If you are here then that means you are wondering if Mike Cruickshank's 'Each Way Sniper' still works in 2018/19.

You are probably worried about having your bookmaker accounts limited or gubbed and you need confirmation that this software is worth the money, right?

Well, in that case, buckle up and I will show you some things about Each Way Sniper that you may or may not be aware of.

Or you could simply be wondering if you will actually make any money from the horse racing by using this betting software.

Who Is Mike Cruickshank?

Mike is one of the original low risk betting system creators. He has been around since 2010 and has created a whole host of low risk betting strategies. All his methods are based on simple maths and are either 99% risk free or carry incredibly low risk in comparison to the potential profit.

I have personally used almost all of Mike's products and I can confidently say that I trust every single one. I have even reviewed a couple, which I will show you in a second.

How Does Each Way Sniper Work?

The software has three separate features - Extra Places, Value System and Matched Betting. Each one has its own pros and cons but they are all incredibly profitable and worth while trying.

There is not 'secret' method as these are purely based on maths and value bets and I will talk you through each method as they each have various benefits.

For the purposes of this review I will not be discussing the dutching software or the golf software, which are also available inside.

Extra Places

Extra places is a bonus offer which the bookmaker, such as Boylesport and Bet365, do many times per month where they pay for an extra place in the horse racing. On a regular race you can place an each way bet which means if your horse comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will win (sometimes 4th as well but I'm keeping it simple for this example). How much you win obviously depends on the terms set by the bookmaker and your stake.

When the bookmaker has an 'Extra Places' bonus offer available it mean that they pay one extra place, so they also pay out winners if the horse comes 4th, and sometimes 5th. This gives us the perfect opportunity to WIN BIG, RISK FREE!

each way sniper does it still work

How Do You Win With Extra Places?

When this offer is running you place an 'each way' bet with the bookmaker and then you place a 'lay' bet with Betfair, the sport exchange.

This means that if the horse comes 4th or 5th (depending on the type of race), you win both your extra place bet AND your bet with exchange.

If the horse comes in any other position, other than 4th or 5th (depending on the type of race), you either make a very small profit or break even because you have bet on every possible outcome. This gives you a guaranteed profit and result, regardless of who wins.

Value Strategy Blueprint

The value based system is the simplest method because it does not require any maths or cross bets between the bookmakers and exchanges. This method is based on a mathematical volume based strategy.

I have completed a 2,000 bet trial of this value system, which you can read at your leisure, and the profits are incredible.

This advantage play takes odds which appear to be of value, meaning the software picks out horses which have odds which represent a greater value than it previously did.

For example, if the price of a horse drifts from 7.5 to 12.5 then software will send out this selection because there is value to be taken here. At 12.5 this horse represents great value because the odds are likely to come back in again, as any pre race sports trader will be aware of taking this kind of value bets is all part of the game plan.

This is obviously a very plain example but I think you see what I mean. 

How Do You Win With This Value System?

As I said, this method is based on placing a large volume of bets. You cast a large net across a large sample of bets and overall the value that you are taking will return a positive ROI. You can read more about the theory behind volume betting.

The theory is that you place a large volume of bets - some you win, some you lose. However, because all your selections are of 'higher value' than an average bet, it means in the long term you will return a substantial return because when you win, you win big. Here is a screenshot from my 2,000 bet trial. Can you see the trend?

Ipoopcash com Each Way Sniper Value System Trial Google Sheets (2)

From my 2,000 bet trial. Look At The Results

In my opinion, the value based system is probably the most simple and profitable horse racing system and is the basis of most betting strategies, such as the thinking behind horse racing tipsters.

Arbitrage/Matched Betting

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are two difficult ones. They are very profitable but they also result in your account being limited, or gubbed, very quickly if you do not approach it properly.

Matched betting is when you match a bookmaker special offer with the equivalent 'lay' bet on the exchanges, eg. if Harry Kane scored in the 90th minute, get your money back type of thing.

If the condition of the bonus are met then you win a bumper payout as you cash out the bonus but if nothing happens then you break even because you bet against the bonus on the exchange. The idea is that you fulfill enough of these offers, and there are a LOT of them, you will hit four or five per day and make £100+ per day - which is very achievable.

Arbitrage betting is when you just do two straight bets, with no bonus involved. The price/odds with the bookmakers is higher than at the exchanges so you place a back bet with the bookmakers and then a lay bet with the exchange - you make a small profit on the price difference. 

Arbing is essentially the basis for the entire Sports Trading profession. You trade in and out of the markets on the exchanges and make small profits. A difficult skill to learn but you can learn to become a full time sports trader.

The problem with arbing is that it is very easy for the bookmakers to spot someone who is taking an arbitrage price, so they limit your accounts. This is increasingly easy with the aid of computer software, cookies and the fact that you are not alone. There are many other people betting on the same sport selections - making it easy for bookmakers to spot unusual bets.

How Do You Win With Matched Betting & Arbing?

There used to be a time when this was easy. However, with the increasing popularity of matched betting you do need to be careful. The problem does not lie with the method itself, it is the selection of bets that is the issue.

For example - if the software flags up a potential arb but the selection is quite an obscure bet, such as 20/1, but the opposing lay bet on the exchange is only at 14/1 then that is too big, too profitable and WAY too obvious.

Essentially, if you placed that bet, you are sticking out like a sore thumb because the bookmakers do monitor these odds discrepancies.

So, with that in mind, you need to be careful about which bets you place but it is more than possible to make a very good income from matched betting and arbing. You just need to be selective and research your bets a little bit.

I could go into a great deal more detail but that is beyond the scope of this blog post. I will write about it though.

Will These Methods Still Work In 2018 Onwards?

100% yes. Definitely! 

The Each Way Sniper software and the methods inside will work as long as there are bookmakers and exchanges battling for the best odds. There will always be an odds discrepancy and that is where the money lies.

The bookmakers have margins and profits to make and the only way they can do that is to offer relatively poor value odds to the punters. It is a business after all. 

The market forces will continuously force the odds up and down, and as long as different bookmakers give different odds and bonus offers, there will always be room for profit.


MIKE CRUICKSHANK - Creator Of Each Way Sniper

How To Ensure Continuous Profits

In order to ensure long term profits you need get a used to placing mug bets and use strategies which help you remain under the radar. This guide to mug betting should help you out. 

You have to make the bookmakers believe you are just a regular guy who is placing bets. Obviously, if they think you are there specifically to use their bonuses then they will limit your account.

As I said previously you should not take the best value bets every single time. Make a small loss once in a while to keep the bookmakers happy. If you only take the best prices and the best selections then they will quickly see that you are a matched bettor.

The guide will tell you all the details. Making a continuous profit with matched betting is tricky, at times very frustrating, but it is definitely doable.

Have you got much experience with matched betting? Let us know in the comments below!

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