In this article, I will walk you through how to create an easy to read, concise and high converting review which will hopefully make you some money as a result. There are some very simple ways to make your review stand out from others and make it more convenient for your readers to find the information they are looking for.

A few points which your review must include;

  • you must write honestly and base it on a personal experience
  • your review should be as thorough as possible
  • you should lay it out so it is easy to skim through
  • try and keep it relevant to your niche
  • be very specific as to why this product will benefit the reader

What Template To Use For Your Review

Here is a simple template you can use for your reviews. It will fit most products and services but feel free to edit it in any way you want – the template is simply meant as a guideline for you.

PRODUCT NAME – [this is obviously where the name of the service/product you want to promote]
Overall Ranking: [give the service a ranking so the reader automatically will know if it is worth it. I find using a star rating system works well]
Price: [include the price range – make sure to add all the price ranges]
Owners: [give a bit of information on the creators of the program . Not just their names but add some detail which will make your reader see WHY you should trust, or mistrust, these guys.]
Website: [add the website URL – don’t forget your affiliate link!]


[Give a solid introduction to the service or product. Go into great detail what they are about and what they aim to achieve. However, be careful not to cover the headings below, because then you will be repeating yourself again.]


[Again, try and go into as much detail as you can. Remember that a pro or a con is very subjective so try and think outside the box. Try and think of it from a variety of points of view to get as many types of pros and cons as you can]


[Who benefits from this product? Is it a good program for beginners/intermediate/advanced? Will it be better for someone in the US or in other countries? Will the long term cost of the service be worthwhile for people on a budget?]


[Go into great detail about which tools and training you get with the service or product. Give examples and screenshots of how these will benefit your reader. Also, you can perhaps include tools which are poor or perhaps create another star rating scheme within this heading based on how useful the tools/training where?]


[does the product provide quality and timely support? Can you contact them directly? Try and contact them with a query so you actually have first-hand experience with their support – take screen shots and once again – go into detail]


[Once again, make sure you cover all the relevant costs involved – including upsells and any additional services that are provided. Especially if you are recommending a product because they are buying something based on YOUR credibility. So, you must be honest and transparent.]


[Hot tip! – keep your final verdict short and sweet. Like I have said in previous articles about the mainstream audiences, they tend to simply skim through your articles. They may already know what the program or service is all about and they are simply looking for reassurance. So, they find your review and they see your initial star rating at the very top. They proceed to skim through your content and they will see your Final Verdict to confirm their initial opinion.

If you ramble on for 600 words with your final verdict then they may not even read it. Keep it short and sweet.]

writing review to make money


“Remember to show the reader what the product is – don’t TELL them.”

You have to write your article as if the review is from your personal experience and perspective, thereby giving it value. You want it to be personal and not simply a rehashing of a company profile or a “copy and paste” job from another website.

Why Will Writing Reviews In This Way Make You Money?

Writing a clear and well-structured review – combined with a well organised and respectable blog layout – will make you seem more trustworthy. When you add a personal touch to a website you create an atmosphere where people think ” You know what, this guy knows what he is talking about.”

That is what sells and concerts well!

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