In this review, I am taking a look at a betting/tipping service called Football Lay Bets, from

This is a football (soccer) betting service which sends you a selection of tips everyday and it focuses on Lay bets. 

A lay bet is when you bet against a selection. So for example, if I place a lay bet on Manchester United, I am betting on them to lose or for the game to end in a draw. If Manchester United win, I will lose my stake.

Using betting strategies like these can easily earn you a tax free income but your results very much depend on the quality of the selections the tipster make. 

Most tipsters use team statistics such as average amount of goals per game, time of first goal, home/away stats and so on to find a system which over a period of long time will yield positive results.

Running Profit to date = £14.60 - 4 losses/9 wins (see results)

Football Lay Bets review

Verdict So Far (2nd Jan 2018)

So far, so good. The lay bets that are being sent are of high quality and I can see that this could be a very profitable service. Time will tell. I am going to test this service for 2 months, ending at the end of February 2018.

Unfortunately, I stopped receiving daily tips. The selections just did not arrive in my inbox. I have tried emailing the author/tipster but I have not received a reply and after 3 failed attempts to make contact I have stopped the trial. Also, at the time of writing this review, I have noticed the results on the sales page of this product has not been updated since the 20th December 2017. Perhaps something has happened to the author and he is unable to continue providing the tips but regardless the service is no longer operational.

My Personal Experience

There is not much to write about, to be honest, as this is a very simple service. Placing lay bets is incredibly easy so there is no training needed. You literally just follow the bet selection sent to via email.

You go to the Betfair Exchange, then find the selection and place the lay bet. Simple. Once you have placed the lay bet you just sit back and wait for the results.

This service is run by Robert Anthony and so far the selections I have received have been of excellent quality, based on the results I have seen.

How Much Money Do You Need?

To make proper money with this system you need to be placing £20 + per lay bet. The bets that are sent are usually to lay the underdog who usually have odds of 3.00 and higher. This means you need about a £500+ bank to start with as your liability is about £40 per bet. 

Today for example, 1st January 2018, I have received 4 bets to lay. The odds vary from 2.52 to 4.50 which means I need a total liability coverage of £211.40. I am risking £211.40 when I place these bets with a possible profit return of £80.

Please bear in mind that the only way I will lose the full £211.40 is if all my bets lose, by which I mean the teams win their games. This is, of course, exceedingly unlikely. 

Football Lay Bets trial results

Trading like this is a long term strategy and there will be a few large losing days but overall the trend should produce a consistent upward and profitable trend. Much like my other test run of The Value Betting System, it takes time for a pattern to develop.

Time will tell! Below, I will update all my results as they come in and I will include all my fears and opinions about Football Lay Bets.

Trading on Betfair with this method is very safe and stable. Your emotional connection with the trade is removed which is a great advantage as it means you will not make any mistakes. You just place the trade, you do not need to do any analysing of statistics or form charts.

You can also try horse racing tipsters if football is not your favourite.

Will You Make Money?

Time will tell. I received my first selections today and I will record every single trade here so you can see for yourself what happens.


Selection - @ £20 Stakes

Running Profit


20:00 - Crystal Palace v Arsenal (Premier League)
LAY Arsenal - 1.85 (LOST)​​​​


19:30 - Foggia v Frosinone (Italy Serie B)
LAY Foggia - 3.35 (WON)



15:00 - Carlisle v Coventry (League 2)
Lay Coventry - 2.88 (LOST)


15:00 - Newcastle v Brighton (Premier League)
LAY Brighton - 4.4 (WON)


15:00 - Birmingham v Leeds (Championship)
LAY Birmingham 3.30 (LOST)


15:00 - Hull v Fulham (Championship)
LAY Fulham - 2.76 (WON)


15:00 - Chesterfield v Colchester (League 2)
LAY Chesterfield - 3.35 (WON)


DAY 3 - 1st Jan 2018

12:30 - Brighton v Bournemouth (Premier League)
LAY Brighton - 2.52 (WON)


15:00 - Leeds v Nottingham Forest (Championship)
LAY Nottingham Forest - 4.50 (WON)


15:00 - Derby v Sheffield United (Championship)
LAY Sheffield United - 3.75 (WON)


17:30 - Aston Villa v Bristol (Championship)
LAY Bristol - 3.80 (WON)


15:00 - Inverness v Livingston (Scottish Championship)
LAY Livingston - 3.55 (WON)


19:45 - Southampton v Crystal Palace (Premier League)
LAY Crystal Palace - 4.30 (LOST)


DAY 4 - 3rd Jan 2018

19:30 - Maritimo v Chaves (Portugal Primera)
LAY Chaves - 3.75 (LOST)


19:45 - Arsenal v Chelsea (Premier League)
LAY Arsenal - 2.96 (WON)


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