If you have come across a product called Auto Pilot Profits by Ewen Chia, then you are going to want to read this review.

I come across a lot of very low quality affiliate marketing products online but this one is incredibly bad. I do not often struggle to find anything good in a product such as these, usually they are simply good in principle but the overall package is low quality.

However, with Auto Pilot Profits you are simply wasting your time from start to finish. Here is why…

A Brief Recap For Those In A Hurry

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Auto Pilot Profits is a PDF guide on methods to sell Clickbank product by using questionable “black hat” methods.

This guide is filled with outdated ideas, methods and is stuffed with blatant lies and exaggerated profit claims from over a decade ago.

This product only serves as a portal for Ewen Chia to upsell other worthless products to try and squeeze more money out of you. Avoid at all costs.

What Do You Get Within The Members Area?

Within the members are there are 20 or so videos which show you how to create a WordPress blog and how to use it to promote and sell ClickBank products. A simple enough technique which on a basic level is what all websites do to create revenue – place a product on your website and earn a commission when someone buys through your links.

If only this was something that Ewen Chia was going to show you when you purchased Autopilot Profits.

The members areas only purpose is to give you very basic set of instructions – so you do get something – which then lead on to buying other products which Ewen promotes.

If you do click on any of the other product that are promoted they all pressure you to buy with the classic sales technique of scarcity. The pressure here is the notion that this special offer will end soon, but it is ALWAYS on special offer. This is to push you into buying another product immediately.

Is The Training Valuable?

Absolutely not. The training is basically regurgitated, outdated and worthless advice. The training offered is completely outdated and every single thing Ewen suggests are old black hat techniques which stopped working in 2010!

Such things as;

  • Article spinning.
  • Article directory submissions.
  • Backlink building – low-quality links.
  • Low-quality traffic exchanges.
  • Social network spamming.

During the “training” you are pressured to purchase another 10+ program – all worthless and outdated. All of which serve no purpose and will not make you a single dollar online.

Upsells and Exaggerated Profit Claims

This is a classic scam technique where a person shows screen shots of profits that are either years old, from a previous product launch, or just plain fake.

Autopilot Profits review

This kind of screen shot is very easily faked and serves no purpose, other than to trick you into thinking you can do the same.

Ewen promises that you will be making money withing days of buying Autopilot Profits, which is just a straight out lie.


The upsells on this particular product are insane. There are so many that you would have to spend over $3,000 to buy them all, and they are ALL outdated and completely useless.

  • Mega Traffic Package – $67
  • Autopilot Social profits – $147
  • Instant Websites – $197
  • Ultimate Free Traffic Software – $297
  • Traffic Millionaire – $19.97 p/month
  • Shortcut To $10k – $9.97
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire Online Workshop Training – $297
  • Cash Biz – $29.97
  • Traffic Avalanche – $37
  • Copy Paste Income – $37
  • Complete Business Setup – $297
  • MTTB – $49 + $1997
  • Pure Leverage – $19.95 p/month + $24.95 p/month

All of these products are essentially outdated techniques and black hat methods which used to work pre-Panda/Penguin updates but has long since fallen by the wayside of the blogging and SEO world.

None of these products will help you in making money online.

Do I Recommend Auto Pilot Profits?

No! Do not buy Autopilot Profits. This review is meant to warn you of the worthlessness of this product.

Ewen Chia has basically created a product which only has one purpose, which is to funnel you into other sales pages for several other products which he promotes. You will not learn how to make money online nor will you actually make any money online with these products at any point.

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