into that niche', but this really is not true.

Instant Product Engine misleading sales pitch

As you can see from my keyword research tool, no one is searching for the keyword 'social media for videographers' and so the reason there is no competition, is because no one is searching for it!

Instant Product Engine misleading sales pitches

I realize, of course, that Eric was using that as an example of what could be done with the PLR content but, to be fair, it is not really a valid strategy and it was only said to give people false hope of 'possible profit angles'. Not to mention that these PLR books will never rank in Google in the first place, unless you re-write them to make them unique!

Also, the whole sales video does make it clear that selling these PLR products at a profit will be easy and so on... but, again, this is not the case.

You can't edit the content without upgrading or previous experience.

One thing which is irritating is that you have to download the source files in order to edit the actual content of the PDFs. Sure you can edit the heading and the branding in the members area but not the content. 

In order to edit the files you need to download them and edit them manually which takes time, skill and experience with all kinds of various software.

In order to change the content easily you have to UPGRADE to a much more expensive membership. More about that in the next section.

Upsells - Pressured and Misleading.

As with all these kind of products you are put under great pressure to buy an upgraded version of the original product you just purchased.

In this case, they really irritated me.

Instant Product Engine upsell

As soon as you have paid the initial cost of the product, which promises to have everything you could possibly need to make this system work, you get hit with a very contradictory up-sell. I paid $27 but that was an introduction price. I think the real price will be around $50 mark.

I am told that I have 'one chance' to upgrade to a better version (Platinum 40 Upgrade) of the software which will include a Control Center that hold a whole host of new features which I need to make this whole thing work.

Make money online with

Not Much Use Without Existing Traffic

Without an existing customer base this product has no real value. All PLR products have a limited value by their very nature because they are not unique and, unless they are specifically tailored to a very specific niche, are poor quality.

This is why as a rule of thumb, most PLR content are used as freebies for people to encourage e-mail sign ups and competition opt in's, etc.

Think about it this way:

If you are a complete newbie with no website, no experience and no knowledge of how to create a Google ad campaign, which requires knowledge of demographics, split testing, CTA tweaking to name only a few, how are you supposed to succeed?

You Will Need To Pay To Learn

There is a section in the members area called The Traffic Launch Pad where they are planning on releasing mini-modules to show you some traffic generating methods. As you can see the first two modules are about blogging.

Instant Product Engine traffic launch pad

In order to create a blog or a hosted landing page/website, you will need hosting and a domain name. This will cost you more money. 

You also notice that any links inside the members area are affiliate links and so Eric and Naveed will make more money from you if you join their promoted hosting providers.

To create a website which draws in traffic from the search engines takes at least 6 months to get going. This is not mentioned in the sales pitch.

You will also need to pay for a keyword research tool so you can target keywords and you also need to spend hundreds of hours writing quality content and promoting your blog on social media.

So for the sales video to make it seem 'easy' to make money with this product is a little bit misleading. 

Content Is Not Unique

The content in these PLR (of which there are only 5) are the same. Sure, the branded name might be different but there is no way you can rank these PDF's in Google for any keywords or anything because there will be 1,000 other people doing the exact same thing.

So, you would need to rewrite the whole PDF's from scratch anyway to tailor them to suit your needs.

What Is Inside The Platinum 40 Upgrade?

Inside the upgrades version of Instant Product Engine you are given a lot more features.

You get, not 5 products, but 40 additional products to use. You also get additional templates you can use to change the look of each individual product with just a click of a button, very cool!

Additional addons also includes;

  • Pre-written press releases.
  • An auto responder.
  • 10 x Pre-written articles to use on your new website
  • A 5 part auto responder series, all written for you.

Throughout the whole up-sell there is a great deal of pressure put on you that you have to buy it now as it will never, ever be available again. Somehow I doubt that.

Instant Product Engine upsell 2
Instant Product Engine additional upgrades available

You also get a Control Center where you automatically update ALL the PDF's directly to your website without downloading it uploading anything, which I genuinely think is pretty neat. You simply brand the products and then the Control Center will automatically upload them for you with all the sales pages, squeeze pages and everything automatically set up for you.

Instant Product Engine control center dashboard functions

You will also be shown how to create your own website in minutes and once again the emphasis here is that your website is able to make sales immediately. This is misleading and not true. You have no traffic or presence online - who is going to buy these products?

This Up-sell Nullifies Everything Said In The First Video!

The strange thing I find is that everything Eric says in the up-sell video is in complete contradiction to his original sales video. This is obviously done to make another sale but it is incredibly misleading and dishonest, in my opinion.

Eric says; 'most people download the PLR and that's the where the process stops, for most people', he then goes on to list all the problems people have with the traditional way of using PLR's such as:

  • Editing skills needed - HTML, etc.
  • Knowledge of autoresponders and advertising CTA writing.
  • Photoshop editing skills.
  • etc.etc....

He really goes out of his way to explain how hard it is if you follow the normal method of downloading a PLR and then uploading it to your website.

Hang on Eric, wasn't that what you just sold me a few minutes ago?
And now you are telling me that that method is tedious and hard work?

Eric is not wrong in what he says but I thought that the Instant Product Engine was the solution to this problem?

This is where wordplay becomes very subtle because I think in the initial sales video he made no mention of editing the actual content within the products, just the branding and the headings.

Now all of a sudden we have to pay more to have a convenient way of editing the content..... misleading.

Basically, this whole up-sell sales video is one long story about how worthless the initial Instant Product Engine purchase, which you just made, is without this upgrade.

This upgrade will cost you another.... $497! Even more misleading is that if you try and leave, they instantly try a pop up to 'down-sell' where they offer you a $200 discount for the same service but with 20 fewer products! Then you are presented with a 3rd, and final, down-sell where they reduce the price even further....Shameless!

I know this is a very common strategy but don't you want to be honest and upfront with people. Why wiggle and slide around like this to try and squeeze more and more money from people? Do Chris and Naveed not want to build a trusting relationship with people?

Fake Value Estimates

The sales video also tries to make it sound as if all these products are incredibly valuable. They are not.

They are mass duplicated, cheap and cheerful eBooks, which contain useful information but nothing more than that.

Eric claims that the normal price tag could be high as $2,997.00 for the Instant Product Engine membership and pressure is pile on with; 'limited membership' - 'now or never'

All of this scarcity talk is a common tactic and 80% of the time is nonsense. I am sure they will limit their membership numbers but no one will pay that much to join - at least not someone who knows what they are doing.

Instant Product Engine lies

Exaggerated Value Claims

Eric goes on to itemize the value of each item in the products such as the articles, press releases and so on... all of this is nonsense. Sure, a well written article is worth in excess of $100, but a PLR article which hold ZERO ranking value and is not unique at all... not so much.

What I Liked About The Upgrade Option

The control center itself allow you to edit all the PDFs and sales pages, related to the products, with a very cool editing software - much like in WordPress.

You are able to edit everything, add videos, images, change buttons, testimonials, add new pages and all kinds of very cool features. Basically you can completely transform all the products easily without any HTML coding. This a helpful feature which I really like and I think the templates for all the pages are wonderful and look very conversion ready!

Sales flow feature: This feature is very clever. You can change the connection/links between the different squeeze pages by dragging and dropping pages to create a different sales flow. So, you can move the sales page to go before the squeeze page, for example. 

Basically means you can chop and change your exit offers, up-sells, down-sales and anything you want to find that perfect combination that converts the best. This is a very clever part of the software, I must admit. I have never seen that before.

Nevertheless at such a hefty price tag - no thanks.

What & Who Is Instant Product Engine For?

The Instant Product Engine is IDEAL for someone who already has an existing blog, mailing list or social following. Why?

Well, the templates for these PLR's are beautiful and they look very professional and so are IDEAL to use as part of a promotion such as a lead capture or a freebie to you social media group.

With just a few clicks you can have a branded and professional template to capture leads and promote products with, which will be guaranteed to draw the eye of your readers and subscribers. Especially if it is given away free.

Instant Product Engine PLR content

Personally, I would not charge for something like this because you are trying to get leads and you can easily place affiliate links inside the pages.  Also, if you charge then you really need to make the content inside 100% unique and tailored to your style of writing. Simply selling a 'copied' PLR eBook is not good enough, your readers deserve the best. But that is down to each individual blogger or affiliate marketeer, obviously.

Personally, I would use these products as lead generating freebies, with subtle affiliate links inside. Then I would follow up with e-mail marketing to re-target these people with related products. This will generate traffic to my website, and in turn, commissions.

The reason I would not charge for these PDF products is because they are not worth anything. Sure they are informative but the information inside is information I would blog about anyway and there are many bloggers our there who give all this knowledge, and much more, away every single day for free.

It would be like charging someone for directions. Pointless and the person will resent paying for it.

Is It Suitable For Newbies

To be honest, no. Instant Product Engine is not suitable for a newbie affiliate marketeer who has no website or an existing mailing list or customer base.

The biggest problem anyone has when promoting PLR content is the fact that it is not unique and has relatively low value. So, unless you have an existing customer base you can give it away to as a freebie so you can increase customer satisfaction, there are very few avenues you can take.

Without a customer base your only option is to use PPC ads and build a landing page to capture leads - which the guys at Instant Product Engine will show you how to do, but at a price!

My Overall opinion about Instant Product Engine

In a nutshell, Instant Product Engine 2.0 would be awesome for someone who has an existing website or traffic stream and they are looking for quick an easy branding for their eBooks. Someone in the know will easily make money using these beautiful and easily customization products to suit whatever strategy they use to convert leads into sales.

However, the sales videos are misleading and are designed to lure in newbie affiliate marketeers, which I hate. A newbie blogger/affiliate marketeer will NOT make money with this system. 

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  1. Oh wow!….that was a great review, I almost bought it but I thought I will do research first and I’m glad I came across your review.

    I know when I see a good honest review and yours is pretty honest, I’m glad there are still honest people out there especially on “ how to make money online “, cause there so many scams out there which is sad.

    Where is your “start here page” , sorry I’m using a cell I can’t see it.

  2. Hey Philip,

    Well i was looking into obtaining more information about IPE 2.0 and found your review. Really glad to see that you covered the upsell and so much more. This definitely made my decision for me.
    Thanks again!

    1. I am glad you found some use from it! When I get comments like this it makes it all worthwhile. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products like Instant Product Engine which try and fool you into thinking you can produce fantastic results with a fairly mediocre system.

      THe eBooks you can produce are very nice and made for conversion but who is going to see them? Simply making them won;t get eyeballs on the pages and sales pages. THis is something that all of Internet Marketing system, like these, fail to answer and their methods to obtain traffic are almost always frivolous and low quality.

    1. Hey!

      To be quite honest, I can’t remember. It is now a year since I reviewed this product. Sorry I cannot be of any more help. However, I would imagine this would be possible.



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