In this review, I am talking about a brand new product called Become an Expert Online, by Silvia Galati & Shaqir Hussyin.

I will determine if this training is worth it or if it is a scam. I base my reviews on my personal experience when using the product in question. 

This service promises to show you how to become an online marketer and how to make money online.

The sales video portrays the usual story about how horrible it is to work a 9 till 5 job and that this online freedom can save you from a boring and average life.

The truth of the matter is that there is not much training here about what it takes to become an affiliate marketer. The training is no more than an introduction to making money online.

So, I am going to take you through the members area and I will show you a few aspects which may change your mind about whether or not you should buy this training module.


There is only one upsell to speak of and it is for a more advanced training access. You will get access to more in depth strategies to really kick start your affiliate marketing career. This includes:

  • Advanced Affiliate Programs
  • Developing Your Online Persona
  • PPC Advertising on Facebook
  • Instagram For Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Promoting Live Events

I did not buy this upgrade because the price is quite high but, mainly, I did not buy it because right underneath this upsell, there is a screenshot of Silvia's profits from the MOBE dashboard.

HUGE red flag for me, so I decided to look into this...

Become An Expert Online Premium upsell 1

My Personal Experience & Red Flag!

The initial sales page is slick and beautifully made. Normally these types of products have a lot of bogus sales figures, profit screens and misleading information but this one is tastefully done.

However, this is as far as my enthusiasm goes with this product. It becomes quite clear, once I enter the members area, what the purpose behind Silvia's product really is.

The training provided is just a smoke screen and acts as an introduction to the real product which you HAVE to buy if you want to make any use of this training. The training provided will not help you make money online because it sums up the entire affiliate marketing industry in 23 x 6 minute videos - which is WAY too short and can not be called quality training.

The True Purpose Of This Product?

The true purpose with this training is to get YOU to sign up to an affiliate marketing program called 'MOBE', also known as 'MTTB' which stand for 'My Online Business Empire' and 'My Top Tier Business' respectively. MTTB is one of many products within MOBE.

If you have not heard about MOBE then you are lucky because it is the most controversial affiliate network online. If you do a quick Google search you will find a lot of horror stories attached to these names.

I have no personal opinion about MOBE because I have not tried it, but I can read and I have watched a lot of videos from both sides. This is why I need to warn you about this, so KEEP READING:


The training consists of 23 training videos which talk you through the process of affiliate marketing and what methods you use to produce traffic and revenue.

You are given a very nice introduction to such things as:

  • YouTube traffic
  • Facebook Ads
  • How To Build An Audience
  • Sales Funnels
  • and much more... see screenshot!

However, these videos are about 6 minutes each and only serve as an introduction. You do get given a couple of resources such as ClickFunnels and a few other training sources but there is very little training here.

Overall this is merely an introduction.

You would have to agree that making a 6 minute video about Facebook advertising cannot encapsulate the entire process of making an ad, split testing, targeting and retargeting with email marketing.

There are entire courses for this one specific monetization method, so how can a 6 minute video sum this up in any valuable way?

So, as I mentioned previously, it is quite clear that the training in itself if just the smoke screen needed to promote the real product here, which is MOBE.

Technically, this training is what you paid for but it will not make you any money as the training is no where near detailed enough to produce any results.

The sales video is a bit misleading because the training inside does not help you get out of the 9 to 5 struggle, you simply pay over the odds for some very nice explainer videos.

Become An Expert Online Members Area Training

Will You Make Money?

No. The training provided within the 'Become An Expert Online' program will not make you any money. The training is a nice introduction but you can find all this information online for free. Also, if you have had any experience with making WordPress blogs or doing any light research you will encounter all these methods already. There is no actual money making method here.

Why Are Silvia Galati & Shaqir Hussyin Promoting MOBE?

The shortest answer is; MONEY! 

MOBE is probably one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online. If you join MTTB via Silvia's affiliate link and you upgrade to the Licensing Rights, at a price of $1,997, she is earning a $1,500+ commission. If you go all the way and upgrade to the Platinum Membership, her commission would be over $20,000!

Regardless, it will cost you $49 to join MOBE. 

I want to clarify that Silvia Galati & Shaqir Hussyin are NOT scam artists, ok.

They are perfectly entitled to promote anything they want and MOBE is a real product which a lot of people do make money with. HOWEVER.... this is not what I paid for. I paid for Silvia's product, not MOBE, and Silvia's training is not up to scratch.

MOBE is a high end product and you need to have a lot of money to play with in order to be able to make money with it. This is why so many people get burnt because an average Joe won't have the funds and cash flow to reproduce the success of richer peers. 

This means that they are doomed to failure, not because of any lack of ambition but it simply comes down to money. Even with the best of training, 90% of all newbie affiliates fail. Using MOBE is just as risky as any other business and it is a very expensive way to fail.

Is Become An Expert Online A Scam?

No. I would not consider this to be a scam. 

However, I do consider it a very sneaky and slightly deceptive way to get people inside the MOBE members area. Here is my reasoning behind my opinion here.

MOBE has a very volatile reputation online, no one can argue with that. The people who use it and profit with it are incredibly defensive when someone raises any questions, which is completely understandable. 

Then, on the opposite side, you have the people who have had very negative experiences with MOBE and who call it a scam because they lost thousands of dollars.

My feelings on this matter are irrelevant here, the controversy surrounding MOBE is fact, regardless of which side of the fence you are on... Agreed?

Bearing this in mind, don't you think it would be more ethical and honest of Silvia to mention this BEFORE you pay $37 for the her membership? Assuming you did not also spend the extra $297 on the upgraded membership, that is...​​​​

You have to remember that the training inside the members area serves no purpose unless you join MOBE because you are not really shown how to build an online business which is why you paid for this product in the first place.

Let Me Put This Into Perspective

Personally, I promote a product called Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training program for people who want to build a website that makes money, just like MOBE but on a much cheaper and safer level. I try to be as upfront and honest as I can about what it is, what it does and everything inside.

So imagine if I sold you access to this product, only for you to discover AFTER YOU PAID, that in order to use it, you would have to fork out another $1,997 - Would you feel cheated and slightly mislead? (this is obviously not the case, I am just using it as an example!)

That is basically what is happening here. In the sales video for Become An Expert Online there is no mention of MOBE or any other costs. As far as you are concerned you are paying for training program that is going to show you how to make money online, but you do not get that inside. This training will not help you make money online.

These are some screen shots from the sales video where the price is discussed. Do you see anything which seems misleading?

Become An Expert Online promise 2
Become An Expert Online promise 3
Become An Expert Online promise 4
Become An Expert Online promise 5
Become An Expert Online promise 6
Become An Expert Online promise 7
Become An Expert Online promise 8
Become An Expert Online promise 10
Become An Expert Online promise 11

What do you think? Have you had any experience with this product or MOBE? Please do leave a comment below.

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