[two_third_first]Today, I will be giving a review of Instant Article Wizard. Will this piece of software save you time and money by churning out articles like the wind?

Or, will it make you wish you had never wasted your hard earned money! I will now explore a few areas within this product to determine if I would recommend using this service.

My rating of this product is 3/10[/two_third_first][one_third_last]Instant Article Wizard Review[/one_third_last]

Instant Article Wizard Overview

This software prides itself on being able to search the Internet for any topic related to a keyword and finding content for your articles. The idea being that you type in a keyword, the software finds lots of other articles relevant to that keyword phrase and then you can use this for research.


Furthermore, it states that the content is original by using their “Best Spinner Thesaurus” and that the time you save will be phenomenal.

If you have not already detected my subtle tone of skepticism, then you will shortly. But, I digress.

Who Is This For?

The target audience is bloggers, webmaster and anyone who needs articles thick and fast really. I guess if you need a lot of articles very quickly then this is the kind of software you would want, regardless of the quality and ethical nature of the result.

If you own several websites, and you have a schedule to keep I suppose having a software like Instant Article Wizard would come in handy. However, I can’t see how any self-respecting blogger would use this software other than as a brainstorming exercise.

What I Liked

  • Software is very easy to use and it is QUICK!
  • If you need to brainstorm an idea then this would be a great way to get lots of ideas from different sources.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The price is quite high @ $77 p/year. 
  • The ethical boundaries between “research” and stealing/plagiarism are to close for comfort for me. I prefer to write my own content.
  • There is no flow to the content. You are copying material from different sources, written at different times. The sentences you are copying do not have a natural flow. This means you have to edit them, so you may as well write them in the first place!
  • The sales page is outdated and inaccurate.
  • The majority of the testimonial they have are from non existing or bogus websites. Click one or two and see for yourself!

Is It Worth It?

In short, no. 

This software robs you of any originality and should ideally not be used. Creating content for a website is a personal thing, regardless of size or niche. If you only copy it from another site – even if you do not know if that source is even accurate or trusted – then you are actually just spreading regurgitated-spun garbage.

You have to create quality content for your website based on your own personal experience and knowledge, not just copy it from somewhere else.

The Transparency Of The Sales Page

When you actually look at these “so-called” testimonials they have on the site – most are not even real – or just outdated.



Almost all the websites either do not exist, or they get redirected to something completely random.

If this software were as great as it claims they would have no problem getting recent, relevant and REAL reviews on a weekly basis.

Is Instant Article Wizard A Scam

Would I say that this is a scam? No, not entirely. They are not ripping you off or anything. They are just selling you a very poor quality product, aimed to mislead you with a “lazy” approach to content creation.

Why You Should Not Use It

When you write content for your website it needs to be organic, relevant and written by a human being. To try and replace any human touch on content creation with any kind of software will never work.

You need to base your blog posts on:

  • personal experience
  • user intent and information needs
  • valuable information to your readers

Simply scraping the internet for snippets of information from other websites, vaguely connected to your topic, and pasting them all together is hopeless. I am genuinely surprised that these practices still exists.

My Final Opinion

To conclude my Instant Article Wizard Review, all I can say is this. This is just a poor quality product, not a scam in any way! You may find some use for it, or you may not. If you want to give it a shot then by all means, give it a try and leave me a comment below to let me know how you progressed with it. I would appreciate your input!

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  1. +Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about purchasing this product but like you said a lot of the websites to the testimonials do not exist. So many of the websites are down or don’t exist. I might just use it for research my topics faster but I will still have to write it myself in my own words and thoughts.

    1. Absolutely! These kinds of services are best to avoid. Nothing comes that easy! Write it yourself and the quality will show in Google’s eyes and your readers.

  2. Thanks for this honest review – I too was contemplating signing up for it but I guess the saying of “All that glitters ain’t gold” is very true!

    1. Glad you found my review helpful! If you need any help then head over to my homepage and I can help you get started online. Any article spinner/automatic editor will never work because they are unable to reproduce any content which makes logical sense.

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