In this review, I am looking at a brand-new service called the CB Cash Code, created by George Patterson, and I am going to give you my honest opinion about it and tell you whether or not I think it's going to help you make money online.

As always I have purchased this product, at $37, and I am now going to tell you my honest opinion about it.

I try my best to review a product based on the quality of the training inside and the strategies they teach about making money online. I use my own experience to judge whether or not I think this is going to help you.

What Is The CB Cash Code? 

Inside the member's area, you get four difference PDF documents which offer you are a rundown of what you have to do to make money as an affiliate with ClickBank.

The name of the PDFs are as follows:

  • The CB Cash Code Main Guide
  • ClickBank Cash Pro
  • ClickBank Book Plus
  • ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

Each PDF gives you details about how you can make money online selling ClickBank products using paid advertising from platforms like Bing or Google AdWords.

The main guide teaches you about ClickBank itself and how you can choose offers and products to promote.

You're also taught how to avoid poorly designed sales pages and how to avoid products which have low-quality affiliate resources.

They also cover areas such as:

  • Refund rates
  • Understanding the ClickBank stats
  • How to get started with affiliate marketing
  • Traffic sources
  • and so on.

ClickBank Cash Pro

The second guide you get teaches you about some primary traffic sources, such as:

The training is very brief and lacks any depth or detailed explanation.

The training also goes on to explain to you how you set up your first paid advertising campaign using Google Keyword Planner to find your keywords.

You're also given a brief overview of how to deal with negative keywords, tweaking your keywords and how to adjust your budget.

This PDF also goes on to talk about:

  • Email marketing and creating email sequences
  • Tweaking and assessing costs
  • Integrating ClickBank with our link tracker, such as Click Magick.
  • Common mistakes to avoid

At 48 pages, once again, this is just too short and shallow for any real in-depth training. Also when you consider that there are no video tutorials, it means that this is just not detailed enough to be of any use to anybody.

ClickBank Book Plus & ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

The last two documents both focus on social media and Facebook.

This training shows you how you can create your own Facebook page and using the leverage of social media and the social impact of viral posts on driving traffic to your landing pages and product pages.

You're also taught about personal branding and how you can use social media to this effect.

CB Cash Code misleading sales claims

Totally misleading sales pitch!

Is The Training Good?

Unfortunately, the training is just not up to scratch. The content inside the PDF documents is merely a summary of each strategy, method and implementation.

There is very little solid training here, and also there is no over the shoulder video tutorials. This makes it very unlikely for anybody to build use this to its full potential.

To give an example:

Essential topics like creating squeeze pages are summarised in just a few hundred words, and that is it, you are left to figure out how to create squeeze pages yourself.

That is the tone of the entire training because each topic, which should be an hour-long video, is summarised in just a few hundred words within these PDF documents.

How is anyone supposed to take that and turn it into a practical piece of information?

CB Cash Code testimonials

Testimonials are fake, as always!

Will The Training Help You Make Money?

The training is unlikely to help you make money based on the reasons I've given in the previous paragraph.

Any new be affiliate marketer who buys this order to try to make money online will be lost because of the incomplete and straightforward nature of this training.

There are just too many ifs and buts which will derail any attempt to implement any of the strategies they mention inside.
Even though the methods and side are legitimate and they will work, they are unlikely to work with this training.

CB Cash Code misleading

They play on your emotions to make you buy!

Would I Recommend CB Cash Code?

I would not recommend you buy the CB Cash Code system. This product is very similar to the other best selling low quality ClickBank products which are circulating at an alarming rate.

As I mention in this review there are too many flaws and too many topics inside which are just not covered in high enough detail.

This product is targeted for beginner marketers, and unfortunately, they are the ones who would be naive enough to buy it.

I think this review shows you that, even though it is not a scam, it is very low quality and it should be avoided if possible.

I hope you found my review helpful and please do leave a comment below if you have any questions or input regarding this product.

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    1. Thanks, buddy! Much appreciated! Services like this do try to capture beginner affiliate marketers who have not made any commissions yet. The sales pages are always misleading and the training is generic. Making money online is not as easy as it looks so it is vital to find honest and reliable training. If you need anything then let me know or go to my homepage.

  1. Excuse me, the testimonial about spending 10min days gain $80k a month, is it truly fake? And how you determine it is fake? She might make it if she has millions of subscriber to her email list already.

    1. Of course it is fake. The premise with this product is that these people were earning nothing when they first started the training that CB Cash Code provides. read my review carefully and you will understand why this is a low quality service.

      I determined the testimonial is fake because making $80k per month takes more than 10 minutes of work and ANYONE who makes that kind of money would never, ever, promote that timeline as a sales pitch. No self respecting person would be deceptive enough to try to convince a newbie it only takes a few minutes per day when the truth is that making money online takes hard work and years of learning and implementing.

      Also, if you look on you will find these presenters selling their testimonial services. 🙂

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