In this review, I am looking at a product called Penny Clicks Academy. This training module was created by James Sides and Sam Finley who are the co founders of Ignite Academy. This training was designed to help beginner affiliate marketers create brand new Facebook pages and get quick low cost and targeted likes and build a following on Facebook.

Penny clicks academy review

Creators - James Sides and Sam Finley

Website - ​
Cost - $47

The training also shows you how to engage with your audience and to get free likes by using a few clever methods to capitalise on Facebook engagement and to create a snowball effect with your Facebook posts.

In order for you to use this service you do not need any experience, you do not need a product and email lists or any content. You do not need a website, because you only need a niche and the willingness to spend a little bit of money in order to increase your likes and then to spend some time interacting with your audience and gradually grow your Facebook following.

This review is based on my personal opinion after I bought and used this training in order to create a comprehensive review based on my experience using the service.

I Highly Recommend This Product!

It is quite rare for me to recommend something. 90% of all affiliate programs and training modules I test are generally very poor quality and only serves to make the author money. Penny Clicks Academy is different because this Facebook training will help you and it really does work!

What Will You Learn

Inside the members area there are a collection of about 16 videos. These video modules will take you through step-by-step on:

  • how to choose a niche.
  • how to set up a Facebook page and also how to build your initial fanbase.
  • how to post efficiently on your Facebook wall.
  • how to increase engagement, CTR and sharing appeal.
  • how to get free likes in order to increase your following. 

These modules also show you how to monetize your Facebook page and they show you some case studies on how you can further improve and convert your new following.


The Process Of Making Money On Facebook

Here is the process taught by Penny Clicks Academy to make money on Facebook. This gives you a brief outline of what you would learn with the training. Bear in mind, this is just an outline and the training itself is more in depth.

Step 1

Your first objective is to simply create a Facebook page within your chosen niche. The niche is decided based on your own personal knowledge of a product or a niche or an area that you think might be profitable.

Step 2

The second step is to create the Facebook page.

Step 3

The third step is to learn how to post content on your Facebook page and how to make them engaging and how to make people want to click the link and engage with your content.

Step 4

The 4th step is to start running paid advertising starting at $5 per day to get likes to your Facebook page. This is a very simple straightforward and low-cost method, which is very safe and manageable.

Step 5

The next step is to use the snowball effect of your page likes to increase your free likes by interacting with your audience, commenting and inviting new members to join. This is achieved by posting relevant and engaging content which gives people a reason to share and like your content.

Step 6

The last step is to start monetizing your content. This is achieved by, once again, posting relevant and engaging content with product placements and links to landing pages.

penny clicks academy proof

Is The Training Any Good

The training with in Penny Clicks Academy is great because it breaks down the process of getting cheap Facebook likes into very easy chunks. This makes it ideal for beginners because there is no overly complicated methods, just simple straightforward advice.

I would agree that there could be some more advanced methods included in this training but that is not who this is target for. Penny Clicks Academy is designed for people who are creating a Facebook page from scratch who need cheap likes which are targeted and ready to convert.

Even and experienced affiliate marketer will find benefit by using these methods.

Luckily James sides and Sam Finley have released other related products which will help you take your Facebook page to the next level when you need to increase conversion optimise Facebook ads and move on to video marketing and more advanced methods to capture leads and increase conversions and sales. Such as the Social Ad Pro and Video Mastery training.

Is Penny Clicks Academy Worth The Money

In my opinion, yes it is! This is because it only costs $47 but the training you get is very, very good. You will learn some very cool tricks on how to increase engagement, how to increase your Facebook likes and once you have completed the training you are in a very comfortable position to take your Facebook following to the next level.

Running the Facebook ads themselves to to get the likes in the first place is very cheap and you can start running them for so little as $5 per day, which I think you can agree is very, very cheap.

If you were to try this on your own without any guidance you would most likely end up wasting at least $150 before you were able to target your demographic in the same way that you are taught at Penny Clicks.

So, with that in mind, I feel that this training is worth every penny because the foundation that your learning will benefit benefit you in the long run and you will make money by using this method.

Penny clicks academy review

How long Will It Take To Make A Profit?

This is the only true variable with this training. When it comes to making money online there is no true gauge or time which can be applied to every person.

Using the training provided will definitely set you up to make money online but at the end of the day you have to put in the effort and you have to follow through with the training given. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take a few months before you start seeing a regular profit coming back to you.

This is because you have to:

  • engage with your audience
  • split test and filter down your demographic
  • post regularly throughout the week with interesting and engaging content
  • offer value before you try and sell products
  • build a trusting relationship with your followers

But, most importantly, you have to understand that building a Facebook following which converts into sales takes time because someone who likes your page today might not feel comfortable buying something from you for another two months or perhaps even six months.

The average person needs at least 6 or 7 exposures to a brand or product before they feel they trust them enough to actually buy something.

This is why using Facebook and training modules like Penny Clicks Academy is a long-term project because you have to understand that it takes time to build a real and a trusting relationship with your following, regardless of the source of the traffic.


How Much Do You Need To Invest

Apart from the initial cost of the training, which is $47, you will need roughly $5 per day to run the initial ads to increase your likes. You should be able to get roughly 1000 likes for every $100 you spend, but this can easily be doubled if you engage with your audience and use the methods taught within the training. However, as a conservative guess, 1000 likes per $100 is a reasonable estimate.

So, I would say based on my experience, if you spent $500 and one month of your time engaging with the audience posting regular valuable contents, and by using the methods taught within Penny Clicks Academy, you should be able to build a following of about 10,000 people within 60 days. However, as I said, this very much depends on your effort, skill level and ability to follow instructions.

My overall opinion

Personally, I highly recommend Penny Clicks Academy. I have reviewed many products over the last few years and most of them always fail to deliver. However, in this case, the training provided is accurate, relevant and will definitely help you build a targeted and loyal Facebook following.

The monetization methods they teach are reasonable and will help you get a better understanding of how to make money from Facebook.

I Highly Recommend This Product!

It is quite rare for me to recommend something. 90% of all affiliate programs and training modules I test are generally very poor quality and only serves to make the author money. Penny Clicks Academy is different because this Facebook training will help you and it really does work!

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for detailed and very insightful review, I really love it from the fact that you are very honest and do not lie that we will be making millions as soon as we join the system and acknowledge that it is not possible to tell. So I will be trying out this training see how it goes.

  2. This looks like a great training course.

    Could one possibly use this training in conjunction with a niche or website that you already own in order to increase your sales to your website, or would you only use this for Facebook pages alone.

    You are right $47 doesn’t seem like much at all for a training course such as this one.

    1. You can use the training in conjunction with any website and any niche. So, if you have a a small niche blog, you could use this training to drive targeted traffic to your sales pages and blog posts. 

      The Facebook ads will not only improve your sales but also help you build a brand name. The snowball effect will take hold and you will see great results.

  3. I love what I see, but I do have some questions. I bookmarked and I will read a second time. Here are the questions:
    1. Am I correct in saying I am paying for the likes?
    2. How will this lead to making money?
    Let me confess and also explain a bit. I have been guilty before of just “liking” articles I failed to read. I recently assumed this is not right and downright misleading. I am now clicking, reading and learning a lot. This is what I want to see for my webpages. Please enlighten my darkness as I search for the truth and would also like to make lots of money in my pajamas. Looking forward to a dialogue and some help.

    1. Hi Josephine

      Yes, you are paying for the likes. You are taught how to find quality and targeted traffic, based on your niche, who are likely to enjoy your content.

      Remember that every time someone likes or comments on your content within Facebook, the organic reach increases. 

      Creating a Facebook income usually consists of creating valuable and engaging content to share on your Facebook page. You then drive traffic to your website which will have product placements or perhaps CPA offers.

      There are a lot of ways which the Penny Clicks Academy method can be used to monetise your website and Facebook page.

      You can:

      Build your email list and market too them with relevant content to your niche..

      Use product placements, such as digital products from ClickBank to earn affiliate commissions.

      You can use drop shipping from places like Ebay, Amazon or Ali Express and use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your sales pages.

      The beauty with a Facebook page is that the organic traffic grows quickly. If you continuously share high quality and relevant content with your followers then your links will naturally be shared, liked and commented on. This, in turn, will increase natural traffic, decrease bounce rate and increase sales.

      Naturally, this does take time but the training provided at PCA is great and it sets you off to a great start.

  4. thank you for the down to earth review, without the hype, it was a precious moment for me, as I almost gave up what I wanted to do because of the insane hype out there, as I knew there was potential to make money on the internet. Honestly, I was looking at a blog a short while ago, its content discussed making 18,000.00 a day, OK. any way.Your honest safe and sustainable way’s in your post’s are a real pleasure to view, as you said it the truth mean’s everything. I am very pleased with my read, and I will be following your blog with no Hype. sincerely Jack

    1. Whenever I review any Internet Marketing products or training modules I try and be as honest as I can. My integrity is everything and so if I write honestly then I can always sleep well and keep my head high.

      Penny Clicks Academy is a great example of affordable but quality training. The Facebook work is a tricky one and to see such simple and honest training is refreshing. 

      Do not get me wrong, you will not make a huge profit from this training alone, you need to go further than this method and develop your research skills, targeting and split testing. However, when you consider the price tag, it is incredible value for money.

      It is rare to get such genuine training online without being ripped off.

  5. I am not certain that I had heard about Penny Click Academy before. But you sure define it well. Honestly I have spoken with many people who told me that they make their living via Facebook but none of them ever told me how.

    The little techniques that you have mentioned surely worth the try and the $5.00 per day, considering that it can put you on the right path with followers.

    Does the content written for Facebook require one thousand to fifteen hundred words?


    1. Facebook is much different than a blog posts so, no, you do not need to write 1,000’s of words. Facebook is the complete opposite because you need to grab their attention with minimal amount of words. The CTA’s need to be short, snappy and attention grabbing which bring in the clicks.

      Then, the content which they click on, need to be lengthy and valuable.

      You are right, for $5 per day, the traffic you can bring in to your blog is incredible valuable.

  6. First of all Philip I am so glad that you made it crystal clear in your review of Penny-click Academy that it definitely is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

    Especially revolving around social media promotions nowadays you see all sorts of scams, practically a dime a dozen, that all sell the lie that a person on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google + could quickly have complete strangers “liking”, (approving, giving the thumbs up, etc.) the content added to his/her account and from there throwing money at any offer that is made available. Life does not work in that manner!

    So, as you stated, the Penny-Click Academy product, working in conjunction with a person having a Facebook account would be more appropriate for newbies, as opposed to established entrepreneurs. Similar in a way to PPC ads, if a person does not receive the proper training on how to run that type of venture, he/she could quickly lose a lot of money in the blink of an eye. Penny-Click Academy through its tutorials looks to provide educational training to a person looking to use Facebook as a way to promote his/her online business and in the right way.

    You even answered an initial question that I had about the price when you first mentioned it at the beginning of the article. I thought, (later to be proven wrong) that it would cost a person $47/month which would serve not only to allow him/her to receive the training manual but also to remain as a member. However, since the training only appears to be a one-off, the 1-time fee of $47 makes more sense, as you clarified later in the article.

    I agree with you that the training offered by the two gentlemen who created it James Sides and Sam Finley indeed is a very legit and highly useful product for people looking to promote their business on Facebook.


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      You certainly hit the point on the nose here. The training provided is simple, to the point and efficient. If you are someone who wants to build a Facebook page from scratch and you need guidance on how to get cheap ‘likes’ then this training will prove very valuable to you.

      You are shown how to create Facebook ads and how to optimize your targeting in a layman’s manner. No technical knowledge and difficult analytical skills are needed.

      Will you be rich? No, but it is will let you on your way and give you a flying start. Otherwise you could spend months targeting the wrong people and wasting advertising money on worthless clicks. 

      Remember, it is the targeted audience which is valuable. Simply getting volume is not good enough. You need to narrow down their interest and behavior in order to capture their imagination.

  7. Trying to get likes on Facebook can be a very hard task especially when your starting out. Plus Facebook is making it almost impossible to get any traction without paying. Guess you gotta pay to play.

    Building your brand takes time. Social Media is one of the best ways to build your brand. We have been looking for something like this to get our social likes built up.

    Is that a one time payment or is it a monthly payment for the penny click review? How long do you have access to the training?

    1. As far as I am aware you have lifetime access and yes, it is a one off payments.

      Starting a fresh Facebook page is very hard. Unless you have an existing traffic source, such as a blog or a large email list, then you have to pay for adverts to gain the initial traction.

      You have to post continuous content, everyday all day, in order to build you brand and interaction. An average Facebook user needs a lot of interaction with a brand name before they trust them and want to commit to them.

      However, once a person makes a real connection to brand or website, you have got a true and long lasting customers and you have a real chance of profiting from them.

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