If you are here then you are trying to find out why your blog is not a success, right? You want to find out more about what it takes to create a profitable online business, right?

Well, then you need to keep reading because in this article I am covering some of the basic human qualities YOU need if you want to be successful online.

blogging takes effort and patience

Get In The Right Mind-set!

First thing is first, forget about "get-rich-quick!" I must admit, I am sick to death of people thinking that making money online, regardless of the method used, happens in a matter of days.

I get emails all the time, from people asking for help, but no one seems to understand that creating an online business takes time, energy and a bit of good old fashioned hard work.

So, you have to stop thinking that your success will come quickly. You need to think long term and see your work flow and schedule as a long term steady increase of output and profit.

Be Willing To Do What It Takes!

The majority of newbie bloggers are not willing to do what it takes. When they realise they have to write a 2,000 + word articles they recoil and say, "OMG, I have to write that much?". Personally, I do not understand this attitude, what do they expect?

Why do people assume that you can get paid for doing very little work? The successful online entrepreneurs are the ones who are willing to do what it takes.

  • Learn how to build a website
  • Learn SEO and stay on top of Google Updates
  • Learn new skills and traffic methods
  • Develop your knowledge within your niche
  • and so on, and so forth...

But, the thing is, it is much easier than it looks!

If you are not willing to do this, then why do you want to be a blogger?

be tenacious when blogging

Try & Fail... Then Try Again!

A big part of blogging and creating an online presence is failing. Think of all the things you have to master:

  • Content research
  • SEO practices and the changing environment of Google
  • Reaching out to other bloggers
  • Designing your website and learning to use content builders
  • and much more...

Do you think you will master all these aspects on the first try?

Absolutely not!

From day one, you go through stages of trial and error. You write content, re-read and and re-write it with time. You will always have to go back and touch up old content from time to time as you own knowledge grows.

You learn about SEO and as your blog progresses you will quickly find you made mistakes and you have to go back to old blog posts and refine your on page and off page SEO efforts.

You build your website, but as as your own knowledge, opinions and direction of your overall message changes, so does your design.

Every single month your website will develop as you learn about new CTA techniques, wording, along with colour combinations and user experience expectations.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is; "Don't worry about it!"

Your blog will change and evolve along a natural pattern. It will feel like you are making mistakes and messing things up but it is the only way to learn. 

As your own skill and knowledge develops withing you niche you naturally learn about new methods, techniques, industry standard and strategies which increase conversion and user experience.

Don't fight it. Embrace it!

need help staying motivated with your blog

Think of it as a long term business

Creating a blog has to be approached as a long term business idea. 

Think of it as a restaurant or a bar, it takes time to build a regular customer base and returning customers.

The same applies to a website.

Once you start a blog you need to create a lot of content to create a base layer of engaging content for your visitors to sink their teeth into.

It takes on average 3 years for a normal business to establish itself and start making a regular profit. I would agree that creating an online income does come quicker but the same principle applies.

Take Another Look At Your Blog's Progress

Go back and re-evaluate your blog. 

Think about how far you have progressed and evaluate how your blog has developed over its lifespan. 

I find a very useful technique is to go back and read some older blog posts, can you see how much better your newer content is?

Can you see the improved design work and layout?

This is a great motivator and if you are, at this point, struggling to stay motivated and questioning if blogging is for you, then go back and see how far you have actually come.

Results do not always have to be of a monetary fashion. Quite often it can come in the form of personal improvement.

Even though you may only have a small amount of traffic, it will still be 1000% more than someone who does not have a blog.

You may only have 200 email subscribers but that is 200 more than you had when you first started your blog.

be patient when blogging

Improve 1% per Day!

I am a great believer in improving in small steps. 

If you improve your blog by 1% per day, it may seem like a waste of time or a bit frivolous. 

However, if you improve 1% per day and think long term, that is 365% over the whole YEAR!

Now, spread that across your email list, your conversion rate, your click through rate (CTR) and your dwell time and suddenly over the next 365 days you can drastically improve your blogs performance, albeit at seemingly small increments.

Ways To Stay Motivated

There are tons of ways to stay motivated when your blog is struggling and you, the creator, is feeling deflated and desperate for results.


Read this post, obviously!


Check out some other inspirational blog posts by successful bloggers who chronicle their websites development with their ups and downs. 

I find these types of posts very inspirational because you always find something which you can identify with.

Vicky's Case study website which is now 3 years old. Making between $2,000 and $5,000 per month.

From $0 to Las Vegas Super Affiliate conference in 2 years. Vitality's Journey

blogging takes effort and patience


Recognise the quality of someone who succeeds. You do not need to be a 100% purely bred, cutthroat businessman to succeed online.

The difference between success and failure.

The common factor between someone who creates a successful blog and someone who quits is a person who does not stop!

You have to be tenacious and keep working, even when things seem to be progressing very slowly. Effectively you have to be willing to work for free for a while before the commissions start coming in.

How To Rejuvenate Your Mindset

If you arrived at this blog post because you are frustrated and deflated at the slow progress of your blog then try and remember the points I made today.

Remember that blogging is a long term thing and as soon as you accept this notion you will see that your attitude towards your work and you future will change.

The sad truth is that most people fail because they are not patient enough. There is no question that their written content is great, their ideas a wonderful and they have a real gift for engaging with their audience.

Sadly, they give up and stop working on their blog long before it is due to mature.

Don't be that person!

I wonder how many dead blogs are lying to waste on the Internet which could have been big money makers, had they just been given a chance.

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  1. I have always been intrigued by the idea of making a blog, but always end up making excuses as to why I believe it wouldn’t be successful. This article showed me that with the right amount of time and investment that I too can also have a successful blog, but I need to be willing to put in the work.

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