Quora is a website dedicated to providing answers to people’s questions. A person writes a question and posts it, then people (experts) will respond with a well thought out and relevant answers. Many people use this method to drive traffic to their websites, and in turn, use this traffic to increase conversions on their product placements and earn money.

But is it really worth the effort to write hundreds, if not thousands, of words to answer a single question to drive a small amount of traffic to your website?

Personally, I do not think it is worth too much of your time. It will definitely be worth doing on a small scale but I would not be investing too much time on writing content on another website when you should be writing your best content on your own blog!

This is my reasoning behind my thinking…

Write Answers To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Essentially what you have to do is this:

  • Go to Quora and create and account.
  • Fill in your profile the best you can.
  • Find answers related to your niche.
  • Answer these questions with thorough and well thought out answers.
  • Link back to your website/blog for valuable information.
  • Do not spam or link to ridiculous sales pages.

quora will send traffic to your site

When you find questions to answer you need to provide value and give a long and well thought out answer. This is because no one will ever simply click a random link from an answer which is twenty words long.

If someone asks a genuine question such as “What is the best way to drive traffic to your Amazon niche site?” then give them the answer they need or want.

Give them a reasonable answer and then link to a good quality article or blog post which will help them find the answer to their query.

Use This Traffic To Earn Commissions

Once the traffic comes to your site then you need to have reasonable CTA points and write high-quality articles, which again, gives the reader the information they desire.

From this new traffic source, you will get a certain percentage of conversions and sales.

You can also use the traffic to collect email opt-ins and drive traffic to related articles withing the niche to improve your brand name and increase CTR on your articles – thus improving your authority in Google’s eyes.

Rinse And Repeat

From this point, you simply rinse and repeat. You find more relevant questions to answer within your niche and keep answering questions to the best of your ability. People find your answers and a small percentage will eventually visit your website.

Is It Worth The Effort?

The simplest answer is: Yes but in small and controlled doses.

Submitting your answers to Quora to earn money will definitely increase your traffic on a slow and residual basis but you have to remember that you need to keep your best content on YOUR website, not on Quora.

If you write an amazing answer which ranks well, for Quora within Google, and gets lots of traffic – why not rank it for your own website instead? This will bring in much more traffic, not to mention a lot more conversions because you, and you alone will have the SERP listing.

The problem is when an answer comes up on Quora you are competing against hundreds, possibly thousands, of other authors who are answering the same question and so the traffic is totally diluted by the time someone comes to your website.

A reader who ends up on your website may have already read and clicked on five other identical answers before coming to your page and does not regard you as an authority. However, if you were on the Google SERPS with your URL then you are instantly regarded as an authority because they read your content first!

use quora to make money online

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Should You Post On Quora?

Sure, it will not hurt you to answer a few dozen questions per month to get some free and easy traffic but do not stress about it. Depending on your niche you will see professional writers there who write hundreds or thousands of words to answer a very simple question, just to get traffic.

Does it work, sure but as soon as you hit the “Post” button, the content is on Quora and NOT on your own website.

You have no control over the content so if one day Quora suddenly stops or is sold to another company –  what happens to all your posts and traffic? Will it stop overnight?

Do not put all your eggs in the Quora basket.

Use Quora for the fun of it, and get some traffic in the process but write your best content for your own blog and keep the keywords and SERP ranking coming in for your own website and brand. If all you want is to get paid for writing articles then you can get paid reasonable for it elsewhere.

Have Your Earned Any Money Using Quora?

If you have had any success with Quora I would love to hear from you. Please do share your thoughts and experiences with all of us and leave a comment below!



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