Internal linking is important for a website. Internal links create structure and gives your readership value as you link relevant pages together. This makes navigation easier, and the search engines will love you for it!

Here is the HTML code you need to make a link to another page or website – including your own.

HTML Code;

<a href=”url“>link text</a>

Would You Like An Example?

Let’s say for example I wanted to link to another website which gives great advice on how to use HTML codes. The website in question is

The “<a href=” part is the official link in the coding – this is the URL you want to link to. In this case, it was I would link to it by replacing the “url” with the real url.

<a href=””>link text</a>

The “>link text</a>” section is the actual text which the reader will see and click on – which in this case was

<a href=””></a>

The link above is the link I just created! Click on it and it will take you to some more examples.

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