Once you have joined Wealthy Affiliate there are basically two ways you can earn from this platform. Both methods are very profitable but they vary in difficulty and I would only recommend one of them.

Profiting with the help of Wealthy Affiliate is not that hard. The hardest part is to believe in yourself and to be patient – the actual work itself is fairly straight forward.

So, let’s take a look at the two methods you can use to make money from the information you learn from Wealthy Affiliate:

Creating A Blog
For A Specific Product/Niche.


The first method is the process of creating a blog with the intention of providing valuable content and information on a certain hobby or product niche.

So, for example, you could create a blog dedicated to “Tactical Flashlights” and you would provide blog posts on:

  • Tips and information about tactical flashlights.
  • In-depth reviews on tactical flashlight products.
  • Write blog posts on anything related to tactical flashlights and it’s uses.

The purpose of the blog is to create a keyword rich website which ranks well within Google for anything and everything related to tactical flashlights. By targeting low hanging fruit keywords you ensure good rankings and as your authority grows, ranking in the SERPS will become easier.

How Do You Earn From This Method?

Once you start getting traffic through the search engines you would place affiliate link and product placements within your content. When a reader clicks on one of these links you will get a commission if this person buys anything after clicking on your links.

I do realize that my explanation here is a very simplistic one but it serves to illustrate the basic function of a basic niche website. I have written a more thorough review about Wealthy Affiliate here which I recommend you check out.

 how to earn from wealthy affiliate

The Benefit Of This Method

The huge benefit of this method is that you can more or less create a blog on any subject, niche, or product that you are passionate about. This means you can easily find niches with low competition to ensure you start to earn quicker and rank easier.

The other benefit is of course that you will be writing about something which you have an interest in from the start. This results in an even increased love for the topic as your knowledge and passion grow alongside your blog.

This will serve to solidify your own authority within the niche and increases your confidence and ability to provide quality and engaging content.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate


First off let me just say that there is nothing wrong with promoting Wealthy Affiliate – that is what I do with IpoopCash.com. However, I would not recommend this any newbie blogger and I will explain myself right now.

Creating a blog in the “Make Money Online” niche or “Blogging” niche is EXTREMELY competitive. It has taken me over 8 months to even get a small amount of traffic coming to this website and if I was a newbie I would have given up a long time ago.

This is why I do not recommend you start by promoting Wealthy Affiliate because there are already thousands upon thousands of people doing exactly that and many of them have very powerful blogs which are almost impossible to outrank.

This means finding keywords with low competition is harder and coming up with different angles to create content is incredibly difficult due to the competitive nature.

If you start by using the previous method I mentioned you will see results within 6 months or so and it will be positive and happy experience. By the six month mark you will be getting thousands of hits per month and you will start to earn regular commissions.

If you start by promoting Wealthy Affiliate you will struggle and after 6 months you probably won’t even be getting more than 10/20 hits per day to your website.

This is, of course, very discouraging and this is the sole reason why most people who start a blog fail because they give up!

There is a great article here from a very successful Wealthy Affiliate member who gives a detailed account of how hard it is to succeed when you try to promote Wealthy Affiliate.


Go for the first method and create a blog about something you loveYou will find it very enjoyable and much more profitable. It is very important to earn money online within a topic you adore because trust me, you are going to be writing about it a LOT. 

Over the course of the first few months you will be writing tens of thousands of words about whichever niche you choose so if you do not have a passion for it, you will get bored very fast!

Why Do I Recommend The First Method?

  • Much easier to create content.
  • Much more enjoyable writing about a hobby or passion.
  • Traffic will come MUCH faster.
  • Earning money will be more rewarding.
  • Your knowledge and authority will grow much faster if writing about something you love.
  • Much easier to share on social media and with friends.
  • Much easier to scale up earnings.

If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and you are still stuck for what to do then drop me a line below and I will give you some more tips. Feel free to comments and share your experiences.

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