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In this review, I am looking at a brand new product called Video Profit Machines which was created by Billy Darr, David Kirby, Justin Opay and Ginouchka Eugene. This is an app/software which promises to show you how to syndicate your videos to multiple video platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion, in order to generate traffic and affiliates commissions.

The sales page promises easy money and the usual hyped up guarantees that any beginner affiliate marketer can use this method.

As always, I have purchased and tested this product so I can give you my honest opinion and the following is purely my own thoughts and feelings about this training module.

So, will you make money if you use the method taught by Video Profit Machines? Let's take a look.

What Do You Get Inside VPM?

Inside the member's area you are presented with a dashboard with:

  • a keyword research tool
  • social media sharing tool
  • video platform sharing to
  • 2 modules of training videos

That is all you get inside the member's area. The training modules themselves are very short, most only being a couple of minutes long, and they only give you a very short introduction to how to make money online and set up your new traffic source.

The tools themselves serve little purpose other than just to share your videos on social media platforms. None of them has any real statistics or advantages other than the convenience of sharing your content from one place.

Video Profit Machines authors

Creators of Video Profit Machines

Is The Training Any Good?

The training itself is flawed and, in my opinion, is not very good. The videos inside the training modules are far too short, hold no real information and are unlikely to actually help anyone understand the process of affiliate marketing.

The keyword research tool:

The keyword research tool they use within the dashboard is extremely simple. The metrics you get as a result of any input are, ’easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’.

Given the complexity of ranking videos on platforms like YouTube, these rather basic results hold no value in a highly competitive SEO world. You need for more detail than just a one word results.

How can anyone form an opinion on the competitive nature of a keyword on the basis of ‘“medium competition”?

You need information such as;

  • search volume
  • competition analysis
  • tags and description
  • call To Action statistics
  • advice on thumbnails and user Intent

None of these criterias are even mentioned in the training. 

Video Profit Machines hyped up promises

Hyped and misleading sales page

Will You Make Money Using This Software?

It is my opinion that you are very unlikely to make money using this method. It is true that using YouTube to upload videos, ranking them and making money from affiliate commissions is a very lucrative way of earning a full-time income online.

However, that is not what you are shown in this training module. Their strategy is fundamentally flawed through the lack of proper guidance and training.

I will go into more detail now about why this method is unlikely to make you any money.

Why This Method Is Flawed?

This strategy is flawed for the simple reason that they have left out some key elements and ranking factors when trying to rank on platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube.

Ranking metrics such as user engagement and watch time are not mentioned at all in the training, which is very strange because these are important factors when trying to rank and get traffic from these platforms. 

video profit machines review

Ranking Videos Is Not That Easy

One simple factor to consider is that it is not simply a case of making a video in the first place. Creating valuable content which your audience will identify with takes time. This means it is not as simple as they make out in the sales video because you cannot just upload a video, and ‘hey presto’, get a page 1 ranking on YouTube.

Making a high-quality video takes hours, sometimes days, depending on your niche, and unless you consider all the ranking factors you are most likely wasting your time because you are uploading your hard work under incorrect instructions.

No Mention Of Tags or Competition

Another thing which is going to hamper your progress is the simple fact that the training doesn't mention competition analysis or tags.

Tags are very important because they tell the video search engines what your content is about. You are not given any clear instructions on how to utilise this feature nor are you shown what key factors to look out for when looking at the competition.

Checking out your competition is incredibly important, not only to avoid trying to rank for keywords you will never be able to compete with, but also to learn from your competitors and discover what they are doing well and which areas you can improve on.

Perhaps you need to improve your video editing to increase watch time or maybe your competitor has a better dialogue structure you can improve on?

No tutorials on how to create engaging videos

The last aspect, I would like to point out, is that there is no training on how to create engaging videos, or even how to create videos at all. There is a very brief tutorial video on how to find affiliate marketing products to promote and how to structure your product reviews based on your product selection, however, this is incredibly thin and has no value.

So, this means, that any beginner affiliate marketer who buys this course will have no idea how to make engaging and helpful videos to upload in the first place.

Suddenly the sales pages promises of making money within hours or days seems a little bit far-fetched.

Is Video Profit Machines A Scam?

I would not say that, in my opinion, Video Profit Machines is not an outright scam but I would like to illustrate here that this product is incredibly low quality and the sales page is very misleading.

The authors have many products which are very similar to this, in terms of the hyped up promises, and they seem to have no qualms about releasing training modules of this nature.

All their products follow the same theme of 'easy money' and 'autopilot profits'. If you are a regular reader of mine you know how I feel about that those kind of products.

Video Profit Machines misleading information

Overstated and unlikely to happen!

My Overall Honest Opinion

My overall opinion about Video Profit Machines is that it is of very low quality and should be avoided if possible. You are more than welcome to buy it and give it a try if you choose to but please take my review into consideration when you do so.

The training is low-quality the actual software they give use has very limited functionality and there is no real science behind the metrics that are used to help you rank your videos.

It is my opinion that the software will not help you monetize your video marketing efforts, or blogs, by driving traffic to your affiliate offers with this method.

Using video marketing to earn commissions does work because I use it as well, but I do not use this method because there are no ranking factors being used here to actually give you the results you need in order to get traffic from your uploaded work.

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  1. Thanks for an honest review. The majority of product ‘reviews’ are simply designed to promote the product that is being ‘reviewed’ and is generally a re-hash of the sales material. It is very refreshing to find someone who is prepared to offer an unbiased opinion!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! It means a lot to me. Being honest is the only way forward in the Internet Marketing world, if you lie then things will inevitably bite you!

  2. Thank you for an honest review. When you see these names attached to a product RUN! Hucksters one and all selling/promoting any crap for a $. Always really read reviews, most are just mutual masturbation, I’ll do yours if you do mine. These reviews are obviously NOT done by someone who has purchased/used the product I.E, WOW, THIS LOOKS LIKE A REAL GAME CHANGER, A TOTAL MUST HAVE! THIS REVIEWER HAS NOT USED THE PRODUCT! The only thing that makes making money online difficult are the scam artists.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and yes, you are right. Unfortunately, where there is money to be made, there will be people promoting junky products just to make easy commissions. Services like this do mislead you and will feed on the inexperienced and the native. You will find this in any business and it is unfortunate!

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