In this review, I am taking a look at Each Way Sniper's Value System. I am doing a 1,000 2,000 bet trial run of the value horse bets this software provides in order to establish if it is profitable or not.

The value system, which is the sole focus of this review, is one of three separate functions within the Each Way Sniper software.

I will keep an accurate record of every single horse selection that comes my way and I will place as many trades as I can during the next 30 days or so.

each way sniper value system review

My Rating:

I am amazed at the amount of selection being sent via the software. The strike rate is through the roof and the profits are rolling in! 

The early results are very impressive! I recently mentioned this method in a racing system post I wrote and so I am producing these test results to confirm my thoughts.

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Profit So Far
(day 84) using £2 stakes:

(2000/2000 bets placed)

Trial Is Now Complete!

Ipoopcash com Each Way Sniper Value System Trial graph
Each Way Sniper Value System Trial
Each Way Sniper Value System Trial 2
Ipoopcash com Each Way Sniper Value System Trial stats

What Is Each Way Sniper's Value System?

The value system, within Each Way Sniper, is a volume based value betting strategy. You can read about the law of large number and combine this mentality with this method of horse racing trading.

The software scans the bookmaker markets for value bets which occur frequently throughout the day. These situation of value happen when the horse markets change odds rapidly, leaving certain horses with large odds than normal.

value system

Value bets are at higher odds than the true chance of winning and so you can pick winners and placed horses at much higher prices than they should be. However, you have to select a large amount of horses for this strategy to work.

Does Each Way Sniper Work?

Yes, it really does work. I have used it before and have personally made money with this software over a sustained and controlled period.

The reason I am writing this article is to actually put pen to paper and physically show you, my readers, the results you can achieve.

The results that are produced are surprisingly good and the strike rate is great, sitting at around 30%. The best thing is that you can use this system with minimal risk and use £1 each way bets - £2.00 total per bet.

Do You Need Any Betting Experience?

No. You do not need to know a single thing about horses, odds, bookmakers, trainers, stables or horse pedigree.

All you need to be able to do is follow a short and simple 5 min video on the software itself and use the bookmaker website to place the bets.

That is all the experience you need to use it to an acceptable level. This is suitable for any age group or experience level. Obviously it helps if you have some interest in horse betting but it's most certainly not necessary.

Do You Need Any Betting Experience

How Much Money Can You Win or Lose?

I will try and be as honest and clear as I can here. This is a volume based system, meaning you are placing a LOT of bets in a 4 hours period in the day.

On the first day of using the software I placed over 70 bets. At £2 per bet I needed £140 to cover all the bets of that day. This means, £140 is at risk here but this is ONLY if all 70 horses do not win or get placed.

The word 'placed' means that the horse you bet on finished 2nd or 3rd. If there are a lot of horses then there is a 4th and 5th placed spot as well. These positions are usually payed out at 1/4 or 1/5 of the winning odds. Confused?

Basically, the only way you will lose all of the £140 is if every single one of the 70 horse finished in the last positions, falls or gets pulled up (Stopped running the race). If the horse wins or comes in the top 3, or 4th and 5th position, then you profit or break even.

You can see in the screenshot below from my results that so far I have not had many losing runs, and at £2 per loss, it is not a great amount to deal with. Even if you hit a 10x losing run you would only be £40 in the negative. 

When a horse wins outright there is a large return, in relation to the stakes used and when a horse is placed you get a very small profit.

Does this make sense? If not, leave a comment in the comments section and I will do my best to help you.

each way sniper value results example

Who Is The Author, Mike?

Mike Cruickshank is the man behind Each Way Sniper, along with a host of other low risk betting systems. All of which have gained a reputation as very, VERY profitable!

As far as I can make out, from my Googling, Mike was just an average guy working a minimum wage job and he stumbled into the world of matched betting and things took off from there as he honed his talent for spotting valuable bets and ways to exploit the bookmakers system.

Mike's customer service is incredible. Whether it is actually Mike who deals with the queries himself, I cannot know, but on the occasions I have contacted him his replies have been incredibly quick and helpful.

Not only that but he also runs Facebook pages for all his separate strategies which are very active and filled with success stories and helpful members.

Two Small Problems Spotted During Trial

I have noticed two small problems during my trial so far which I would like to point out. They are very small, so don't panic but you will need to be aware of them. They will in no way hurt your profits, at least not too much!

The Odds Change Quickly

One thing I have noticed is that quite often the price has dropped by the time I get to the market page to place my bet. Not a big problem but when the odds have changed from 26.00 to 23.00 in a matter of seconds I find myself stopping and thinking, "Is this still a value bet?" and,"Should I still place the bet?"

If I look back at the software the selection is sometimes removed and I wonder if I should place that bet or not, at the reduced price.

I will ask Mike about this to clarify, and to see if we should still place the bet even though the price has reduced.

You May Be Limited By Bookmakers

You can see in the image to your right that I was limited by SportingBet within only a few bets. 

Having your account limited means that the bookmaker reduces the amount you are allowed to bet, rendering you account worthless. So, they may say your maximum bet is 10 pence.

This happens when he bookmakers suspect that you are using some kind of system. This could be arbitrage, matched betting or, as in this case, simply using a winning method. 

This won't happen a lot but when it does, simply cross that bookmaker off your list and move in. However, this will become an issue if it happens a lot because some bookmakers give better prices than others.

There is a naturally occurring problem with Each Way Sniper, which a newbie would have no way of knowing is happening, and that is that the software sometimes picks out arbitrage odds.

limited by bookmaker

Occasionally, I have noticed, the software picks out odds which are a long way off it's real value - and I do mean a long way off. I spotted one the other day which was 34.00 at Paddy Power but only 23.00 with the majority of the others and Paddy Power was the only bookmaker offering this price.

This is a clear arbitrage pothole and your account will be flagged up at this point if you were to place a bet at Paddy Power, even if it is only for £2.00.

Can you spot the trap here at Stan James?

bookmaker arbitrage trap

I use to see the prices off all the horses before I place my bet.

The odds on 'Champagne City' is way to high, compared to the rest of the markets. If you were to place a bet with Stan James here your account would be limited very quickly. 

This is why Mike says, in his tutorial video, to avoid bookmakers like Stan James because these odds discrepancies happen a lot and there is no way you could know about this unless you use OddsChecker to compare the prices.

So What's The Problem?

The 'problem' here is a funny one because this is the whole purpose of the value system, to find odds that are of value! However, sometimes the value is almost too good!

The issue here is that these odds discrepancies do happen with the better bookmakers - the bookmakers you want to keep!

It does not happen often but they do occur and I think it would keep you in good stead to keep an eye out for them, especially if the odds are 10.00 upwards because that is when the odds move at larger increments.

No bookmaker will limit your account if you place a bet at 12 instead of 11.00 but if you place a value bet at 19.00 when the real price is closer to 13.00 then they will notice.

I understand it is very unlikely you will lose the majority of your bookmaker account quickly but if you were to lose 5 or more of the bigger bookmakers then I can see that you would start becoming a bit nervous about the whole thing. Your selections would become much more limited and you would have to take lower prices.

I will also ask Mike about this to see if there is a trick to avoiding this problem. 

My Solution To This Problem

I can see that it would be easy to spot someone using a value system like this because of the volume of bets being placed.

Personally, I try and spread my bets across as many bookmakers as possible. That way it is difficult for them to spot any patterns to what I am betting on.

I also use OddsChecker for every single bet that appears on the software to double check it is not a large arbitrage situation. If there are lots of other bookmakers with the same or similar odds, I place the bet. 

However, if there is only one bookmaker offering a price at 18.00 but all the others are down at 14.00 then I will not place the bet as I am worried it will flag up my account with that bookmaker - I place the bet at a slightly lower price with another bookmaker.

I will ask Mike if this is the right approach and post his reply here. Perhaps I am wrong and Mike knows for a fact the bookmakers will never limit you, apart from the lower quality ones?

Day 1 Of Trial - 11th November 2017

So far everything has gone to plan. The software itself is super easy to set up and once it is ready it requires no more tweaking.

Every few minutes the screen beeps and refreshes with more selections for me to place a bet on. I place the bets and wait for the results to come in. Easy!

As of day No.1, I am £57.31 in profit and sitting pretty.

I will post an update on Monday morning with my next update. 

Day 2 - 13th November 2017

Day two ended on a high note as well. With only 13 horses bet on today (it was a snowy Monday in November after all, with only 3 meetings) I still managed to produce a £53 profit! Bringing my total up to £110 so far.

As of the end of day two I have placed 88 bets. A long way to go yet to hit the 1,000 bet mark, to end of this trial of the Each Way Value System, but if it keep going this way then I will be very happy with these results!

Day 3 - 14th November 2017

Day three of my trial period has produced another £35.20 profit. Incredible! Which brings the total running profit up to £145.51.

Today the strike rate was 39% with an impressive 5 placed horses and 2 winners our of 18 selections.

Day 4 - 15th November 2017

Day 4 is over and another great set of results. The strike rate today was an epic 48%! The profit was a comfortable £50.48.

The bet selections come in nice and slowly in the 4 hours I spend on the Each Way Sniper software which gives me plenty of time to place the bets and update my results as I go along.

Sometimes the odds shorten before I get a chance to place my bets but overall I think it does not matter too much because bookmakers like BetVictor or Betfair Sportbook have 'best odds guaranteed' so a lot of selections will actually finish at a higher price than you originally bet on.

At this point in time I have placed 136 bets. Another update will be coming tomorrow!

Day 5 - 16th November 2017

Today was the first day where the results did not go in my favour. Which speaks volumes about the quality of the selections because I still did not lose money.

With only 18 placed/winning horses and 32 losers we came out with a small profit of about £6.40. I find these results very promising. If this is as bad as it gets, then I can see real profits being made with this value system.

Day 6 - 17th November 2017

By the end of day 6 I made another £34.18 profit with a 25% strike rate. Hit a couple of large winners which is why, despite the low strike rate, I still produced a profit.

So, by this point, I have yet to have a single day when I have finished with a loss. Not bad at all!

Day 7 - 18th November 2017

So, by the end of the 7th day of this trial I am 317 bets in and have achieved a very comfortable £291.45 profit. Today the software churned out a massive 87 bets in my 4 hours window and the strike was 33%.

Everyday the horse selections coming through are impressive and I have yet to have a single losing day. Is this luck or will this run of winning bets continue? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Day 8 - 19th November 2017

Another day and more profit. There were some big races on at Cheltenham this weekend and today's selection was mainly from those races. Today was much quieter than yesterday, which was nice!

There were only 26 bets placed with 9 being placed or winning bets, bringing a small but reasonable £12.65 profit. At this point I have placed 344 bets and I am about 40% through my trial period.

At this point, just for fun, let's see what I profit would have been had I used larger stakes (at the moment I am using £1 stakes)

£1 bets (£2 total each bet)

£304.10 profit.

(this is my current position & betting amount)

£2 bets (£4 total each bet)

£608.20 profit.

£4 bets (£8 total each bet)

£1,216.40 profit.

£8 bets (£16 total each bet)

£2,432.80 profit.

What size bank would you have needed to cover £8 bets?

The busiest day, in terms of volume of bets, was yesterday (Saturday) when I placed 87 bets between 10 am and 2 pm. If you were using £8 staking amount you would have needed £16 x 87 = £1,392 bank.

​​​​However, instead of the £55.62 profit I made, you would have made £444.96 profit in the same time frame.

I would like to point out at this point, DO NOT INCREASE your stakes yet!

I am purely illustrating the potential profits you can earn with this system. There is a very good reason why I have resisted increasing my stakes and continue to use the lowest stake. I need to wait until I have surpassed the 1,000 bet mark to determine the sustainability of this method.

When I have completed the 1,000 bets, I will treble my staking amount to £3 per bet (£6 total) and complete another 1,000 bets to bring the grand total up to 2,000 bets. Rinse and repeat...

Day 9 - 20th November 2017

Today we hit our first losing day. It was inevitable, we could not win every single day now could we! Today's meetings were at Wolverhampton, Leicester and Plumpton.

There was not a single winner and only 4 placed horses, resulting in a £38.80 loss. However, as with all gambling/trading systems, you have to have the occasional losing day and so this does not worry me at this point.

We are still almost £300 in profit and there is no need to panic just yet. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Day 10 - 21th November 2017

Day 10 came and went without a hitch. The meetings were at Lingfield, Southwell and Fakenham. It was a slow day though and I only made 10 bets all together. There were 4 winning/placed horses and 6 losing ones which resulted in a £31.55 profit!

I have placed 380 bets so far so I will extend this trial for as many days as it takes to get the volume of bets I need. However, I am going to double my bets to £2 per bet (£4.00 total). Should I hit a losing run then I have a £300 buffer, current profit, to buffer any potential loss.

My trial results will not be altered, so I figured I may as well increase the bet amount at this point by a marginal amount.

Day 11 to 14 - 25th November 2017

Rather frustratingly, I hit my first losing run on the same day I doubled my stakes! Losing horses came in one after the other and the strike rate dropped drastically. 

I had to sit through three losing days and a painful drop in profits. My bank is still secure with a £165 buffer, so I am confident this will turn around. You do need to leave your emotions out of sports trading as these long lasting dips are quite normal.

But, this should be expected with these types to value betting systems.

value betting system

As I near the halfway point of my trial I must admit I am enjoying this. I truly hope the result keep coming in positive and I can continue using this method in the coming months.

Day 15 to 16 - 30th November 2017

The profits seem to be taking a bit of a tumble now. However, I do believe the true value of a betting strategy is not how much profit it makes, but how well it handles the losing runs.

Every strategy will have long losing runs and predominantly the profitable strategies will have very long losing runs, such as we are experiencing here.

But, time will tell! Hopefully today and tomorrow will produce some positive returns to bring us back up to a comfortable bank level.

each way value system results

Day 17 to 19 - 6th December 2017

The profts have now taken a considerabel tumble. As you can see from the image below we have now actually crossed ina  losing positiong. However, this is no need to dismiss this system yet and I am sticking with it!

This is because all betting systems have a natural flow of losing and winning streaks. It it not about the direction of a short term trends. This article by Peter Webb form Bet Angel describes it perfectly.

IN this article Peter talks bout the fact that all strategies will go through a downward trend, even the profitbale ones. If you take a few minutes to read it you will see what I mean. 

This is why so much of sports trading and using any betting system comes down to mentality and the long term view. Where is the overall trend going?

For now, I will stick with this system until at least 1,000 bets. Even after that, I will probably take on another 1,000 bets just to prove a point.

Each Way Sniper Value System Trial Google Sheets

December 6th

Day 20 to 25 - 12th December 2017

Profits have now taken a heavy tumble and I am now in a minus position. However, as I have stated many times now I am not worried yet.

Systems like these will have very long losing streaks but also huge winning streaks, just look at the beginning of this trial. It can easily happen again, and I am sure it will.

I will ride out this losing run of poor horse picks and wait and see. Even when I hit the 1,000 bets mark I am tempted to extend this trial to a 2,000 bets, just to prove a point that this system will bounce back.

Day 26 to 31 - 20th December 2017

After another hefty losing spree I am now sitting at a minus £53.86. Once again, I am not petered by this long losing run. I will continue placing the selections sent through. In fact I have decided to extend my trial to 2,000 bets to really give this Each Way Sniper a proper chance. 

Value systems are a long term investment. To be quite honest, I am irritated this is not producing better results. I used this method a few years back and the results were phenomenal!

Much like the typical nature of the losing run kicking in on the day I increased my stakes, it is rather typical this system decided to enter a prolonged losing streak just as I start to officially test it out! haha!

I will give this method another 1,000 bets. If it is still producing a losing run at that point, I will rethink things.

One key thing to remember here, yet again, is that the total loss now is only at £56.86, so it is not exactly a terrible strategy. Profitable strategies are tested by their ability to deal with losing runs and after only 6 profitable days out of 23, we are still in such good condition, I believe this to be a winning long term strategy.

Stay tuned for the next update in the New Year!

Day 26 to 37 - 29th December 2017

I had to update a bit earlier than planned because we are back in profit and a series of profitable days have occurred.As I explained earlier in the case study, this was expected.

The wait was brutal but now we are back in profit and we will see how well the value system hold true now. This is exactly why I chose to continue the trial, it would have been such bad luck had I stopped at 1,000 bets because the results would have been terrible!

I understand that it may not seem impressive, with a meagre £220+ profit after such a long time but you have to remember I am using £2 stakes. If you were using £20 stakes then the profit would be over £2200 at this point.

I will continue using £2 stakes for the remainder of this trail.

Each way sniper results graph

Results on 29th December 2017

Day 38 to 42 - 3rd January 2018

As we cross into the new year the Each Way Sniper Value System is holding firm. The profits are sitting nicely at £203.34 after over 1,100 bets.

This will be the crucial point in this trial. If the up and coming horse picks are good and the trend continues then the profitable trend should settle at an all new high. Fingers crossed this happens as it will make our overall position very comfortable.

It is worth noting at this point that if you were using £20 stakes, your profit would be over £2,000 as the results stand. Not bad.

each way sniper results graphs 1

Results as of 3rd January 2018

Day 43 to 58 - 30th January 2018

As predicted the Value System has withstood the heavy downward trend we experienced in December. We are now in a lovely upward trend and the winning selections are coming in quickly. Today I hit a nice 34/1 longshot and the profit is now over £400.

The trial period is now over 75% finished and I will be wrapping up this 2,000 bet trial in the next couple of weeks.

Throughout the early part of 2018 the profits rose steadily. The horrible downward trend we experienced has long since passed and now the horses are coming in "placed" or "winning" more and more. As you can see from the graph the upward trend is clear and I think it is safe to assume this method is working correctly.

In March, however, the weather has been incredibly bad. The snow storms have really hampered the racing circuits in the UK and almost no racing has taken place for over 1 week now.

Ipoopcash com Each Way Sniper Value System Trial Google Sheets (2)

Day 72 to 84 - 13th March 2018

As the trial came towards the end it was quite clear that this method really does hold its own and produces a profitable trend. I used the software and placed the bets as often as I could, within the timeframe set within the training, and so this trial is as realistic as possible.

Overall, this is a fantastic horse racing strategy. In my opinion this as close as you are going to get to finding a sustainable and "guaranteed" horse racing method because the software produces a fantastic selection.

If you have any questions at all then please do contact me.

...use this link to get the trial!

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  1. Hi Philip,

    As a follower of the EWS value system I found this review very interesting.

    I’ve been betting and trading for a long time now and believe this is the best method I have come across so far.

    I just wondered if you came to any conclusions regarding the prices moving quickly – are you willing to take lower odds?

    Also, are you using a laptop or PC to place the bets? The reason I ask is that in the day at work in the office I am doing this on a mobile phone which can be quite fiddly, so I’m trying to think of a better solution.

    Saying that I can normally get plenty of bets on in the evening when I get back home so it’s not the end of the world!

    Anyway it’s a great product & blog!

    All the best


    1. Hey Jase,

      Yes, you would need a laptop for this. I am not sure how you would run the EWS software on a phone. I did take lower odds but for the most part, the odds were fine. When they did move it was not far enough to make a huge difference. Don’t forget that the price also moves upwards and if your bet was with a “Best odds guaranteed” then you get huge payout sometimes – this means it evens out over time if you took the occasional lower priced horse.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It means a lot to me!



  2. Hi Philip,

    Just wondering. Could the EWS software be used using the Betfair Exchange instead of bookmakers, perhaps asking for the value odds the software suggests and leaving to keep in play if not matched before hand. I did notice on the oddschecker image in your review that some of the Betfair Exchange odds were similar to the bookmakers anyway.

    Am I missing something that would not make this practical?


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      The betting exchange takes a commission, which will eat at your profits. You also have to consider the premium charges which would come into effect once your profits increase.

      However, if the odds are good enough then there is no reason why you could not use the exchanges, but I am not the creator of the software so I could not say for sure.

      But from a betters point of view, why not. If the odds and value is there then take it!



  3. Hi there and thanks for deep insight review. May I ask you whether considering genuine their 14 days trial? Just asking you whether you know what to do in case someone would like just to get in the trials and not on full year

    Thanks for helping

    1. Hey! Thanks for getting in touch. Yep, this is a genuine 14-day trial. If you just want to use the trial then sign up and then simply cancel the subscription before the trial ends.

  4. Hello Philip, i am Taki from Greece. You have write very good review for this system. I havea question to ask you. I have a problem. I have very few bookmaker that trade hosrses in Greece. Netbet and Bet365 is the only bookmaker. I have betfair with a betbroker so the question is if i can with these bookmaker to have profit. You must know that with bet365 he have limit me and i can bet 1 euro and maybe less if the stake is high, with Netbet i have not problem but maybe they limit me in future if i have profit. Who knows? So my question is if i can use this system to bet with betfair from betbroker the most bets and with betfair have only 1,7% fees with betbroker and some times to bet with other bookmakers that told you but less bets.

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