The temptation of the benefits from affiliate marketing is truly irrefutable which is natural as no one can put off the temptation of passive income. To make your dream come true, you need to put some effort into making the platform ready for tapping into the world of passive income.

Success in affiliate marketing comes to those who lay emphasis on some critical points and plan their approach accordingly.

Once you commit to making affiliate marketing your source of earning, you are already halfway through the road to success. Most of the hard work that you’ll be putting in will be the time till you make your first sale in affiliate marketing.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?

There is no other alternative that can act as a true motivator like that of the first check you would be getting as a commission from an affiliate marketing sale.

The following are the basic steps that if followed by an individual will prove to be beneficial for setting up a passive income platform.

Steps for making money affiliate marketing

The whole process to set up an affiliate marketing platform is quite comprehensive. Worry no more, this won’t be a boring article that would state some critical and complex terms that would make you scour through the dictionary as you go through it.

The whole process is fragmented into precise steps that dictate essentials for a successful passive income platform.

Choose your target

The market is very big and 99% of the mass is going for the kill! If you want to earn some money from the site or blog you are about to make or write, just be sure that the topic you have chosen to focus on is attractive and original enough to attract some traffic.

If you are about to come up with a site that is going to talk about technology and reviews about a gadget that comes out every fortnight, you should consider doing some research on the same.

Follow your passion

If you are passionate about something, it is pretty easy for an individual to write about the same. This is due to the fact that you would be engaged in the subject and will be holding pretty intricate knowledge.

Take an example, if you have an immense passion for tattoos, you would be writing articles on tattoos.

Can you make money on this topic?

Following your passion is not enough to fill your plate on your table right!? Make sure that the topic is fruitful enough on the long run and gives enough returns to you for continuing on your quest.

Do your homework on the affiliate programs before you enroll

As soon as you settle for the target segment in the market, it’s high time you start searching for products, services and organizations related to the target of your choosing. While doing your homework, don’t look for shortcuts as this is going to be the source of income for you in the future.

Settling for an affiliate program will require some intricate research work that would prove to be testing your patience at times.

While settling for an affiliate program, keep these points in mind.

The type of traders that use the program

Satisfy your curiosity of the rate of success you would be ending up with by making sure that the traders associated with the program are gaining hefty returns. This would help you figure out your success rate if you join the program.

Do the products and services appeal to you?

The services and products that you would be promoting should not only be relevant to you but also hold the appeal factor in your eyes. This would ensure that your articles and reviews on the products will be at par with the quality standards required to attract new audience and retain the old ones.

This will be beneficial for boosting sales, followed by hefty revenues for the trader and satisfactory returns for you as well! Building trust with your audience is critical and this is boosted by the fact that the products and services you choose to associate with are worthy enough!

Come up with your own site

As compared to the previous steps, this is not that hard for an individual to follow. Building a site and setting up the same as a tool for all your revenue generating needs is not that hard as it used to be in the past.

Services offered by WordPress are the easiest, fastest and cheapest way you can get started with your own site.

Get your own domain

A domain is the address of your website, therefore this is the first aspect that you need to have intricate knowledge about.

Since there are millions of websites on the internet today, it is possible that the one you are opting for is already taken by another organization or an individual.

There are several services out there on the internet that sells domains for a living, some of them are NameCheap, GoDaddy etc.

Set up web hosting after domain purchase

If we consider the domain as your address then the hosting can be considered as the building in which the address is located at.

This can also be considered as your own private little space on the World Wide Web that houses all of your write-ups, videos, pictures and related files reside in the hosting facility is relatively cheap nowadays, therefore calculating your expenses is not at all required when it comes to the recurring costs at the end of the year.

Opting for a reputed and reliable service provider is the best choice for you If you want to depend on your commission based living for a long term.

Content should be outstanding and attractive

Setting up your site check, joining an affiliate program check, now comes the important part where you need to write and promote products and services of your affiliated organizations and brands. This is the most time consuming yet rewarding phase of this process.

There is a saying that goes on like this, ‘Content is king.’ The main focus for you should be to create an authoritative image of your site in the minds of the target segment of the market. The way to achieve such a position is to continuously come up with high-quality content and present the same in a unique way.

Offers needs to be promoted for affiliation

This is the step which sets you apart from the lot already into the art of making passive income. Promotion of products that are helpful and useful for your target audience is the key that adds value to your content and overall site.


Affiliate marketing is the new and modern way to make your message reach your target audience. In the days gone by, the marketing heads and advertising agencies all had to undergo through the dilemma that whether their campaigns are having a positive outcome.

But the target based, tailor made and customized promotional activities of the affiliate marketing scenario make this ideal and a new way to do all of your promotional and advertising work in a single click.

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