In this review, I'm looking at a product called Auto Tweets, by Steven Hall. This is a product which shows you how you can make money on Twitter on autopilot by using a very clever piece of software.

My review is based on my opinion about this service after I purchased the product and tried it for myself. Can you really make money on Twitter on autopilot?

Steven Hall is also the creator of Auto affiliate Programme which I reviewed last year. Even though I am not a big fan of automated software, it was OK and I have a feeling Auto Tweets may be of the same quality.

So, let take a look at the features and resources within this product.

auto tweet reviews

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How Does Auto Tweet Work?

Inside Auto Tweets you have the ability to effectively stack, or queue, pre-written Tweets which will automatically be posted on Twitter at set intervals. These intervals are set by you, so for example, you can post every 4 hours.

You can queue up to 300 Tweets, which will allow you a huge variety of messages for your followers.

The idea is that you can queue up a huge collection of Tweets which will be valuable and engaging with your audience. Thus allowing you more time to do more productive things instead of constantly seeking our fresh and continuous material to post on Twitter.

The key here, which Steven does point out, is to provide valuable information and not try and sell to frequently.

auto tweet review

You are also shown:

How to get more Twitter followers by using a simple technique of finding niche related influencers and following their followers. This is a clever trick because they are highly targeted and very likely to follow you back.

How to monetize Twitter by finding ClickBank products to promote on your Twitter page. Steven covers what factors to consider when choosing a product to promote.

How to set up automatic news updates by linking up to Google Alerts and automatically posting to your Twitter feed with keyword targeted and related content. This is quite a clever feature because it allows you to automatically post very informative and engaging content which is already popular on the Internet.

How to add royalty free images to your tweets. You are shown some great websites where you can find royalty free images which you can use for any purpose. These sources are incredibly high quality and have a huge database of relative and beautiful pictures you can use in your tweets.

Is It A Scam?

I do not think Auto Tweets is a scam. The service itself is simple and straightforward and it doesn't use any manipulative methods.

However, I would use caution because using any automated tools on social media can get your account banned if you use them incorrectly. Even though there is nothing inherently malicious about the software, if you use it improperly, you will have your account banned.

But, then again, Stephen does cover this on a number of occasions in his training.

Will You Make Money?

This is where my enthusiasm ends for this product because I do not believe that you will make a lot of money, at least not with the method that is suggested.

Making money on social media takes time because you have to really engage, reach out and spend a lot of time interacting with your followers. Simply posting pre-written impersonal messages, even though they may receive some interaction, is not the proper way of building a long-term and loyal following.

Let me show you what I mean.

If you take a look at the accounts used by Steven Hall in his training, the usernames (Top3 Diets & The_LOA), which you can see clearly in his videos. You will see that his pages do not have very many engagements, if any. If you scroll down past the last couple of months worth of tweets you will see quite clearly that almost none of them have any engagements, even though he has many thousands of followers.

The diet niche Twitter accounts he has has almost no followers and no interactions at all. Seems kinda strange for a method which he says he uses every morning, no?

No engagements on stevens twitter accounts

So, what does this tell you about this method?

Either it means that the niches he is using are unresponsive and not a very passionate audience or it means the method is not very useful. Personally, I feel that both these audiences are quite passionate and engaging whenever I have come across them on other social media pages and so I do not understand why the engagement is so low unless the method doesn't work properly.

Also the cost of this software is about $20 per month, which is incredibly expensive when you consider that you can get these types of services for free elsewhere. So, I find it unlikely you will make money with Auto Tweets if you only follow the method suggested.

So How Can You Make Money Using Auto Tweets?

In order to make money using this method you would have to be much more active and engaging with your audience. You can still use the automated feature, which I must admit it is very handy.

However you have to apply a human touch and be manually active on your social accounts and engage with your audience, follow other people, retweet other people's posts and build a connection with your audience.

auto tweets

Simply posting random, but relevant content, within a niche is not good enough.

If you combined the automated process and using your own time and personal touch I do feel you could make money with this method, but solely relying on the automated process will not be enough.

Are There Alternatives To Auto Tweet?

I would recommend a service called Buffer, which is a cloud based software that offers scheduled social media posting across multiple platforms and it is completely free.

There are Premium versions which allow you more features, but the free version is more than ample for a beginner.

My Overall Thoughts

I would not really recommend this Auto Tweets product. I do admit that it does work great and it is practical but on a basic level it does not fulfill the core needs of any social media platform - Engagement, a personal touch and that the ability to grow your audience and loyalty.

What about you? Have you tried this service? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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