In this article, I will talk a little bit about how to create an about me page for your blog. I think a lot of people get very self-conscious and a bit scared when they come to write an about me page because it is quite daunting and hard to “big yourself up”. Hopefully, my tips here will make it a little easier for you and create trust and respect from your readers.

The Purpose Behind Your About Me Page

Essentially, it comes down to creating trust between you and your visitors on your blog. You want to make it a bit personal and it should include why you are writing about your chosen niche and why you want to help people find the information they need.

A lot of people tend to overthink this page because they believe it needs to be “perfect” but you have to remember, as your website develops, so will your about me page.

The last thing you want is for your visitors to have no idea who is writing this blog and whether or not to believe anything that is written.

A simple way to write an about me page for a blog

Should I Add An Image?

Absolutely! Adding an image makes the website a much more personable experience for the user. An image of you will make it feel as if they know you and it will feel like you are talking to them when they read your content. Think of it in terms of when you meet someone in person who you have only ever spoken to on the phone – suddenly you have a face to the voice. This is a very powerful tool in building trust.

What Should I Write?

If you have a look at my About Me page. What do you see? It is simple, short and honest. I write a little about why I created this blog and what I aim to achieve.

Is it perfect? I don’t think so but as my blog develops, so will that page and what I write in it.

Try and just keep it simple, as if you are talking to a friend. Tell the truth, keep it reasonably short and stick to the topic at hand.

If you want me to have a look at your about me page then drop a link below and I will check it out and tell you what I think. I am happy to help!

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  1. First off…Awesome name for a site! The name itself made me want to check out other areas and read on. The article on the About Me Page is great. Sometimes we forget to get more personal with readers and simple things like including a picture can sure help. I myself am guilty of this and am glad I came across this as I will now incorporate this on my own about me page.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad you found the short but sweet post informative. I think a lot of people forget how important a good about me page is. I think it really gives credibility to a website.

      That, and a URL with “poop” in it! haha!



  2. Easy to read post, short and sweet. The title is also probably every ones dream.
    Will you be doing more How to Write pages?

    I just started on my first web site, and wondering if you had any suggestions.
    How long was it before you made anything on Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe,

      I was pretty slow at earning on Wealthy Affiliate. Took a good 6 months before I made my first commission. I was busy working and getting distracted.

      I will be doing a lot of “How To Write” pages. i am mainly going to focus on newbie bloggers.

      In terms of suggestions all I can say is keep writing. The more you write the more rankings you get and the more people you reach and it snowballs. Keep the content good. 🙂

      Thanks again.


  3. Thanks for the advice Philip. Great topic. I’ve been employed by many companies to write about them and always found it easy to write and promote others. But when it’s time to promote myself in business or in a resume, I find it the most challenging of all.

    1. Hi Alan,

      You are right. It’s incredibly weird writing about yourself. It feels like you are putting yourself out there and you feel vulnerable I think. Probably why so many people avoid it like the plague!

      Thank you for you comment. Appreciated.


  4. I agree. The visitors that go to the “About Me” page go there to get a little bit of information about the website owner. You don’t have to write a book. Just pretend to be them and give them what you would want.

  5. Very informative site, I would like to continue to communicate with you as you have a lot of valuable insight into the workings on how to build a monetary system online.

    1. Thank you so much, Curtis. I will be creating a lot of content very fast so stay tuned. Appreciate the comment. If you need nay help with anything then do let me know.

  6. You did a great job with your website.You explain it very well and not to complicated to understand the process to start making money online.Nice work!


  7. Hi Philip, great article! Having an About Me page for ANY website is essentially an all-round good idea and something that should never be overlooked. Your are correct, if you want to build trust with your visitors with little work, your About Page is a great start. If you take a look at how many visits your About page gets, it really is a lot believe it or not.

    Thanks for the post,

    1. Hi Brandon,

      I am glad you agree and that you found the article informative. This is definitely an aspect which a lot of newbie bloggers forget about – or do not pay enough attention too.

      Thanks for the comment! Appreciated.


  8. Great article – I definitely started off overthinking my about me page but that’s the thing about websites, you can change the content and improve on it when you get the inspiration!

  9. Hi Phillip…
    What a great idea! Many people don’t know where to start with their About Me page (me included) and what you have done here is explained clearly and concisely what need to be done.
    I need to do a bit of work on my own About Me page and will definitely be taking some pointers from what you have supplied…Thanks a lot!

  10. For me, it took about 4 to 5 revisions over several months before I actually come up with a presentable ‘About me’ page.

    My first one was written in the airport. There was a lot of rush in it and I didn’t tell a whole lot of story about myself. My second to third ones was very geared towards the online marketing kind of audience. I wrote what I think people would like to read, but it’s not actually what I want to say.

    Then into my fourth to fifth – this was about 1 year into affiliate marketing – I decided I’ll just tell the world how I ended up being a blogger. Nothing hidden, just a story to share and hopefully inspire someone.

    That’s the best version – I think – I have so far and I am quite comfortable with it.

  11. Hi Philip,

    I agree that it can be off-putting to put yourself out there on an ‘about me’ page. (I’ve done the same thing and I’m an introvert socially.)

    Adding an actual person with a photo to the ‘about me’ page really adds a human element to site. For me the experience is improved when I know there is a real person behind the site.

    I think the key is to share something that is relevant to your audience, but don’t over share. That can be hard to do sometimes.

    Be yourself!

  12. hey man love the name of your site! i like how everything is presented in a sleek fashion and easy to access. like the name of your site- it is simple. I like how we can instantly see who you are to prove that this is legit. keep up the good work

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