In this review, I am taking a closer look at Insta Crusher and I will let you know if their promise to make you an Instagram millionaire is a realistic aim or a scam.

The training program consists of 26 video tutorials, accompanied by a long series of PDF's. I will take a closer look at them to evaluate their quality and ability to teach someone to make money with Instagram.

Quick Summary:

Avoid this training program. It is not a scam but it is low quality and the chances of you making a lot of money with this product is slim.

I have given it 1 star. It does provide a very basic introduction into Instagram monetization but no more and it uses questionable tactics.

insta crusher review

Insta Crush 2 - update - March 2018

There has been a re-release of Insta Crusher, on march 20th 2018. They have renamed it and added a '2' to the name but essentially it is the exact same product yet again. I bought it again and tried it once more and imagine my surprise when the training is identical, and so is the training.

I checked the videos, and sure enough, the training videos are the same ones which were posted back in October 2017. The author stumbles and fumbles his way through the videos and is now selling the same service again for a second round.

Here is my honest opinion in another video review:


As per usual you are greeted with a series up up-sells after your initial payment has gone through. To be fair, this one is not that bad. Usually the up-sells are incredibly misleading and irritating. In this case, the first upsell is simply a more bulky version of the basic membership, offering more content in the same categories for an extra $17. Not too bad and a reasonable up-sell.

instacrusher upsell number 1

The second up-sell however is slightly more misleading and bordeline illegal. This time it is for a product called Video Titan 3.0 (which I will do a review on shortly) and it seems to be a video marketing software. 

The idea seems to be that you post a bunch of YouTube videos tailored for conversion in order to drive traffic to a sales page, using questionable methods at best it seems. The narrator actually uses the words... "legally steal their content".

insta crusher outdated sales video

slightly outdated, no????

I can only assume that this method involves snatching other people's videos, rebranding them and spamming them out before they get taken down again. But, I will find out soon enough when I review it.

The fact that the sales video is from February 2016 doesn't bode well. Nevertheless, I will pass on this delightful up-sell.

Upsell No.3 is a 'Re-Sellers' right to the initial product, Insta Crusher. For $47 you will get 1 of 20 licenses to re-sell this product and keep all the profits. No, thank you!

Common sense speaks for itself here, to be honest, do you really think they will only sell 20 copies of this reseller rights? I hardly think so.

One minute prior I was asked to buy a product which is "legally stealing other people's videos on YouTube"..... 

insta crusher resell rights upsell

What's In The Members Area?

Within the members area you are given access to a series of training videos, PDF's and the 3 pieces of software which are promised to supercharge your flight to Instagram profits!

I will go through them one by one.

Access To InstaDB Software

First up is the InstaDB software which scans Instagram and finds niches and accounts you can use to narrow down your niche, in which you will create your account. This tool can search for you, so you can find a category with a lot of followers and active engagers.

This software will save you a lot of problems, especially if you accidentally chose a niche which has little to no activity. Using this tool would help you find a popular and engaging audience.

instadb software within insta crusher members area

Access To Auto Insta Software

The Auto Insta software is a simple kit which allows you to upload an image and populate it with a slogan quickly.

The idea is you write in the slogan and it will present you with lots of different variation with the image you selected. It is a clever yet simple piece of software but it doesn't allow any image editing so you need to be very picky about which image you use to begin with.

Any random image won't be useful, so you need to have a long think before uploading a suitable image.

auto insta software within the insta crusher members area

Access To Insta Template Software

The Insta Template software is really cool, I must admit.

You type in a series of adjectives, verbs, places e.t.c, and the software will show dozens of slogans and catchphrases you can use in your Instagram posts.

You use this in conjunction with the Auto Insta software to produce images with catchy slogans on it for your readers.

I tried a few variations, just for fun, and the results were impressive. You receive a healthy selection of slogans you can use and they do make sense.

Although, a lot of them are fairly fixed so you would exhaust them pretty quick should you be posting hundreds of posts per week.

A lot of them are regurgitated: "Step1:x. Step2: Repeat Step 1", those kidna slogans. Clever but not original.

insta template software within the insta crusher members area

Video Training Summary

I will talk you through the video training to give you an idea of what the quality is like. I will not reveal too much information, because you have to pay to get in to the members area but I can tell you that if the price of this product goes higher than $7, which is what I paid, then do not buy this. It is not worth it.

I appreciate that this is probably this author's first product launch, judging by the poor audio and editing, but people are paying for this and wasting their time with inferior training. I will go into a lot of detail but I will not give away any sources or URL's given out in the members area.

The majority of the videos are only 2 minutes long and are completely worthless. You can easily do 20 minutes on each of these videos but the 'training' that is given here is very thin and is barely an introduction to each category.

Video 1: Overview

This 'overview' simply lists the statistics of Instagram and talks about the millions of people who use it. It then goes on to list all the up and coming training videos which are listed below. 

The narrator doesn't seem to confident, perhaps it's his first product launch, and the audio isn't great. The video itself is presented on PowerPoint with the directional arrows and dashboard still showing, along with the mouse pointer and 'clicking noises' which is a bit amateurish.

Video 2: How To Set Up Your Account

This tutorial shows you how to set up your account with Instagram and upload a profile picture. The narrator uses a mobile sign up as an example and actually shows his mobile number he uses to sign up. I am half tempted to text him to see if it's his own number.

During this video there is a 20 second silence while the narrator inputs the incorrect security code form his mobile phone verification. Again, doesn't exactly fill you confidence. Would have taken a split second to edit out, to make it look more professional. Even at the end there is a 6 second delay as he clicks to end the video and fiddles around with his mouse.

Video 3: How To Create The Right Bio Link

This tutorial shows you how to add your own bio link within your profile on Instagram. This is the link people will see when they see your profile online. You are shown some good examples of bio links on other pages to give you a good feeling about what to write and how to present yourself.

You are reminded about what the audiences are looking for and the importance of putting your point across.

Video 4: Check Out Your Competition

This tutorial shows you how to have a sneaky look at your competition. He shows you what to search for in Google to specifically target Instagram users which is a clever trick!

Once again, the audio is awful and most of the video is listening to the clattering of his mouse as he scrolls with it. He vaguely summaries about 'scoping the engagements' and to see what is happening on other pages but does not really pinpoint what you are supposed to do with this information.

Video 5: How To Find Top Influencers In Your Niche

This tutorial shows how to look for top influencers. In between the noisy mouse movements you are shown a very basic way of simply clicking on random pages to find accounts with lots of followers and engagements. 

The narrator seems to have forgotten about the Insta DB software which is meant to find the influencers! He is sitting sifting through tiny accounts trying to find accounts with more than 50K followers. Very odd! At no point, in any of these videos, does he show you a tutorial for the Insta DB software. 

This leads me to think that this guy is just a reseller of this software and he has made his own training videos to fill in the membership area template and making this rookie mistake in the process.

Video 6: How Shout Outs Work

The narrator speaks briefly about what shout outs are and how to approach another page/account to negotiate a shout out. Once again, the 'training' is thin and doesn't really say how to do anything. He just shows you one example and then moves on to talk about paid shout outs on a mobile app.

Video 7: Posting Hashtags

In this video, the narrator explains why hashtags are important and how vital it is that you know how to use them. You are shown how to post them but then his screen freezes and he has to reload the page.

After a few seconds of hesitation, he goes to another post to find a different example. He then proceeds to show more examples without showing you anything. You leave this tutorial not knowing anything else about hashtags. Basically, "use hashtags" is what I got from this video. If I was a newbie who had no idea what hashtags were, I would be no wiser at this point.

Video 8: How To Research And Find Hashtags

Another video about hashtags, even though we don't know anymore at this point. You are told the importance of hashtags and you are shown a website where you can find popular hashtags. Then you are also shown an app you can download to do research on your competition to see their best performing hashtags and posts.

You are told to add your own hashtags, not sure how to do that because you are not shown. 

Video 9: Automate Your Account Growth

This video shows you behind the scenes of the software you use to automatically grow your followers. This software was not mentioned in the sales video, as far as I can remember, and will cost you another $57 and then another $5.99 per month.

You are also reminded that Instagram does not allow this software and will terminate your account if you are caught using it.... Great!

He walks you through how to set up the software and adds one of his accounts to show how it is done.

Once again, he stumbles, and it is obvious he is not quite sure how to set it up. He has to go back and de-select a setting before he can compete the set up and hesitates and mumbles to himself. It is not actually clear what he does in the end...

You are then reminded that it is great piece of software but don't rely on it.

Video 10: How To Use DM

This video covers direct messaging. Another poor audio and mouse scratching video. He shows us his inbox which is full of messages, along with lots of other users profile pictures and usernames, which I am sure they would be delighted about.

He then spends the next 70 seconds talking about nothing, other than just to say "use direct messaging because you can create groups and it is powerful". But no info on how to do anything or even how to DM anyone! 

On to the next training video...

Video 11: How To Use Like Bombs For Better Engagements

Another short video on how to increase engagement by using a technique called like bombing. Again, he does not show you much. You are told to invite people into your DM group and then basically swap likes. You like what they post and in turn they like your posts.

Video 12: How To Use IG Stories

This video shows you how to access Instagram Stories and what you can do with it. He describes why it is powerful and why it is important for engagement levels but once more, does not show how to create a story or how you are supposed to use this to get more likes and engagements.

The remainder of the videos are exactly the same. A couple of minutes long, with no real information or in-depth teaching. They are all a vague ramblings about 'why it is important to do these things' or 'use this technique' without actually telling you how to do any of them.

I won't give you anymore details about them because by now I think you get the picture. If you purchased this as a novice you would genuinely have no idea what was going on and this training would only confuse you and make you lose more money as some of the services mentioned cost a lot.

Additional Training Videos:

Video 13: The Power Of Using 3/4 Big Accounts To Grow Yours

Video 14: Competitions To Grow Your Account

Video 15: How To Create A Converting Landing Page

Video 16: How To Push Your Products

Video 17: Tracking Your Links

Video 18: How To Use Social Blade

Video 19: How To Use Social Rank

Video 20: How To Use Union Metrics

Video 21: How To Use Command App

Video 22: What Is INK361 And How To Use It


Video 24: What Are Bitly Links And How To Use Them

Video 25: Using IG For Business

Video 25: Ways To Outsource The Management Of Your Account

Video 26: Buying Instagram Accounts

Guides - PDF's

Each video comes with a PDF as a guide and summary of the videos. They are incredibly short and utterly worthless. I am not even joking here, some of them are 1 page long with no more than 200 words.

I know I only paid $7.00 for this product, I think that is an introductory price, but this is incredibly poor quality. The normal price will be in the region of $100 and I would be incredibly unhappy if I paid that amount of money.

Insta Crusher wastes your time

Tutor stumbles in videos

The author/narrator always seems uncertain and stumbles all the time. You can hear him clicking furiously at times, with no audio being recorded, as he tries to navigate his way through to the next page. I can tell he is inexperienced with recording tutorials but you would expect better than this.

Where are the profits?

There are a couple of Instagram accounts shown and mentioned in the member area which are clearly managed by the author. You can see they are used in all the software listings and techniques listed in the training. 



I have emailed the support email to ask for proof of profit in relation to these accounts in an attempt to make sense of all this. I will post them up here, if they respond to my request.

Both account do not seem to be very active and the author has had long periods without posting anything. Not a good sign.

you need to spend more money

As soon as you enter the training it becomes clear that you need to download and sign up to additional tools to make full use of the strategies shown.

You can easily spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more on shoutouts and upgraded versions of these pieces of kit. 

The purpose of these extra programs is to automate posting and help you increase your following.

You are also encouraged to pay for shout outs and buy other Instagram accounts which obviously requires a lot of money.

This is not mentioned in the initial sales video and there is no clear training given about this the tutorials.

Not to mention that buying and selling Instagram accounts is against the Terms & Conditions.

Insta Crusher waste of time

Will You Make Money Using Insta Crusher?

Most likely not. You will gain followers, albeit by using questionable methods, and you may somehow stumble into a few sales but this is not the way to build a trustworthy brand and get recurring sales. Not to mention the followers you get are probably not going to be very good quality followers.

Any sales you would manage to produce would quickly be spent on more paid shout outs and additional pieces of software to further increase your following.

Insta Crusher will most likely not make you any money.


Insta Crusher is a weak program over all. The sales video does not come close to what you get inside the members area. My personal experience with this was a bad one and I will be very surprised if this actually helps anyone. 

If someone, who were a complete newbie, purchased Insta Crusher they could easily end up spending hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars before they would realise this was not going to work.

Even worse, they may have their accounts banned and all the hard work destroyed.

Have you ever used this service with any success? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you for this review! I received several emails about this product and was about to purchase it. Luckily, I searched for reviews first and came across your YouTube video.

    1. No problem at all! I am so glad it helped you out. Programs like these are dangerous because they make you believe you can make a lot of money. You end up spending a lot more before you realise that you have been ripped off. Making money online is easy, once you know what you are doing, but products like Insta Crusher casts a grey cloud over the whole Internet Marketing community.

  2. Thank you for the review. It confirmed my suspicion that this was a bit of con job. Objective review sites like yours are so invaluable, and guys like me use them a lot. Thanks again!

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