In this review, I am covering a brand new product called Commission Dragon, released in December 2017. I will give you my honest opinion about this training module.

This product promises to show you a newbie friendly method that will generate hundreds of dollar per day with minimal effort.

By using a mixture of PPC and free traffic sources, you will drive visitors to CPA (cost per action) offers in order to generate an easy daily income.

This claim may be slightly exaggerated, as you are about to find out, as I dig deep into this training programme.

Will it be as easy as they promise in the sales page? Is Commission Dragon a scam?

Keep reading to find out!

My Rating:

Avoid if possible. Low quality.

My Personal Experience

When I first joined this service I am greeted by a members area with 15+ videos in it. Each one takes you through each step of how to setup a PPC campaign in order to drive traffic to your CPA offers.

The videos themselves are quite hard to follow because the guy who is narrating, Pallab Ghosal, does not speak very clearly and I find it really hard understand what he is saying half the time. Perhaps it is just me?

I think the training is ok, but nothing more than that. I guess you get what you pay for - but more on that in a few minutes.

As I worked through the training material I get the sense that this is quite a thin product overall. You do get an introduction into the world of PPC advertising but nothing more. There is no in depth training here and as I neared the end of the mumbled videos Pallab yawns in his own videos! I guess he is boring himself as well!

In my opinion, this product is no more than an introduction. There is no in depth training here and the variety is not there either. Unless you are planning on promoting the exact product he is promoting then you will not gain anything because you cannot use this training to relate to any other keywords, products or split testing.

The tutorials are too short and thin to make is valuable to anyone who wants to sell any other product.


You are hit by one upsell after you join. I think I was presented with another but I am not sure if their sales page is optimized or not as I was presented with the same upsell twice, then redirected to a dead page... not quite sure what happened.

When I tried to go to, I am greeted by an unfinished template page with demo content in it, which does not fill me with confidence, and I had to add the.. /live extension to the URL to find the sales page.

The upsell in question offers you an upgraded package where you can receive lots of "done for you" campaigns, complete with images, keywords and email swipes etc, so you can increase your earnings.

I cannot see any value in this because all this means is that Dan Ashendorf and Pallab Ghosal are selling me keywords that are saturated and email swipes and images that are not unique to me. I will be targeting the same keyword with the same sales copy and the same images....

Why would I want to do that?


The training is, like I said previously, just ok. All the information within you can find online for free as it is not a secret method.

Each video is quite short and briefly skims across the topics at hand. For example:

You can easily spend 1 hour talking about how to target correct keywords. The training your given is 6 minutes long.

You are shown how to search for keywords and what the different number mean and you are told how many keywords to target per ad campaign. He very lightly talks about long tail keywords and targeting keyword for certain countries. That is basically all that is covered.

Members Area Commision Dragon

I find it funny that he uses Google to research his keywords. Pallab says, " The tools I always use, you know, I go to Google which is, in my opinion, the best way to research your keywords"......

Am I the only one who is puzzled by the fact that the training shows you how to target keywords in Bing Ads but he uses Google to see what the competition etc. is? Am I missing something?

Someone should probably tell Pallab that the results in Google are not the same as in Bing!

A Few Things I Did Not Like

commission dragon reviews

Apart from what I already mentioned, there are a couple of things I noticed which I did not like. These things casts a shadow over the whole Internet Marketing world because there are so many people who do this to great effect.

This product is low quality, the authors know this and we know this. They do not necessarily make a lot of money because most people will ask for a refund and they will give it to you no questions asked.

This is where things get grey for me because that is the sole reason they make these products. To get you in the members area, because that is where they earn their money!

If you join Bing Ads using their coupons, so you get free ad credit, they get paid a commission from Bing Ads. Even the fact that you have to pay for these coupons via Skype from "some guy" - which in itself is so backhanded and dodgy - is just a joke.

Would you hand over money and you card details to some random person on Skype? NO!

So, regardless if you ask for a refund for the initial product, Dan and Pallab have made their commissions on you already. They do not care if the training is working or not. They will happily refund you.

They also have other products on the bottom of the page, from which they receive commission if you buy.

Is this method legitimate?

Yes, there is nothing illegal or questionable going on apart from the Skype thing. You can use this training without question. However, it is the quality of the training I am putting into question here.

Using methods like this are commonplace and many people make a colossal amount of money but not by promoting the products mentioned in Commission Dragon. Which brings me to my next point, will you actually make any money?

Will You Make Money?

If you were to copy the training mentioned here and try your hand at PPC advertising then you would probably lose money.

As I mention in the video at the top of this post. If you are paying $0.50+ per click in your campaigns but the offer you are trying to convert only pays out $1.50 per lead, your conversion rate has to be huge to turn a profit!

If you "google" terms such as:

  • "What is the average conversion rate of CPA offer?"
  • "CPA offers conversion rates."

You will quickly get a very good feel for what a real conversion rate is, it is not 50% and up...

commission dragon review

My Overall Opinion

I feel that if you choose to buy Commission Dragon, then you need to be careful. Sure it is an average introduction into the world of sales funnels, PPC campaigns, conversion rates and everything that comes along with it.

However, the training is thin and you do get what you pay for here. You will be given a wrong impression of what it takes to create a successful ad campaign and I think there is a reasonable chance you could lose money, should you choose to follow their advice.

Have you had any experience using Commission Dragon? What are your thoughts? Please do leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed overview on this program; the net is full of training programs which promise a lot and it’s getting difficult and time consuming to choose a proper one and avoid some other;
    I don’t really mind when they have upsell and downsell, it’s part of the game, but the core of the offer need to be solid; so thanks again to make some light on commision dragon, I will not waste any time on checking them out;
    keep us informed, thanks a lot

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, it is true, there is a lot of worthless programmes out there. 

      Products like Commission Dragon feed on the naive and inexperienced. They think they are buying into a secret method which will make them money online.

      Pay Per Click advertising cannot be summed up in a handful of lesson such as the training provided. You need to be told why you choose certain keywords and what the user intent is behind them.

      You need to be taught how to assess the competition and how you can improve on what is already working.

      You need to be shown how much to bid per click and how to manage your budget for ad campaigns…

      and so much more…..

      This service, does not meet the required standard to successfully create a profitable ad campaign on Bing, or Google.

  2. Thank you for your great post. It’s confusing out there for beginners because we don’t know where to start and can easily be scammed. I guess this is not a scam but probably a waste of time. Your post is realistic because its good to have accurate expectations on potential income. I’ll check it out anyway. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, a lot of these types of low quality products take on a facade of a real method or strategy. The core element of their monetization strategy is correct but the practicalities are always exaggerated and misleading.

      The true aim is never to provide quality service, it is only to gain some affiliate sales and commissions on the inside members area. Which is such a shame because if the guys at Commission Dragon just put their minds to it, they could produce a genuinely good and helpful service!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and if you do give this a try then please do let me know how it goes for you!

  3. Hi! Going through your review of this opportunity offered by Commission Dragon, my inner voice told me that with all the “danger signs” which you brought up, it is nothing but a scam.

    First of all, comes the fact that the program is brand new, just coming out this month, (Dec. 2017). There probably are a lot of kinks that have not been worked out yet. However, that is not the real issue that I believe is the reason why this program so far is something that people should avoid.

    You stated that the training videos were almost amateurishly created. The person narrating through the tutorials does not speak clearly in addition to the fact that info that CAN be gleaned from these training videos is quite thin.

    You stated when visiting the actual site obviously it was poorly created. A site intended to train people on how to make money online in a business that appears to be as it if was created by a 7-year old kid speaks volumes as to how poorly the entire business site has been developed.

    I went to the site myself, clicking on the link. On the top half of the home page, the word “commission” is misspelled, (missing one “s”). Really? That’s inexcusable and without further ado I clicked out of there believing completely that the entire site was a sham.

    You did not mention how much $$ it would cost to join this venture. In my opinion, anything more than $1 would be an absolute waste of money to join this joke of a site.


    1. Yes, the unprofessional aspect is quite strange. i could not imagine launching a product before my homepage was even finished. I realise they are not using it, because all the traffic goes to the sales page but even so. They must realise that people may see it.

      Honestly, now that I am sitting here I can’t remember how much it was. I think it was in the $49 mark, plus the upsells on top of that if you were to buy them. Correction, it was $17. I just checked my invoice.

      The sad truth is that producing low quality products like this is profitable for them because of the commission they make when you are inside the members area. These are commissions they can earn even if no one buys or uses the product because these may be CPA offers and such with the vendor that they recommend inside the members area.

      So even if a person asks for a refund, they are happy to give it simply because they already made $20 in commissions for colectin his email address, etc etc.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am glad my review proved useful for you!

  4. Hello Phillip,

    In all honesty, after reading your review, commission dragon seems legitimate, but at the same time, sounds like one of those shady products.

    I’m not a huge fan of upsells and misleading information. Bogus promises always raise a red flag, so I will have to pass on this product.

    Thanks again for the review, I will take my business elsewhere.

    Kind Regards,

    1. You are correct, The sales page is full of misleading information and the sales figures are not a true reflection of what a regular user can expect.

      Products like Commission Dragon are targeted for the naive and inexperienced users who would not know any different and cannot see through the misleading information.

      The figures and stats shown, CTR, impressions, EPC and demographics are not an accurate demonstration of how to create a PPC campaign.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Much appreciated and thank you for reading my blog.

  5. Thanks for sharing this review. As somebody new to the online marketing world it would be very easy to jump onto every ‘next big thing’ but there are so many scams out there.

    I will be sure to stay away from Commission Dragon, thanks for the heads up.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Very thorough review of Commission Dragon. Their graphics look quite slick up front so its surprising to find out that their keywords video is only 6 minutes long. I would think that their competition is getting steep for this kind of thing but as you mention, they already made their commission so the dragon has taken his bite. Thanks for the warning.

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