An Honest Review of Devid Farah’s Dropship Selling Academy – Is It Worth The Money?

Product Name - Dropship Selling Academy & 1-Click Dropship

Creator - Devid Farah & Victory Akpos

Price - $29 (early bird) + Upsells

In this review, I am going to show you inside Devid Farah's new product called Dropship Selling Academy & 1-Click Dropship.

This is a training module which is designed to show you how to make money from dropshipping & ecommerce with Shopify and Aliexpress. You can also use eBay, Walmart, Etsy and other major stores to gain an additional edge over the market. 

There is also an accompanying software called 1-click Dropship and is designed to help you quickly fulfill orders and process payments from customers. There also features inside to search for products based on price, shipping method (ePacket) and keywords.

I purchased a copy for $29, and I think the price is due to increase to $197 at the end of the launch week, but this could be false scarcity, I do not know. 

I am now going to show you inside and tell you my honest opinion about this training module. Will it teach you how to build a six-figure business as a dropshipper? 

If you want to find out what I think then keep reading or watch my video review.

Is The Training Good?

The following is a detailed overview of the training you get inside Dropship Selling Academy but it does not include any of the OTO's/upgrades as I only purchased the main product.

Overall I feel the training is quite low quality. There are no over the shoulder tutorials with and practical implementation strategies. Each video is a short presentation where Devid talks about dropshipping, without any practical guidance on how to actually do anything, such as:

  • creating listings.
  • building a Shopify store.
  • optimising for ecommerce SEO.
  • how to create Facebook ads for dropshipping.
  • How to calculate ROI and ad costs.
  • How to do anything to do with Shopify.
  • Shipping time from China
  • How to deal with complaints.
  • How to negotiate with Chinese businesses.
  • and so on...

There are too many elements that are missed out, at least in my opinion.

Dropship Selling Academy 1 Click Dropship Multi — Dropship Selling Academy Members Area

There are a total of 29 video tutorials, and this is what you will learn:

1. Basic Intro - 04:24 mins

The opening video introduces the member's area. Devid Farah gives you a warm welcome to the training.

2. What's Dropshipping + What Products To Sell? - 04:54 mins

The second video talks to you about dropshipping and what the process involves. You are given a clear outline of the relationship between you and the customer with regards to:

  • who deals with packaging and handling
  • dealing with suppliers
  • how you make money
  • advantages to dropshipping
  • why it is important to find legitimate wholesalers
  • what kind of products you should sell.
  • why you should sell certain products.

3. How To Dropship On Shopify - Intro - 00:40 secs

This is a super quick and simple intro to Shopify where Devid gives you a warm welcome to the Shopify platform.

4. How To Establish Your Brand In 3 Minutes - 09:19 mins

Here you are shown the importance of establishing a brand and getting a logo created for your new shop with

The training goes on to show you why creating a social media presence is also very important, and you are shown a social media management software you can use to manage multiple social accounts.

You are told you need to create a custom domain and email which comes with a Shopify store.

Then something strange happens:

Devid says, "By the way guys, I am NOT going to show you how to set up your Shopify store because you have to buy my other training called Build My Store to learn that"

In a nutshell, this tutorial teaches you nothing. You are told these various points, but you are not shown how to complete them.

5. How To Find a Killer Niche - 07:51 mins

This video tutorial shows you how you can use a website called Watch Count to check the sales volume of specific products within certain niches.

You then use this information to determine which products are very popular before you move on to audience research within Facebook to estimate which audience you target with these hot selling products.

6. How To Find an Audience To Target - 05:25 mins

In this tutorial, you are given a brief introduction into the Facebook audience insights tool which you can use to find which demographic suits your niche.

You are shown how to search for interests and find related pages people are liking on Facebook. You can then use this information to build an audience that you can target based on interests, behaviour, age, sex, location and so on. 

This tutorial is also very short and doesn't really cover much in any great detail; it's only 5:25 mins long.

7. How To Find Killer Products on AliExpress - 13:36 mins

Here you are shown how to find popular products on Aliexpress which you then investigate to ensure they are dropshipping friendly.

You are also shown how you can find product ideas and compare them to your Facebook audience insights tool to further research products and potential hot selling items. 

You need to find products in the $1 to $4 range which you then sell for between $10 and $50 each, ensuring a huge profit.

8. Advanced Strategies To Find Top Products On AliExpress - 18:36 mins - 4:24 mins

The eighth training video teaches you nothing. The progress bar tells that the duration of this should be 18 minutes and 36 seconds but the video you get is only 4 minutes and 24 seconds long, and it talks about a different product called the Targeting Academy, which is also by Devid Farah.

The video introduces what Targeting Academy is, but there is no buy button and there is no information about why this video is here. 

8 Advanced Strategies To Find Top Products On AliExpress — Dropship Selling Academy Members Area

I think this may have been embedded by mistake. This module has no purpose because there is no information here about advanced strategies on finding hot selling products on AliExpress, as the title suggests.

9. The SECRET To Use AliExpress To Find Top Selling Products - 08:33 mins

This module teaches you how you can compare the dropship prices from AliExpress with the retail prices people are charging on the mainstream marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

The tutorial goes on to explain how you can request custom modifications to your dropship items to make you eligible to sell them on Etsy.

This will be a very costly and difficult procedure, to have the products custom-made, and is unlikely to be of any use to a newbie at this stage. Nevertheless, it is a useful tutorial to be aware of.

10. How To Get Amazing Bargains On AliExpress - 06:16 mins

This tutorial shows you how you can contact vendors on AliExpress and ask them if they can give you a large discount in exchange for their products.

You contact them and ask them if you can buy 5 or 10 samples to test out and tell them that if they sell well, then you will be ordering a lot more from them. This is a simple strategy but it can be effective.

11. How To Avoid Counterfeit Products On AliExpress - 12:40 mins

The 11th video tutorial shows you how you can spot and avoid counterfeit products on AliExpress.

China has a very loose copyright infringement policy which allows them to reproduce and use copyrighted images and logos on their products.

You have to avoid selling anything that has a copyright name on it, such as Marvel or Nike, because you will get in a lot of trouble if you try and sell fake merchandise on your Shopify store.

12. How To Know If Your Product Will Sell Like Hotcakes - Intro - 01:04 mins

This is a very short introduction video talking about how you can use Google and other websites to determine if your product is going to be a hot selling product.

13. Technique #1: eBay Completed Listings - 08:10 mins

This video shows you how you can use the completed sales on eBay to search through previous listings and find which products sold.

This is an extension of the watch count strategy to give you an idea of what types of products are selling well and for what price.

You can then obviously use this as a building block when you choose your own product to dropship from Shopify. If you know there is a demand you know they'll sell.

14. Technique #2: Amazon - 06:47 mins

This next technique shows you how you can use the Amazon bestsellers list to identify potentially profitable items.

When you find an item which is selling like hot cakes you would then find the equivalent item on AliExpress and proceed to check if an item is selling well on Amazon then there is an excellent chance there is a high demand for the item, your next step would be to find the audience who are buying the item.

15. Technique #3: Terapeak - 05:00 mins

Here you are shown how to use a specific search tool which itemises which products have been sold and for how much on Ebay. 

The software is called Terapeak and it gives you a detailed diagnostic about the average price, average shipping cost, sell through rate, start price, total listing amount and much more.

You can search by categories, listing type, or any keyword you want to find items within your niche. This allows you to get a detailed view of how much they are selling for how many are selling.

16. Technique #4: WatchCount - 4:20 mins

This is another video about the Watch Count feature on eBay which you can use to find hot selling items in seconds.

You simply place the keyword you want in the search box and return the top-selling and the most watched items on eBay within that niche. This helps you identify hot selling products very quickly.

17. 7 Killer Products To Sell On Your Shopify Stores - 00:52 mins

This is a quick intro into the next section which show you some killer products you can sell yourself.

18. Money Making Idea #1: Foot Massagers - 05:03 mins

You are shown a hot selling product, which is a foot massager, and you learn why images are important and that is about it.

There is no real explanation about the cost of shipping, profit calculations and so on.

You are told to buy for $5 and sell it for $15-$20. Even though this may seem like a hot selling product, there is no real explanation about what to do with it and how to sell it.

19. Money Making Idea #2: Handmade Pipes - 04:33 mins
20. Money Making Idea #3: Microfiber Towels - 01:55 mins
21. Money Making Idea #4: Beach Towels - 02:05 mins
22. Money Making Idea #5: Car Air Fresheners - 01:31 mins
23. Money Making Idea #6: Car Wash Mitt - 01:46 mins
24. Money Making Idea #7: Dash Cams - 02:37 mins
25. Money Making Idea #8: Pillow Cases - 02:28 mins

All these so-called killer products, which you can copy and sell on your store, are good ideas but the training doesn't show you anything about them.

You're not shown how to list them on your store or how to sell them.

There's not even a close diagnosis of how much to charge.

You're only told: "Here this is a great product. Sell this", without any real reason or logic behind.

26. Dropshipping Secrets You MUST Know! - 11:28 mins

Within this tutorial, you are taught how to avoid fake dropshippers who act as middlemen and charging for the privilege of buying products from them when you can go straight to the supplier/wholesaler.

You're also taught how to approach dropshipping suppliers and how to communicate with them.

You also get a list of four highly respected and well-known sources where you can find verified dropshippers. This is a handy resource.

27. How To Promote Tripwire Offers with FB Ads - 12:16 mins

This video teaches you some tricks about how you can split test your ad campaigns on Facebook.

You are shown multiple steps: how you can set up your tripwire product with three different campaigns and 15 different ad sets so you can determine which ones are bringing in the most valuable traffic. 

This video is quite valuable and will serve you very well to understand how to split test your ads to find the profitable one.

However, like everything else inside Dropship Selling Academy, there is no tutorial to show you how to create anything or do anything practical.

The training is all theory with no over the shoulder tutorials. A complete beginner will be very lost.

28. How To Optimize the Picture of Your FB Ad - 09:57 mins

This is a simple video where Devid shows you how you can use photoshop to edit a product image to make it more appealing for your Facebook ad. 

You make the image appealing by adding special offer overlays and 60% off text and so on, which makes it more clickable and more appealing to the buyer.

29. How To Optimize the Text for Your Ad - 11:14 mins

The last training video shows you how to write ad copy for your Facebook advert.

You are told what to write as an example for a necklace being sold, but there is no instruction on how to create that the advert. You are not shown how to deal with the campaign, the ad set, only the actual ad.

This means you do not have any tutorials on how to target a specific audience, how to set up your budgeting, how to manage your campaigns or anything inside the business manager of Facebook.

Is the & 1-Click Dropship software worth using?

The software which comes with this purchase does have a basic function, but unless you upgrade to the pro version it serves no purpose.

You can use the AliExpress spy/importer feature to quickly find products on AliExpress and use the import button to import the product listing directly to the ecommerce Shopify store. 

You can also use it to find products which use ePackets for shipping. This does save time, but there is a limited functionality on the search features.

1 Click Dropship inside the software for drop shipping academy

There is also a built-in editor which, again, serves little purpose because you can do this inside your Shopify store and is convenient but not essential.

The key feature here, which is supposed to be a huge time saver, is the automatic order/fulfilment feature.

This will automatically place the order with the AliExpress vendor to save you time and money but, as always, you have to upgrade to unlock this feature.

This type of pressured up-selling is very annoying because the sales page promises to show you how you can use the software but your hand is forced here because you have to upgrade to use this properly.

You will be much better off going to Oberlo and using their free tool, which is basically the same but better, to achieve the same purpose. At least with Oberlo you can get a lot more free features which are perfect for a beginner.

You can also add multiple stores and use other sources like Walmart or eBay within the 1-Click Dropship Software, but you have to pay for that as well.

Will Dropship Selling Academy Help You Make Money Online?

All the advice you get inside this training is up-to-date and is accurate. Nevertheless, the tutorials are very thin and short which means a lot of room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Each video is, on average, about 5 to 6 mins long so we can see that there is no real in-depth training here. 

Couple this with the lack of over the shoulder tutorials then, someone who is inexperienced, is very unlikely to succeed with this strategy, because there is no strategy.

There is no training on things such as: building a Shopify store, creating listings and editing products, filling orders and running Facebook ads, and so on.

The sales page is misleading

Which brings me onto the next point; the congruency and relevancy of the sales page to what you get inside the training. The sales page promises some secret strategy or training to show you exactly how to become a Shopify dropshipper.

I do think there is a huge disconnect between these two promises and the product delivery.

Dropship Selling Academy – Dropship Selling Academy misleading information

Yes, you do get some solid advice and training on becoming a dropshipper, but there is zero over the shoulder training on the practical side of actually doing it. 

Therefore I do feel the sales page is very misleading because you're not show anything.

Would I recommend you buy Dropship Selling Academy?

If you have absolutely zero experience with dropshipping and you have never even opened a store before, then this training will prove useful up to a point. However, do not expect any training on how to actually open a store and physically run it.

All the training you learn here is purely theory with no over the shoulder training.

If you already have experience with opening Shopify stores and running some basic Facebook adverts, then this training may prove helpful, but the chances are you've heard all this information before.

Therefore, in my opinion, I cannot recommend this because there is no end purpose to it and for the price tag it is not worth the money.

Had the training been a bit longer and a bit more in-depth, then absolutely! But, as it is, there isn't enough information here to warrant the price or to actually teach anyone anything.

Is Dropship Selling Academy a Scam

Absolutely not! This is a genuine and honest program. Devid Farah has been around for a while and has released previous modules, such as Targeting Academy, which I really liked.

In this case, I just don't feel there is enough information here to warrant the price, but the training itself is not a scam and you can buy this completely safe knowing that you are in safe hands.


Overall I feel that this product is a bit of a letdown. There is no over the shoulder tutorials, and the training is purely theory with short and incomplete training videos.

The software which comes with the training has very limited features and due to lack of over the shoulder tutorials serves no purpose.

The main training doesn't show you how to create a Shopify store, so how is somebody supposed to know how to use the software if they do not even know how to connect it with your Shopify store?

The main purpose of Dropship Selling Academy is to make you buy more products, such as Build My Store 2.0 and the upgrade to the dropship software.

This type of forced upgrading and sales pressure is very unfair because the sales page did not mention any of this.

I think we all expect and understand that you do have to upgrade certain things but in your own time and pace, it should not be forced on you in this way.

I hope this review of Dropship Selling Academy was helpful and if you have any questions or queries and please do leave a comment below.

  • October 25, 2018

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