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If you are new to blogging then you’re probably spending a long time creating and writing your posts. You’re reading this because you want to know how to plan your blog posts much more efficiently so that you can continually pop them out several times a week. So how do you do this? Well read on and I will explain.

Keyword Research

Before I do explain how to plan your blog posts I first want to ask you whether you have carried out any keyword research?

For me whenever I am writing up a new post I have at least 5-10 posts already in the pipeline. So when I have finished my latest post I know what my next post will be about.

It may not seem important but it can set your mind at ease when it comes to finishing your post and knowing what you will write up about next.

The Genealogy Guide website which I have created and where I write useful guides, tips and reviews for is organized into several different categories and subcategories. I won’t go into the details of how my site is divided up but I will say that I look to see where I can add more content and then I do a little bit of keyword research.

For this, I use a keyword tool that is within the Wealthy Affiliate program. Using this program I know how many people search for a particular keyword phrase, the number of expected visitors I will get per month for my post and the competition for that keyword.

Once I know what keyword that I will write about I then do some research!

how to plan your blog posts

Research Your Competition

If you want to know what to write about in your post then it’s always a good idea to check out your competition. For me, I just Google the keyword phrase that I am concentrating on and then check out the top 3 hits that come up.

This is a good idea for you to do for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, by reading other sites you will know what needs to be covered in your own post. Sometimes when researching for your posts you will find topics covered on one website but not on another site. I can then use everything that I have found and write about all these relevant topics in my post.

If I am discussing everything within my own post then chances are that I will become an authority on the subject that I am writing about and people will come to my site.

Secondly, from doing research I can see the relevant points that people are interested to know regarding my chosen subject for my post. When I am thinking about a new post I may have some idea as to what to write about but sometimes I may not know about everything that needs to be covered.

Just Write!

This may seem easier to say than do. It may be hard for you to do at the start but once you find your way you will be on your way. You will get experience and feel confident to write.

You just need to start!

Your writing will not be perfect. There will be spelling and grammar mistakes but you can fix these later. Right now you are concentrating on just writing.

I have found it easy just to put write down everything that’s in my head and then sort it out later. If I fixed up every tiny mistake along the way then I would lose my flow and my concentration. I would forget what I was thinking and what I wanted to say next.

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So it’s a good idea just to write everything that you want to on your chosen subject and then fix it up. May I also suggest that you find a quiet space where you can write your post.

Break It Up and Add Media!

Before I do fix all the mistakes that I have made I like to break up my posts. What do I mean by this I hear you say?

Take this post for example.

What have I done to break up this post:

  • Each paragraph has a few sentences,
  • Use of headings, bolding and italics,
  • Use of media such as pictures and video,
  • Use of bullet points such as this.

No one is going to read a post that is just one lengthy piece of text are they? If you have reached this part of the post then I have obviously done something right. If it was just one lengthy piece of text you wouldn’t have reached this part would you? Heck you probably wouldn’t have bothered reading this post at all.

Not only can you break up your paragraphs but you can make your post more readable by adding headings and bolding keywords that you want your visitors to pick on.

Also, why not add relevant pictures and videos to your post. It will engage and draw your visitor more into your post. Plus it can help your Google ranking in a number of ways as well.

Breaking up your posts with the use of bullet points can obviously make your posts more readable and get your point across. No pun intended.

plan your blog posts

Take a Break

If you have followed the advice that I have given above then you will have created a post that you can be proud of. It will be a post that people will want to read and also it will cover everything that your visitor will want to know.

So why take a break before you publish that post?

For me, there is always something to add to the post before I hit the Publish button. I find that if I just take some time away from the post and think about it there will undoubtedly be something more that I can add to it.

You can think about your post whilst:

  • Going for a walk,
  • Commuting to work,
  • Just laying in bed,
  • Brushing your teeth,
  • In your bath.

These are just some examples. There are plenty more ways that you can take time out from your post to think of new things that you can add to your post.

So why not try it and see for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post on how to plan your blog post and found it useful. To be a good writer you need to get into the habit of writing. So please follow the advice and just get writing.

I must say though that your post will not be perfect. No one is expecting an excellent piece of literature. If you are aiming for perfection then you probably wouldn’t publish your post. But if you did you probably wouldn’t write as many posts as you would like.

Your style will develop and you will find your way. Trust me. You will get better over time.

This post was written by Owain.owain contributing author

He has been contributing to IpoopCash since early 2017. – read more about him here.

He is also chasing his passion in order to secure a long term online income. You would do well to seek inspiration from this story.

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