In this review, I am looking at a product called Instant Payday Tricks, and it is a work from home product which promises to show you how to make money online from home.

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The sales page is the usual hyped up nonsense with fake news stories and edited interviews used to give the product a sense of credibility and mainstream appeal.

The product itself shows you some very outdated and unorganised methods of making money online which are extremely unlikely to help you.

I purchased this product because I wanted to see for myself and so I decided to write a review to share my opinions with you.

The following is my experience when using the Instant Payday Tricks training programme which has been created by

In A Hurry? - Quick Summary

Avoid this training. It is outdated and misleading. The information they teach you of 5 years old and may harm your websites health and reduce your chance of making money online.

Price - $47

Creator -

What Is Instant Payday Tricks

Inside the member's area, you are presented with a series of tutorials which show you how to make money online using places like:

  • ClickBank
  • Article Directories
  • Blogging
  • Craigslist
  • Micro job sites like CashCrate
Instant Payday Tricks review

Misleading Sales Page!

They also give you some information about how to get traffic to your landing pages or your website.

Each video is posted on YouTube and is presented by different people each time which leads me to suspect that these are merely borrowed or copied from other YouTube users.

Whether or not they are aware that their content is being used on a paid membership site, I do not, but that is not me discuss, but it does go to show how low quality the training is.

There is also a series of e-books you can browse through, which include:

  • business vitality
  • squeeze page to bank account
  • extreme list building
  • easy ways to market

All the training is clearly a PLR content as some downloads even include the PLR licence which doesn't exactly inspire confidence because they are so outdated.

Is The Training Any Good?

The training inside is mediocre and outdated.

The training video on how to make money on Craigslist, for example, is about four or five years old and uses very manipulative and shady tactics to drive traffic to a ClickBank landing page.

In the traffic generation section, it is clear that the training is very outdated since they still talk about article directories and building backlinks with Web 2.0 properties. This is a very old method and can potentially harm your website.

The traffic generation also talks about blogging communities like HubPages or Squidoo which they suggest you use to generate traffic. 

Instant Payday Tricks extra content

Outdated and dangerous training material

This is all fine and well, but the problem is Squidoo was purchased by HubPages in 2014, which gives you an indication of how old this training is. 

We are now over halfway through 2018 and due to the outdated nature of the training you should not use this because you do not know what is current and what will damage your website.

Whenever you're dealing with any SEO or traffic strategies, you have to know that the methods are up-to-date and in line with Google algorithms and advertising policies.

Therefore I can only conclude, after I sat through all the training, that it is below par and very low quality. In fact, if you follow this training, you're likely to hurt your website SEO and drive untargeted traffic to your websites.

Will You Make Money Using The Strategies They Teach?

If you use the strategies taught by Instant Payday Tricks, you are very unlikely to see positive results. This is because the training is outdated and the methods they show don't include any actionable content or plan of action.

Collecting email leads is all well and good, but unless you have a follow-up sequence and follow-up plan, there is no point in obtaining leads.

Members Area instant payday tricls

Misleading and outdated training inside!

This is merely a collection of random strategies and random monetisation methods without any coherent plan on how to put them all together.

That is why you are unlikely to make money using the strategy taught at Instant Payday Tricks because you have no plan of action and if you are a complete newbie affiliate marketer you are going to make mistake after mistake using these methods.

Would I Recommend Instant Payday Tricks?

No. I would not recommend you buy Instant Payday Tricks and I think my review shows you enough detail inside the members area on why I have reached this opinion.

Making money online takes time and practice, and you need proper guidance and good learning material.

Outdated training modules such as this are harmful to beginner affiliate marketers and only increase the suspicion and negative feelings towards the Internet marketing world.

I feel my review shows that monetisation methods taught at Instant Payday Tricks are not worth pursuing and the creator, at, should really update this material or remove it before innocent people waste time and money using the service.

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