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In this review, I am looking at a brand new product called 'ThinkingBig eCom Secrets', by Simon Greenhalgh & Kevin Byrne.

This is a training module which will show you the profitable angles on how to make money online by selling eCom products. The authors claim that they can show you some top secrets that they have discovered along the way on their own online journey to making profits with Shopify stores and eCommerce.

As always I have bought the product and I have sat through the training to make sure it is going to help you make money online. This review is my opinion only based on my experience after I used the product in question.

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What's Inside The Member's Area?

Inside the member's area you are presented with 6 videos that talk you through some of the strategies, methods and tips which Simon and Kevin have put together for you.

There are roughly 40 minutes worth of material (also accompanied by a PDF document) and you are given a rather broad overview of the various methods and strategies they suggest you focus on.

Obviously, I cannot give you the exact strategies they teach because you have to buy the product but I can give you a brief overview without giving anything away.

More on that in a minute!

However, I think it is important for me to illustrate here that the basic training, which is the front end (eCom Secrets) product that costs around $27, is only an overview of what you have to do and there is no actual training here.

What you are paying for is a six-part video series of a brief outline, there is no over the shoulder training or any implementation strategies pointed out.

Nevertheless, I do feel that this is good value for money because the author does speak very plainly and does give some very interesting tips and potential angles, some of which I have never heard of before.

I do think that the value for money is a good one with this product.

If you want the over the shoulder training you need to try the upgrade which is the 'Thinking Big eCom Secrets' upgrade. This is a six-week step-by-step course on how to build an online business.

Thinking Big eCom Secrets upgrade

This is the upgrade which is available

Is The Training Any Good?

During the training you are given tips on various strategies that involve:

  • Google Trends
  • product research techniques
  • useful tips on product prices and integration
  • tips on contacting suppliers and which resources to use
  • sales techniques
  • upselling techniques and scarcity techniques
  • advertising techniques and traffic sources
  • and much more...

The reason why this training is different from other e-commerce training platforms is that they do not focus on the normal 'drop shipping' or 'free plus shipping offers'.

This strategy focuses on a different angle, which is high ticket products and getting better ROI (return on investment) on PPC (pay per click) costs.

If you want to get the full value from this you have to sign up to the upgrade, at the time of writing this the price is roughly $200 and the price is set to increase, as far as I know.

Due to the simplistic nature of the initial training, it means that there is no implementation strategy, or over the shoulder training.

This means you would have to use your own initiative after learning about these tips and implement them yourself, without any guidance or instruction.

inside members area of ecom secrets

Is eCom Secrets Worth The Money?

I think the most important question here is: Is this training worth the money?

I can answer this question in two parts.

PART 1 - if you are a complete beginner and you have no idea how to:

  • create a Shopify store
  • understand the concept of e-commerce
  • create email campaigns and set up autoresponders
  • edit and create web pages
  • write good content and ad copies
  • and so on and so forth...

...then this initial front-end product will not help you because you have to buy the upgrade to see over the shoulder training and get implementation strategies where you can actually put these tips into practice.

If you have no experience then the initial training will not help you very much at all, to be honest.


PART 2 - if you have experience with dropshipping, e-commerce and building websites then the information you learn inside can prove very useful because you are shown some slightly different angles to approach:

  • product research
  • product pricing and advertising
  • supplier interaction and future thinking
  • customer interaction and sales

At the end of the day, you have to remember that this product only costs about $27, so the value for money here is pretty good considering the information you get.

Personally, I would recommend you try the over the shoulder training/upgrade.

It may seem expensive but the authors have a very genuine attitude and they speak very plainly, which I like.

Will You Make Money Using The Training?

This is almost impossible to gauge. Due to the fact that the front and product does not actually have any training, as such, it means that the information they provide won't directly make you money.

You have to take these strategies and methods and put them into practice yourself, which means there is no way of knowing if these strategies will actually make you money.

However, based on my own personal experience as an affiliate marketer, I can tell you that the strategies and methods they mention are wholesome and honest, you just need to figure out how to use them!

make money with ecom secrets

They are not trying to pull any fast tricks or use any questionable methods, just simple and honest advice.

If you want to make money using these strategies then you will have to take the six-week step-by-step course that they offer as an upgrade.

Making money online is a long-term strategy, regardless of which monetization method you choose to use.

Granted, e-commerce has a much quicker timescale, in relation to profits and results, but your end profits will come with long-term thinking once you have done the initial work.

So, if you are here wondering if eCom Secrets will help you make money then I can honestly say it will, but only if you are willing to do the work that is required to get your business off the ground.

Sales Page Is Slightly Misleading

I do feel the sales page is rather misleading because it reads as if you are getting access to training modules which will show you how to make money online.

There are repeated comments such as:

"We have also taught our systems and strategies to dozens of people just like you. Many of our students started with no experience at all and now have businesses that they run from home with a few hours work a week generating VERY HIGH 5 figures a month!"

Thinking Big eCom Secrets sales claims

Sales Claims From Sales Page - These Are Always Pretty Hyped Up To Be Honest.

"And for the very first time, we are peeling back the curtain and teaching you the biggest lessons we have learned!"

If you couple statements like these with the screenshots of huge profits and the overall feel on the sales page a person will be forgiven for thinking that they were buying an actual implementation strategy on how to make money online.

However, that is not what you get inside the member area. You get a simple overview of what you have to do without any clear detail of how to implement anything.

However, I'm sure you can agree, for the price you're paying you can't really complain too much. Personally, I paid $14 but I think the final sale price will be around about $27, so it is still good value for money.

Would I Recommend 'Thinking Big eCom Secrets'?

To be quite honest, yes I would.

I do not recommend many products because most of the services and training modules I review are of very poor quality.

However, in this case, I can honestly say that the training modules you get with the front end product is of good value.

Even though there is no actual practical training given and this is purely an informational product, I do see the value in learning this information.

I would recommend this product to anyone who has previous experience with creating a Shopify store and you are looking for more information and further inspiration on how to drive traffic and visitors to your pages.

If you are a complete beginner then the only way you are going to get any value from this is if you use the upgrade, which is the 6 week step-by-step over the shoulder tutorial.

I will most likely review that next.

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  • April 25, 2018

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