A frequently asked question in both the private and public forums is why social media holds so much importance in the business world. The straight-up answer to the following query is the existence of your brand, organization or yourself is not there in the web world.

If the same is not represented across the channels available on the internet, along with regular interactive sessions with the followers, interest holders, stake holders, critics as well as the journalists who follow and cover your organization or brand.

Importance of social media in business

The most important reason that is overlooked all the time is its silly fun to market your brand/image/self/organization via the social media channels. Consider the fact that your organization is going to launch a new product and the overall celebrations and the marketing campaign for the product are done via a live chatting session over the Twitter platform.

The overall response from the tech savvy individuals, the hype in response from the critics and journalists will literally blow your mind.

At the end of it all, the live response that the audience would be getting from the brand they are following, which in this case is you, will boost sales and retain old customers due to the added attention they will be getting from your online presence.

Social media, what’s in it for me? Do I really need it to boost my brand in the long run? Well, the following points will answer all of your lingering questions.

Customer feedback

The social media provides you with a huge quantity of real time data about your target audience. The daily activities over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram not only tells you about the individual but also enables you to create products and services according to the personal tastes and preferences of the same.

Increase in brand loyalty and awareness

If you have a considerable presence on the social media platform on a regular basis then it is easy to your followers and your customers to connect with your company, products and services. Acquaintance and relationships based on general get to know basis is also boosted by social media presence.

Real time results on target oriented ads

An inexpensive yet effective way to promote and distribute your brand/business among the masses and reach your target audience with ease is through social media ads. Not only social media allows you to cater to your needs by reaching out to the audience of your choosing but it also goes the extra mile by luring in new and prospective clients in the process.

Running a Facebook ad campaign is quite convenient and effective as the same allows an individual with the flexibility to target his/her audience based on demographic, online behavioral traits, connections and especially the location. Along with these, one can measure the overall real time performance of their ads.

Provide an interactive experience to your customers

Most of the customers these days expect their service and products providers to have an online presence for fulfilling all of their customer service needs. A whopping 70% of consumers go online and through social media channels for fast response in terms of customer support 24/7.

It has been proven in the recent years by high ranking companies that social media presence has boosted their sales and annual revenue generation by 7.5 %. Quite a figure right!?

Get a boost in traffic and search optimization for your website

The benefit that is provided by social media presence to the businesses is the increase in footfall on your website. This is one of the traits that lacks in the traditional forms of advertisements as the present generation is more tech savvy.

They are highly dependent on technology that they don’t even find it interesting to hold on to a piece of paper and learn about a company that manufactures high-quality headphones.

Instead, they would happily search for a profile of the same company on Twitter or Facebook and learn from there about the products and services on offer from the service provider or brand.

Do your homework on your competitors

This is more like some true detective work for your own gain. Through social media channels, you have unprecedented access to all of the activities of your competitors.

The knowledge you gain from monitoring the activities of your competitors will allow you to make strategic changes to your approach in business execution.

Moreover, product enhancements, improvements on customer service etc are all possible easily if one keeps an eye out in the social media world to stay updated with the changes taking place.

Easy and fast sharing of content

In the yesteryears, marketing agencies struggled with the fact that they didn’t know whether their content reached its destination i.e. the target audience. The advent of the social media made all of those hassles and time constraints disappear in a cloud of dust!

Now, if you want to promote yourself or your brand, all you have to do is do the same in your or your brand’s social media site.

Target oriented content

The most effective way to reach your target audience is by sending out and tailoring your messages according to the demographics and location of your clients. Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook allows you to interact and connect with an audience that is located in the country where your company is based.

This allows you to create the appropriate content for your audience and tailor products and services accordingly. This overall target oriented approach boosts overall sales and value of the company.


According to statistics, social media marketing has a 100% success rate than that of any form of traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Using social media channels as a tool for all your marketing and advertising needs is a must in the present time if you want to survive and make a name for yourself or your company, in this fast moving world.

Even after all this data and information you are not convinced about the importance of social media in the success of your business or profession then it’s no wonder why you are not getting that corner side office even after toiling through the whole year!

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