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These days everyone owns a computer right!? If not, then a tab is considered to be among the bare essentials of the modern life. Well, one can use this particular marvel of science and earn cash with ease in their spare time.

This article will be shedding some light on a lesser known way of earning some extra cash on the side apart from your day job. This is an ideal way of earning revenue for the full-time moms and the elderly for making their lives financially independent.

The basic idea is to give an opinion on a particular product or service and by doing that one can expect to earn $100 to $50 on a monthly basis. On top of that, free products can be provided to the individuals for testing purposes and that is indeed a plus point.

How do people make money by taking online surveys?

There are several companies out there on the internet that offers certain methods that allow people to make money by simply filling out forms for surveys. One can simply answer some preliminary questions and make themselves eligible for the survey program, fill out the section that requires your demographic details and at the end of it all, wait for emails that present survey opportunities.

The demographic information is being asked for by the site as it is used for the creation of a personal profile of the participant. The profile will be used as a reference for sending relevant survey related assignments to the same for completion.

It is highly recommended to create a separate email address for all survey related emails. If this is not implemented then your inbox is bound to overflow with survey related emails on a daily basis.

Steps for making money online by taking surveys

Now that the basic idea of making money online by simply completing surveys is conveyed, here are some steps for doing the same in no time at all!

Sign up with a survey site

The first step for an individual is to sign themselves up with a survey site. After doing so, the site will be asking for all the demographic details. One shouldn’t need to worry about their details being sold elsewhere given the fact that the survey site is credible and reputed one.

At the end of it all, if the individual is selected, one of the members of the panel of the company will be sending a confirmation email. For screening the survey taking capability a short assignment will be given to the new individual and if qualified, a longer and comprehensive survey will follow. If this survey is completed in exchange for all the initiative taken by the individual, the company will be providing compensation.

Make sure they pay you in cash

The compensation or the reward for all your efforts depends on both the company and the type of survey assignment taken up. Free products can be provided to the participant for testing and trial purposes or straight up monetary rewards comprising of a few dollars can be sent to the same for providing their valuable overview on the product or service.

Enrolling in a survey site that pays in cash is the best possible approach.

Enroll yourself in more than one program

It is best if one enrolls themselves in more than one survey sites. This is due to the fact that not all survey assignments and survey sites would make payments in cash. Some are prone to sending free samples of products and vouchers of services for trial and testing purposes. Now, this won’t be helpful if the participant is looking to earn some extra cash out of the efforts.

Product testing surveys

There are certain survey sites that provide assignments that are related only to the trial and testing of products. This is somewhat beneficial as new players in the market would do anything to promote and establish their brand as a people friendly one. For fulfilling the purpose, the best possible approach is marketing of the product through word of mouth.

Have patience

Having patience is of utmost importance while taking a survey assignment. One could easily get paid $50 for a certain survey, but the catch is you need to commit to the assignment for a minimum of 30 minutes if not more!

Usually, a survey that returns anywhere between $3 to $5, can easily take up 5 to 45 minutes to complete.

Start small

If all of the above information appears a bit technical for the reader, it is recommended to start small by opting for online games that pay the player just for participating. Spending 30 minutes or so on a regular basis on some online gaming portals is the best possible approach.

Be very vigilant

A word from the wise is that one should be very careful while signing up for survey sites. Even the most experienced survey members advise people on joining more than one survey site (anywhere between 5 and 10).

It is highly recommended to keep an eye out for certain websites that pose as a survey company. The stark reality is that they obtain customer information and forward the same to big shot companies in exchange for a small fee.

To be on the safe, it is highly recommended to keep an eye on the company’s privacy policy that will ensure the legitimacy of the same.

If a site discloses in their privacy policy that they are a marketing site and would readily share the acquired information to third parties, signing up with them will be a risk worth taking.

On the other hand is a privacy policy is not present or prominently visible on the site at all, giving the site a skip is recommended.

Tips to avoid scams and fake survey sites

Following are some short tips that allow an individual to be on the safe side while searching and settling for paid survey sites.

  • Avoid sites that ask for a membership fee
  • Boasts of a fixed income
  • Do not provide information on the mode of payment
  • Asks for unnecessary personal information such as address, locality, credit card number etc
  • Do not have a clear or visible privacy policy
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