In this review, I am talking about The Mom Money Masterclass from Mom.Money, created by Mandy May, and I will show you inside the members' area so you can get a feel for what you can expect.

I base this review on my own personal experience and opinions about this service.

This product is an extensive training course on how to create a blog in order to generate traffic from organic search and social media.

You are also taught how to capitalize on this traffic by monetizing your blog and earn commissions through product placements, affiliate marketing and branding.

You can check out the official website here - www.Mom.Money

Released in April 2017, it is still a fairly new service and I will establish whether I consider this product to be a scam and tell you if it is worth you money. The following is my opinion:

My Personal Experience

The initial sales page is the same old cheesy nonsense. But we can't escape that. All sales pages are a bit cheesy and overstated because you have a very limited window to introduce your product and what it does. My homepage is no different because that is the norm these days.

Anyone who knows my blog will know it is genuinely rare for me to find a service I wholeheartedly recommend, but this is one of those rare occasions.

So, once I got inside the training area I was pleasantly surprised. I could see, before I even opened up a single lesson, that this was going to be a decent service simply by the amount of lessons available.

As I read through the training I could see that every angle is covered here. The creation of a blog, to the traffic growth and the branding and promoting. You name it, it is there!

Anyone who buys this product will benefit from it and so, with that in mind, let's have a look at the tutorials and lessons available inside the members area.


The training available is very in depth and takes you to the core of being a blogger.

There is a LOT of content to work through with explainer videos and tutorials which clearly explains what is being discussed.

The training modules are good at breaking things down into small chunks and with a lot of resources related to the modules at hand.

This gives you plenty of other website to use as reference and you can see clear examples of methods and strategies taught.

Mom.Money – Get Paid For Being A Mum

#1:The Mom Money Masterclass

In the initial training you get introduced to blogging and the world of affiliate marketing. The training is extensive. Below I list all the modules and training you will work through. 

All the lessons are detailed and covers all aspects of blogging. It covers blog content creation, affiliate programs, legal issues, outreach and a whole host of other topics you will have to get to grips with in order to make money online as a blogger.

The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 1
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 2
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 3
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 4
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 5
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 6
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 7
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 8
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 9
The Mom Money Masterclass Mom.Money lesson 10

So, if you are looking at this list of lessons and thinking; "OMG! How am I supposed to learn all this?" Then do not worry, OK, because learning to build a successful business online is a long term investment.

You have a lot of time to learn all these methods, strategies and techniques because as you work along the course, you will naturally do most of them simply by being active and writing content.

Within a month or two a lot of these lessons will be second nature. Such as;

  • Internal linking
  • Productivity
  • Writing Quality Content
  • Using Social Media
  • and so on and so on....

It is very common to suffer from information overload but if you embrace it, if you accept that you are going to take things slow and work away at it bit by bit, then you will succeed.

But that is not the best part! There is more training! 

#2: The Brand Partner Masterclass

The second part of the training is a quite unusual. I have never seen this side of blogging before. I knew about it, obviously, but I have never seen a detailed version of it with links to all the various websites and resources. Very neat!

This part is about branding yourself and learning how to sell what you do. It is about giving your knowledge and products value and reaching out to other blogger, businesses and corporation to not only make more money but also increase your fan base and influence.

The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 1
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 2
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 3
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 4
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 5
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 6
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 7
The Brand Partner Masterclass lesson 8

This Scares Me! I Am Too Shy!

All the content in the outreach section is quite intimidating. The thought of making phone calls, selling yourself, reaching out to other bloggers and making videos etc., sounds incredibly pressured and scary.

Take my advice. Do not worry about it. When the time is right to take these steps, you will know.

What you will find is that as your blog grows and your influence increases, you naturally take on the role as an authority figure. Even though you might not realise it!

This is due to your own growth of knowledge within your niche. As you blog, research and discover new areas within your niche, which you have never seen before, you learn and grow.

You may not be aware of it but within a year or two you will become an authority within your industry!

Is this method legitimate?

Absolutely. There are no dodgy methods or questionable strategies here. Most of the products I review are low quality and almost always use cheap and unethical methods to make sales.

With The Mom Money Masterclass however, it is all legit, above board and good to go!

What I Liked

There are number of things I like about this service. 

  • There is a colossal amount of training, all of which is relevant and overall solid advice.
  • Everything is laid out in a nice orderly fashion and clearly separated into lessons.
  • The out reach training in the second part of this course was great. There is a lot of resources and websites there which is incredibly useful for learning how to grow your brand and influence outside you blog pages.
  • All the lessons have video tutorials to make things easier to digest.
  • There are a lot of very useful lessons on how to increase revenue which I really liked. The ideas they bring forward are unique and should prove very powerful!

What I Did Not Like

No system or training is perfect. You have to take the good with the bad and there were a few things I noticed when I went through the training which, in my opinion, could be improved on.

  • Not much content about creating/writing blog posts. There is only one lesson on this topic when it is the cornerstone of any blog. I feel there should be more in depth training on this topic. It can easily be 3 or 4 lessons on its own. Content is KING and without it, a blog will never make money, at least not in an organic way.
  • I did not see much mention of keyword research which, again, is essential. Without a good knowledge of keyword research you are basically writing completely blind and relying on luck in the SERPS because you have no idea which queries users are searching for. There is a small paragraph about it but this could be expanded on as it is very important.
  • All the training videos provided are from third parties on YouTube and some are quite old. They are all relevant but the information may be outdated, depending on recent Google updates, etc. Would be much better if the training was solely contained within the training area itself, created in-house, and without directing you to other websites.

Please note: these minor dislikes are not dealbreakers, OK. These were simply a few things I noticed and I felt I should mention to make this article as valuable as possible. This is still an incredibly effective training programme. 

Will You Make Money?

Yes and no. This is something which is completely down to the person who is doing the training. Every person is different and will apply this training in completely different ways.

The training is solid and if you use it correctly then, yes you will start seeing money coming in to your blog.

However one thing I would say is that you have to focus on the content first, then the monetization.

There is no point trying to monetize your blog until you have at least 30+ quality articles with organic traffic, and here is why.

If you try to monetize your blog to early:

  • Google will penalize you if you have too many affiliate links in your content.
  • Your 'niche knowledge' might not up to scratch and your content might reflect this. So, creating the initial bulk of content will build up your niche expertise.
  • Users are smart, anyone who browses through your blog will quickly see that there is not a lot of content and swiftly be 'turned off'. You will lose credibility and they are unlikely to share or interact with your content.
  • Monetizing your content takes time to master and placing adequate CTA's and product placements is a skill. Many newbies will make the mistake of having way too many banners and popups which puts people off.

Be Smart With Your Monetization

The basic principle is this. At the beginning, you want your blog to grow. Nothing more.

Readers are immediately put off when they feel they are being sold something and are unlikely to share your content if this appears to be your only goal, which is why newbies sometimes make this mistake as they are not subtle enough.

At the beginning you want your readers to like and share your content which, in turn, will bring more traffic.

This snowballs and your blog will grow in a natural way as you gain more backlinks, returning visitors and social influence.

Then you monetize. review

How Much WIll It Cost?

The initial product, Mom Money Masterclass, costs $149 with the additional price of $99 for the Brand Partner Masterclass (optional). Once you have paid for this you obviously need to pay for hosting, a domain name and a keyword tool.

Any other tools on top of these are optional extras and, other than the training you paid for, all the additional services are provided by third parties and not by Mom.Money.

All in all, I would say for you to create a blog using this training will cost you approximately $500.

This obviously depends on the hosting providers you use, and which additional services you decide to buy because this very much depends on the type of website you want to make and the niche you're in.

But as a baseline, $500 is a good starting point. 

This may sound like a lot of money but when you compare it to training to become a plumber or trying to sell your crafts at a local market, it is incredibly cheap and low maintenance.

I Asked The Author (Mandy May) A Few Questions

I sent a couple of questions to the support team to find out a few things regarding the level of support and newbie help available. This can sometimes be a good indicator of the level of commitment and quality of a product.

If you ever send in a support ticket and the replies are hapless, vague or in any way dismissive, then that is not a good sign. However, in this case, the response was timely and very satisfying.

This is what they replied. support questions

Question No.1

If a user gets stuck or needs assistance, what kind of support can they expect from Mom.Money?

"We go out of our way to help people through the support system. Within reason, we will do everything we can to get people started on the road to success"

Question No.2

What do you think newbie bloggers struggle with the most at the beginning?

"The main obstacle people face is just taking the first step. At first, online marketing seems like a scary, alien world - but once they get started, it all begins to fall into place. The other big issue is driving traffic.

That's why Pinterest is so great for bloggers - it offers a simple and effective solution to the question of where visitors will come from. The other traffic-driving modules in the course are designed to give people actionable information on SEO, etc"

Question No.3

Will there be continuous updates within the training modules as new Google updates come out?

"Yes, we intend to update the materials as the online marketing world evolves."

My Overall Feelings About This Product

I really like this training. It does have room for improvement, but all training programmes do because it is impossible for one training platform to encompass every possible angle and need. The training provided is solid and it is great value for the price you pay. 

So, if you are a mom and you are reading this wondering; "Should I try to blog to earn some extra money?" Then why not give it a try. 

You will not be rich overnight, and it will cost a few hundreds dollars, but if you apply the training and use the methods shown here then you do have a real chance at making a go of it online as a part-time/full-time blogger.

Have any of you guys had any experience with Mon.Money? Please do leave a comment below and share your feelings!

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