Many people have tried to create a profitable blog from scratch. Some failed, other succeeded but what does it take to be a successful blogger? In this blog post, I will show you the steps you need to take to start a lucrative blog, no experience needed, from scratch. With the information I will show you, you can start a blog today and take the first steps towards a better financial future. If you are willing to put in the work, I mean.

The technical side of starting a blog is relatively straight forward and can be taught – it takes time – but it can be taught. If that is all you are interested in then, by all means, head to my start page and watch the video – you can get started tonight!

However, there is more to blogging than just creating a website, you need to think outside the box and what it really takes to make a viable and stable blog. You need to consider some of the following topics to generate a monthly income which will sustain you for the years to come.

Is It Easy To Start A Profitable Blog?

Yes, the initial steps of setting up a blog are easy but making it financially viable? That is another story! I know, this is not what you want to hear, but that is the truth. However, don’t be disheartened because I can show you how it all works.

What Experience Do You Need?

No experience is needed, but you do need some good old-fashioned willingness to learn, develop and can-do-attitude. There is no need for any technical know-how because the old days of HTML coding and all that geeky side of making websites are gone, well sort of anyway.

The only experience that you require is a great love or interest in a niche. This can be as simple as a devoted interest in tennis or perhaps baking. Whatever passion you have, that is what your blog should be about because if you already have knowledge about the subject then you will be more amenable to further learning.

making a profitable blog

Forget The Money At The Beginning

On average I would say it takes around 6/12 months before a blog starts making money and another 6/12 months before the income becomes sustainable enough for someone to make a full time living from it.

This means you have to accept that you need to forget about the money at the beginning of your blogging career. There is nothing worse than watching newbie bloggers obsess about ad placements, CTA buttons and all the other monetization methods they want to try – even when they have NO traffic!

For the infancy months of your website you should focus on one thing, and one thing only; creating quality, valuable and engaging content for you readers – and for Google!

A bit lost? Don’t worry! I will show you the technical stuff in a little bit.

Consider Your Audience

You must consider the people you are writing for.

  • What do they want to know?
  • What specific information do they want?
  • How can you, as a writer, give valuable information on certain topic or issue?

The only way to generate revenue is to make your readership trust you and connect with you as a blogger, and that is achieved by giving them the information they are looking for.

You should consider who you are writing for and the demographic you are targeting concerning your niche.

  • What age group does your niche target?
  • Which country will they be from?
  • Which products are trending right now online?
  • What information can you give about the product which other websites have not mentioned?

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself when creating content that will inevitably lead to conversions and email sign-ups on your website. Don’t forget that Google is incredibly talented at choosing the content which satisfies the user’s intent so if you write content which gives the user “the result they want to see” then you will rank very nicely in the search engines.

Let me give you an example;

Let me use this article as an example. I am targeting people, like you, who want to know how to make money from a blog – as the title suggests. Now I don’t simply want to reel off a bunch of technical stuff about SEO, WordPress, keyword research and all that geeky jargon because you would be completely lost!

I have taken a different angle and considered the human element to all this. What does it take for you to connect and make a valuable and memorable connection with your readership?

So, with that in mind, when I was planning this article I sat down and thought to myself; Who is my target audience here? It will be someone who;

  • Does not have a profitable blog because otherwise, they would not be here.
  • This means they probably do not know how to create a blog in an SEO friendly way.
  • This also means I want to write about this topic in a way that stands out from the other articles – most of them simply list all the technical jargon on how to build the website itself but forgets that the person who is Googling this subject has no idea what is being talked about.
  • I want to connect with you in this article and set up a true picture of the whole process and make you – the reader – want to learn more.

If you are totally lost at this point then head over to my start page, I can teach you everything you need to know about making a blog that generates a monthly income.

giving value to generate income from blog

Write About Your Experiences

It is essential that you connect with your audience and this is achieved by putting a personal touch to your website. What is it that makes you an authority voice in your niche?

I can quite happily write about blogging all day long because I create blogs all the time. I know the struggle you go through when you watch the traffic slowly build and the frustration from not making any money from it. That is why I created this blog in the first place because I want to help people.

What is your experience that others may benefit from? This is what will help you drastically increase the chances of you creating a successful blog. Think about what you want to blog about and think of all the things that make you a knowledgeable person;

  • Are you familiar with the products within your niche?
  • Do you regularly participate in the activities within your niche?
  • Do you stay up to date on the latest developments?

If so then chances are that you can provide excellent information by writing about your experiences and connecting with your audience.

Give Value To Your Readers

I have touched on this throughout this post, but it is so important. You have to write with the intent of giving the reader valuable information and to satisfy their intent. If at any point, in an article you are writing, you think “Hmm, I feel there is more to say here” then say it! Do not stop writing just because you want to move on to the next article.

Make every piece of work as thorough and informative as you can because that is the best way to create a lucrative blog.

What About The Technical Stuff And Building The Website?

If you want to learn the simple process of making a blog then I will show you here.

What will you learn?

  • How to create a blog from scratch.
  • How to write quality content.
  • How to perform keyword research and analyse your competition.
  • How to rank highly in Google.
  • How to use internal linking, H tags, meta descriptions and much more.
  • How to make your blog responsive and mobile friendly.
  • How to embed videos and social platforms
  • How to set up social accounts and spread your content all over the Internet in an organic and SEO friendly way.
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